Sunday, December 18, 2016

Electoral College elects President Trump Monday, December 19, 2016

Or in the season of miracles, enough electors could have enough courage to vote no thanks.

CNN/Politics/Gregory Krieg, Marshall Cohen and Robert Yoon, visualizations by Joyce Tseng, 12/16/16. "What happens in the extremely unlikely scenario the Electoral College goes rogue?"

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What does it matter, I won by a landslide.
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And further, you are all losers.
"Donald Trump is busy building his Cabinet and planning his agenda, but he isn't really, officially going to be President quite yet. One of the peculiarities of American democracy is that it's a group of 538 "electors" -- members of the Electoral College -- in this nation of 318 million who actually pick the president.
They'll do it, meeting in their respective states, on December 19th. The outcome is a foregone conclusion, but there is room, however small, for a surprise: an uprising, as called for by some Democrats and even some Republicans, of "faithless electors." None of the electors are constitutionally bound to follow the will of the people they represent, and so in this bizarre election (and post-election) season, an arcane system that was established at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 could -- and this is very unlikely, but could legally -- go rogue and potentially deny Trump the presidency.Read article.

Related, the tweet wars of President Elect Trump. NPR/Politics/Jim Zarroli,12/15/16,"Trump lashes out at 'Vanity Fair,' one day after it lambastes his restaurant." "One day after Vanity Fair printed a highly critical piece about one of his restaurants, President-elect Donald Trump escalated his feud with the magazine's editor, calling him a 'no talent.' 'Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine,' Trump said in an early-morning Tweet. 'Way down, big trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out!' The tweet illustrates Trump's ability to use his very visible platform as president-elect to lash back at critics of his businesses and underscores the conflicts of interest he will face in office. 
 ....  Tina Nguyen (Vanity Fair politics and media writer) lambasted the restaurant for its tacky decor and indifferent menu. Among the foods served, she wrote, was a short-rib burger 'molded into a sad little meat thing, sitting in the center of a massive, rapidly staling brioche bun, hiding its shame under a slice of melted orange cheese. It came with overcooked woody batons called 'fries'—how can someone mess up fries?—and ketchup masquerading as Heinz. If the cheeseburger is a quintessential part of America's identity, Trump's pledge to 'make America great again' suddenly appeared not very promising.'"
.... More recently, the magazine and its editors have regularly lambasted the president-elect. 'Only in America could a man whose staff reportedly took away his Twitter account because he couldn't control himself be given the nuclear codes,' Graydon Carter (Vanity Fair Editor) wrote after the election."

Note photographs. Trump tweeting from Politicus USA/Jason Easley, 8/20/16, "Things Are So Bad For Republicans..." Trump what does it matter by Getty from The Telegraph News/Josie Ensor, Beirut and Ben Farmer, Defense Correspondent, 11/16/16,"Downing Street warned to prepare for Donald Trump reversal on Syria and military support for the UK." 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Oh quit your bitching Democrats. Deal with it.

President elect Trump beat you.

Now quit sniveling.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to the sniveling Pacificans who can't get over losing Nihart to Deirdre.
You were outfoxed and out voted.
You are the losers.
Get over it.
na na na na na na

Steve Sinai said...

"You were outfoxed and out voted."

I guess that's what people in phony democracies like Venezuela and Zimbabwe are told when their candidates aren't allowed to run.

Pacifica voters were cheated out of their votes by Martin and her sleazy supporters.

Anonymous said...

You can't prove a thing. Just like Trump haters can't prove the Ruskies had anything to do with their feckless candidate losing to The Donald.

Kathy Meeh (Trump, what's not to "deplore"?) said...

102, implied from what you've said: a viable public referee/fact checking source with consequences is needed for elections (USA and local). Valid point.

Russian interference in the election? ABC News/AP, 12/16/16, "Official: FBI backs CIA conclusion on Russian hacking motive."

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann's announcement that she withdrew from the race was the deciding factor that resulted in her coming in 3rd. Blaming her loss on some comments made by a few people on social media is absurd. It's Trumpian. If the facts are inconvenient to maintaining your false reality, deny them and make up some of your own.

Kathy Meeh (Science: NIMBIES and Trumpites DNA match) said...

319, no (highly unlikely). The vote was close, the "no, no, no" social media campaign was relentless, hence effective. And the insider conspiracy was advanced and posted all over the Stink and Rip websites.
Let's be clear, the track record indicates local NIMBIES and Trumpites share a similar deceptive "end justifies the means" propensity.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre is just as illegitimate as Trump.
Neither one of them can be trusted.
All of their future actions and decisions are suspect.
They don't represent the majority.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre only won because her supporters lied. They knew she wouldn't win on her merits, so they turned to lying. Low info voters thought a vote for Nihart "wouldn't count" because that's what Deirdre's supporters told them. And that is a lie. A lie they told over and over and over again. And no one from the Deirdre campaign ever lifted a finger to stop the voter suppression.

