Friday, December 23, 2016

Kimco just keeps sticking it to Pacifica mom & pops

The last doughnut is soon to pass over the counter at Donut Time in Pacifica.

Like the 11 million doughnuts that have gone before it at the modest hangout at Linda Mar shopping center, it will be delicious. And it will disappear into the dust of the ages, dust more or less the consistency of powdered sugar on a cake doughnut.

Donut Time has lost its lease. There will be no more chocolate sprinkles on top, no more custard in the middle. There will be no more bags full of doughnut holes. A marketable hole is an existential paradox anyplace but a doughnut store.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid,” said Ali Vidali, 20, of Pacifica. “I like this place. It’s family owned. It’s mom and pop.”

The mom of the operation would be veteran doughnut purveyor Yok-moui Sinn, who works 12-hour days and whose family has owned the store for about eight years, ever since buying out the previous owner. She sells about 900 doughnuts a day.

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