Monday, December 26, 2016

Final EIR approved by SF Planning and Parks/Recreation, Sharp Park Golf Course

Pacifica Tribune/Paul Slavin/Special/12/23/16. "Sharp Park Golf Course lives another day."
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What's not to love?
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SPGC where golfers and frogs thrive.

"The historic Sharp Park Golf Course easily survived another challenge last week in San Francisco City Hall when a joint meeting of the San Francisco Planning Commission and the Recreation and Park Commissions voted overwhelmingly to approve the Final Environmental Impact Report for a long-range management plan for “natural areas” in the city’s public parks, including maintenance and habitat enhancements at Sharp Park. ...

....  A few anti-golf environmental groups, including the San Francisco Chapter of the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, and Wild Equity Institute, demanded that the Commissions “sever” Sharp Park from the Natural Areas Plan, and a new environmental review process be started for habitat improvements at the golf course. This demand was denied, with Rec and Park Commission President Mark Buell explaining that modifications to the course were not “golf development,” as the enviros claimed, but necessary habitat improvements for the endangered species.

Since 2012, these same anti-golf groups have on several occasions challenged the Recreation and Park Department’s Sharp Park wetlands plans. All these challenges have been rejected by either the US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, California Coastal Commission, or the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. The groups’ lawsuits have been dismissed by the US District Court for Northern District of California, Ninth US Court of Appeals, and San Francisco and San Mateo County Superior Courts. ... "  Read more.

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Arnold Palmer said...

Hopefully Plater and his crew will someday give up this fruitless fight and leave the golfers alone!! How much more money and time is gonna force SF to spend? He complains about the course losing money but has no problem forcing SF into court and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend the course!! Time for him to go find another fight!!

Anonymous said...

This is how he makes a living. Plater is an eco-parasite who's legal expenses are reimbursed (win or lose) by the taxpayers. It's a racket.
Bob Batallio of Valleymar, also makes money as his science "expert".