Dierdre's victory is built on a foundation of lying. Her supporters will deny this. Because they're a bunch of liars. It's who they are.

Steve Sinai said...

"Mary Ann's announcement that she withdrew from the race was the deciding factor that resulted in her coming in 3rd."

No, Nihart came in third because she was forced to stop campaigning after Martin pursued an endorsement from the county Democrats, which turned the race from non-partisan to partisan. Then Martin's sleazy supporters kept saying a vote for Nihart wouldn't count, which was false.

In the early returns, before Nihart was forced to withdraw from campaigning, she was in 1st place.

Anonymous said...

It's come undone. Trump wins and Nihart loses???? God has forsaken us. The world has tilted. We're all gonna die. In other news, the Raiders are gonna make the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

10:47 Thanks for showing us the inside of a Trump and Deirdre supporter's mind. Unfortunately we are all headed into the same cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the ugly facts:

Nihart's particulars had been looked at by the OSC and she was cleared of a Hatch conflict.
That should have ended right there.

Yes, that's right -- let that sink in. Nihart had been cleared to run by the OSC.

But an anonymous someone (gosh, who could it be????) wouldn't accept this and kept calling and pestering the Special Council and filing complaints and basically MADE it a Hatch conflict.

Then that same someone and his fellow Dierdre supporters got online and lied their asses off by saying that a vote for Nihart wouldn't count. A vote for Nihart most certainly did count, but hey, gotta do whatever you gotta do to get your candidate in there, right?

Dierdre made no statement and no effort to stop any of the above.

And THAT'S how Dierdre Martin won. What a proud and noble campaign!

Anonymous said...

1015 Cesspool? That's Pacifica. Explains the endemic and non-partisan Shit for Brains syndrome.

Anonymous said...

If a vote for Nihart did indeed count, then why didn't you geniuses get the word out? Why are you always so helpless and worse than useless to your cause? And then you spew on here. That, you can do. Mein Gott! The worst fate to befall any candidate is to have you clowns in their corner. What was the plan? She wins on votes and council appoints her? Right. And then Hillary takes the electoral college.

Anonymous said...

"In the early returns, before Nihart was forced to withdraw from campaigning, she was in 1st place." Exactly. The later returns which came after she announced her withdrawal had her coming in 3rd. Her withdrawal resulted in loss of votes.

Anonymous said...

Sinai, are you saying that Martin sought the Democrat's endorsement knowing that such action could cause Nihart to withdraw from the race? If you believe this, what proof do you have? Proof?

Steve Sinai said...

12:45, the comment at 11:02 pretty much explains what happened. I don't know if Martin understood when she went for the Democratic endorsement what it would mean for Nihart. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't.

But Martin's sleazy supporters sure knew what it meant, and they took advantage of it to force Nihart out of the race.

Steve Sinai said...

"Exactly. The later returns which came after she announced her withdrawal had her coming in 3rd. Her withdrawal resulted in loss of votes."

That's like saying someone who was shot and died in the hospital died because they went to the hospital.

I remember several of these logically-twisted, "Exactly..." comments with Dan Stegink's name on them from Nextdoor.

Anonymous said...

Nihart was given to okay to run by the OCS. They looked into the matter and determined that there wasn't a Hatch violation even when it was known that Martin had the Dem endorsement.

But this wasn't good enough for Martin's supporters. One of them filed complaint after complaint with the OCS and even went so far as to call up Nihart's employer multiple times. This person is supposedly anonymous, but there's only one person I know of who was going after Nihart like this, and that's Dan Stegink. He went after Nihart on his blog, on Next Door, and even went to City Council meetings to demand that Nihart drop out of the race. It's all public record. So you tell me who do you think the serial complainer was?

Then he led the your-vote-doesn't-count charge with postings all over the place and several other Martin supporters got on board with this.

Nothing heard from Deirdre Martin during all of this.

But yeah, this was all Nihart's fault. Give me a break, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Martin supporters always manage to forget that they're the crybabies who pestered the feds to ban Nihart AFTER she was already given clearance to run. It's really strange how they always forget this part of the facts.

What a terrible case of selective amnesia they all suffer from. It must be a side effect of running such a proud and noble campaign based on winning ideas and merit!

Anonymous said...

Why let the facts get in the way of one's preconceived opinion? Let's review the facts, shall we?

1. The Pacifica City Council election is a non partisan election. Period. In order to change that to partisan would require due process and a filing with the Registrar of Voters. No one person or organization can unilaterally change this by action (either implied or expressly taken). It also would requite that the political party of the candidate be specified on the ballot. It is not.

