Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day, Sunday May 8, 2016

NPR/World/Zhai Yun Tan, 5/7/16, "Celebrating Mother's Day?  Make sure you have the date right." 

"Not every country in the world celebrates Mother's Day at the same day. If you're in the United States, you might be showering your mother with gifts on the second Sunday in May — but if you're in Thailand, that day doesn't come until August.

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Probably better to remember Mom
with something more than this card today.
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Even though she may say,
"Don't make a fuss", make a fuss.
Either way, she will never forget.
Why do mothers get celebrated on different days in different countries? The answer may lie in the fact that it is not a day celebrated like the International Women's Day, a global event with recognition by the United Nations. Mother's Day, in fact, has different meanings and origins in various cultures.

In the United States, it was suggested by an activist. Anna Jarvis wanted to honor mothers' sacrifices in raising their children. She fought to add the day to the national calendar, and by 1914, President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day.

Many countries follow the United States, such as Germany, Australia, China and Turkey. Mexico also celebrates the day early in May, but on a fixed date: May 10. As this Washington Post article describes, it's a big day of celebrations for Mexicans."  Read article, (Everything you ever wanted to know about world Mother's day celebrations and the various dates follow in this article).

Reference, Mother's day. Time and,"Mother's Day in the United States/What do people do?" Many people send cards or gifts to their mother or mother figure or make a special effort to visit her. Common Mother's Day gifts are flowers, chocolate, candy, clothing, jewelry and treats, such as a beauty treatment or trip to a spa. Some families organize an outing for all of their members or hold a special meal at home or in a restaurant. In the days and weeks before Mother's Day, many schools help their pupils to prepare a handmade card or small gift for their mothers."'s Day.

Note photograph/graphics. Package and flowers from Merrill Edge Trading/Bank of America/Cherry Butler, 4/12/16.  Awesome from Etsy, Catch 22 cards.

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Tom Clifford said...

to my wonderful wife on Mother's day, "Love ya."

Soldier of Fortune Cookies said...

Tom, does your wife read Fix Pacifica to see your greeting?

Kathy Meeh (perfect is good) said...

132 Cookie, possibly similar to you and so many others who frequent this blog, I hope Tom's wife reads all his "all-American", human comments that often occur on holidays and special occasions.
This time Tom honors his wife on Mother's Day, wow!

FMV, these comments, and other blog comments that reflect thoughtful intelligence are "perfect"!