Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sharp Park Golf Course sea wall, the "managed retreat" view

Pacifica Tribune, My Turn, 5/4/16. "Challenging responsibility of Sharp Park sea wall" by Stan Zeavin

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  Breaking news: Golf Course and Pacifica
residents, "managed retreat" from the
Pacific ocean is your personal problem.

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Oh I forgot, don't save the frog,
snake, golf, and human habitation.
....  "None of the actual legally binding 'terms and conditions' of the Biological Opinion mention a sea wall or berm, and none include a requirement to maintain the sea wall as a flood control structure. San Francisco is not “legally mandated” by the Service to “maintain and repair the berm and the roadway.” San Francisco, not the Service, has proposed maintenance of the road surface only. ...

.... No federal agencies have legally mandated or even recommended its long-term maintenance. The U.S. Geological Survey has indicated the inevitability of shoreline retreat and erosion of the Pacifica shoreline under current conditions and future sea level rise. In reality, with sea level rise, over time Sharp Park Beach will disappear with continued maintenance of the berm.

As for the sediment study, it offers four or five choices (based on benefit cost analysis, geology, etc.) for each section of Pacifica’s coastline. What it doesn’t offer are “favored options.” Local government will decide what is 'favored'. The sediment study is actually interesting reading for those citizens who care about Pacifica’s future."  Read article.
Footnote from the article. "Stan Zeavin is a retiree who has lives in Pacifica for more than 22 years with a lifelong interest in environmental issues. He lives in Linda Mar."   

Note photograph from The Frog Blog, 11/25/15, "Nine Environmental Groups Oppose San Francisco's (Sharp Park) Golf Course plan. "Nine leading local environmental groups have united to send a single message to the City of San Francisco: The controversial proposal to redevelop Sharp Park Golf Course does not belong in the city’s proposed Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan. Sierra Club, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Wild Equity Institute, Surfrider Foundation, San Francisco Tomorrow, S.F. League of Conservation Voters, National Parks Conservation Association, S.F. Green Party, and Sequoia Audubon posted letters to the Board of Supervisors urging them to remove the controversial Sharp Park Golf Course redevelopment project from the master management plan for the city’s natural areas."  Sharp Park Golf Course from Northern CA Golf Association (NCGA), 12/7/12, "Sharp Park Update", "A federal court lawsuit that was aimed at closing the Alister MacKenzie-designed Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica so that it could be turned into a frog and snake sanctuary was dismissed on Thursday."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

So Mr. Zeavin, your thought is to let the seawall erode to the point salt water takes over Laguna Salada for good? The sea wall protects the animals now. If the sea wall is gone so are the precious snakes and frogs.

The Donald said...

I'll build a sea wall! It will be a great wall. A really fantastic wall! And I'll get the frogs and snakes to pay for it. Let's make Pacifica great again.

Sorry, gotta go. Wifey is calling me. Have you seen wifey?

Kathy Meeh (Anonymous) said...

941, signed "The Donald"? More likely abbreviated for the "Donald Duck".
The property is that of San Francisco. The neighborhood is Pacifica.
Once all that is wiped-out, there is the highway, (which belongs to the State).
Eventually your home may be gone, or exist on an island in the Pacific ocean.

The Donald said...

Kathy, I usually don't frequent libtard forums like this. Too hostile. But I like this one! "Donald Duck" - LMAO!!! Never heard that one before... You guys are real comediennes here. For sure.

As to: "Eventually your home may be gone, or exist on an island in the Pacific ocean" The way I see it, I clean up on the insurance or I've got another profitable Trump Tropical Resort for nothing. Either way, I win. And win BIG! Because that's what I do - win BIG.

BTW, your City Council: They're FIRED!