2. Mary Ann did not need to withdraw from the election. One can only speculate why she did. My guess, she has future political ambitions at the county level and beyond and didn't want the stigma of not being recommended by the SMCDC to haunt her. That is a completely valid concern. I think Mary Ann made a calculated bluff to get the SMCDC to drop their support of Deidre. Unfortunately for her, it didn't pan out.

3. The group referred to as "nobies" were the ones who got Mary Ann elected in the first place. She was an unabashed Vreeland protégé/disciple. Fact. Perhaps her voting record turned out to be not as radical as they would have liked, but let their be no question about it, they elected her.

All of this, of course, IMHO. So please stop with the conspiracy theories, the whining and the lame Trump analogies. It's getting REALLY TIRED!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and almost forgot...

#4. It is rather naïve to think that any candidate would do anything that might benefit the opposition. I mean, what planet are you from?

All for now...

Anonymous said...

deirdre martin's getting an endorsement isn't the problem

deirdre martin asking for nihart's disqualification is the problem. when deirdre didn't get nihart disqualified the first time around she and her gang of nonono-nothings resorted to filing dozens of complaints until they finally got what they wanted.

don't give feed us bullshit about dierdre "winning" anything. her unearned seat was handed to her by a bunch of rules lawyers who didn't want a free and fair election in pacifica because they would have lost, and the numbers prove it.

Anonymous said...

"deirdre martin asking for nihart's disqualification is the problem." Now we go from unsubstantiated spin to blatant lie. There is no reason to think Deirdre had anything to do with the complaint, and we don't even know if the person who did so was a Deirdre supporter. It could have been one of Sue's people, a Mary Ann detractor, or just a by the books type that really likes the Hatch Act. But even if it was one of her supporters, Deirdre is no more responsible than Mary Ann is for everything her supporters have said or done.

Anonymous said...

you forgot

#5. Deirdre Martin's proud and honorable campaign based on calling up the office of special counsel over and over to disqualify her opponents and prevent voters from exercising their rights at the ballot box because she couldn't win on her own merits

you totally forgot that part

Kathy Meeh (Re: another year of rotten local NIMBY campaign tricks) said...

311pm, "... but there's only one person I know of who was going after Nihart like this, and that's Dan Stegink."
Stegink didn't do this on his own, some questions continue:
1) Who was giving Stegink "insider" information?
2) Who was "pestering the Special Council and filing complaints and basically MADE it a Hatch conflict," (11:02am's comment).
3) Which attorneys or political operatives understood a legal technicality might crush Nihart's campaign?
4) What local NIMBY committee directed this nefarious action?
5) Why did the San Mateo County Democrats Central Committee support this action, and disclose private letters from the candidate to the Committee Chair?
6) Any proud NIMBIES willing to stand-up for credit due?

Kathy Meeh (... it could have been a Martian) said...

412, who do you think you're kidding? The plot to defeat Nihart was obvious enough, and observed by the public.

Anonymous said...

The "plot"? Give me a break. Bunch of conspiracy theorists. Zero credibility.

laugh factory said...

Deirdre Martin ran an upstanding and moral campaign based solely on the issues and never encouraged herahahahahahahahahahahaha I can't keep this up

Anonymous said...

I got to say whoever pursued Hatch Act really wanted Deirdre to win.It was a smart,cold calculating effort that was effective and cruel.

Anonymous said...

How does anybody know that someone called the office of special counsel "over and over"? Where's the record of that?

Anonymous said...


Ask Dan Stegink how many times he contacted the Office and how many times he called Mary Ann's employer. He'll know the exact answer.

The good news is that you'll have a precise number. The bad news is that you'll have to talk to Dan Stegink.

Anonymous said...

In other words, you know nothing. And the charge is false that somebody called the office of special counsel many times.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe 6:21 IS Dan Stegink, in which case I'm so, so sorry that he has to see himself so often.

Anonymous said..., Dan, clear it up for us. How many times DID you contact the office and call Mary Ann's work?

Anonymous said...

Well, shit, people! There's only one thing to do...put Dan Stegink to work on getting rid of Trump. Because Dan's a legend. What a tactician and strategist! But, if he's lost his awesome powers or reserves them only for Pacifica, then I vote for 328 because I think they tell the truth or damn close--which isn't as much comfort to you poor aggrieved losers as the rest of the bullshit on here, but it makes sense and ties up some odd bits and puzzling misteps in the plot.

Anonymous said...

You crybabies act as if Mary Ann was John Fitzgerald Kennedy and accomplished great thing's. Mary Ann has zero chance of a political future over the hill.

Your just a bunch of pud pullers and time wasters.

Consiracy Carl said...

Anyone ever hear of the name Sabrina Brennan before? She's an eco-nimby from down the coast and also happens to sit on the Dem County Comm. Now let's see if there is possibly a connection between Sabrina and the Dem president, a florist in Belmont. From what has been gathered this pres refused to revisit the vote on endorsements despite requests from the very people the committee is in place to help. What are the chances that all this goes in a big circle from coasty Sabrina to our flower guy to our own beloved eco-nimbies.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Somebody might know somebody who knows somebody else which proves there was a conspiracy to do bad things.

Anonymous said...

What 650 said.

Anonymous said...

745 and your numerous alter need to eat some fruit.

Kathy Meeh (NIMBY platform: govern by dead) said...

650, 1044, right. 50+ year dead JFK is the NIMBY preferred choice to govern the interests of this City, here and at the County.
City Councilmember Nihart was an advocate for our City's balanced interest, and a significant representative of our City at the County level.

Carl 745, including Sabrina Brennan in the regional NIMBY conspiracy theory is a reasonable assumption of course.

As many times as I drive Linda Mar Blvd, I thank Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart primarily (and other government contributors) for the grant that paved part of that road.
NIMBIES should thank her (and others) for moving forward such projects as the California trail, but such balance in improving City infrastructure seems to be unwelcome and mute to NIMBIES.

Unfortunately, most issues and candidates of balance are subject to becoming convenient TOOLS for City and Regional NIMBIES. Thus, generally for the best interest of sustained progress, NEVER ever, vote for NIMBIES!!

Anonymous said...

I love the JFK reference! Yes, Trump, Reagan et al were all formerly JFK Democrats. But the party left them with an extreme acceleration to the left. Today's liberal/democrat couldn't be further from the JFK mantra, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country". Today's democrat is all about "entitlements" (aka government giveaways) and bigger and bigger government resulting in a nanny state where government/the state ceases control of everything we do including our healthcare and whether or not we can drink a large Pepsi without penalty. There is really no end to it. The futuristic films paint a bleak picture of Big Brother and that's exactly where we are headed. The election of Trump is a message to all that many of us still value our personal liberties and that we wish to once again reinstate government's role as public servants rather than the other way around.

Steve Sinai said...

"You crybabies act as if Mary Ann was John Fitzgerald Kennedy and accomplished great thing's. Mary Ann has zero chance of a political future over the hill."

This isn't about Mary Ann. It's about a small group of NIMBYS and hippies who selfishly felt their own narrow interests justified gaming the system to get their way rather than allowing Pacifica voters to decide who's on council.

Anonymous said...

1:21 edit:

the state *seizes control (Sorry!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, let's show a little respect for Nihart. Poor Mary Ann. There, done. 121 the election of Trump is a clear message that a mess of Americans are bat shit crazy and the question for the rest of his 'we want change supporters' is how long can you hold your nose? And, we get Iwonka as First Lady instead of Melanoma? Pervy, very pervy. But, think of the business connections she'll make hanging around the White House. Obviously, Daddy's gonna beat up the Chinese and get them to make her junk for free. Hey, she could run for Prez? By God, it'll be a dyNASTY. And the two older sons? Stuffed and mounted if PETA gets ahold of them.

Anonymous said...

Sinai, thanks for the 12/19 response to did she know. I don't think she knew. Caustic teaching moment for Ms. Martin? Welcome to politics and wash your hands.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre knew what was brewing on the political scene and was relishing the path it created for her to a council seat.
She had many, many opportunities and a camp full of creepy surrogates, who could have easily insisted on a campaign with integrity.
Instead, she and her fellow manipulators and liars, decided to let it roll and even added fuel with phony "a vote for Nihart wouldn't count" messages flowing profusely.
Now the gang of creeps is trying to create scenarios of plausible deniability for her.
How does that square with the claim that she herself gave at every speech, "I'm really smart".
Pacifica needs to get smart and reject this illegitimate imposter.

Anonymous said...

843 Why reject her? She's the smart one in Pacifica's latest cluster-futz. Whether she knowingly triggered the Hatch Act or stumbled into it, she and her people played the game well. They'll get things done, boohoo. And, Nihart is now free on a technicality to pursue those higher offices.

Kathy Meeh (They "played the game well"?) said...

1250, the NIMBY contingent you admire through tainted elections have poisoned the economic and social environment and progress of this City.
"That's what they'll get done" is continued interference in City solutions.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, yes, without a doubt they will enact their agenda every chance they get. And they'll get a lot of chances because they're better led whether campaigning or governing and consistently more committed. Didn't say anything about admirable because IMHO Pacifica politics in its entirety is one giant cluster-fuck and has been for decades. Sad, tattered little town where people fight viciously over scraps.

Kurt said...

Reminds me of "Escape from New York".

Anonymous said...

Snake Pliskin was the best role ya ever had, Kurt baby. Best to Goldie!