Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pacifica: East Bay women arrested in baby formula heist, linked to larger theft ring

By Robert Salonga,

PACIFICA -- Two East Bay women were arrested on suspicion of stealing cases of baby formula
from a supermarket, an act investigators believe is tied to a larger Bay Area theft ring, according to Pacifica police.

Just before 5 p.m. Wednesday, officers were called to the Safeway on Linda Mar Boulevard after a store employee reported the theft of a "large amount" of baby formula and described the suspects as two women who took off in a white Dodge Caravan headed north on Highway 1.

Responding officers stopped the vehicle a short distance away, and the employee identified the occupants as being involved in the theft, which also entailed the shoplifting of razors and the hair-growth product Rogaine, police said.


Submitted by Kathy Meeh (who's internet service is on the fritz at the moment, in case you're wondering why she hasn't posted anything lately.)


Anonymous said...

So much for no crime and no METH problem in Pacifica.

Pacifica, CA- On May 28, 2016 at approximately 4:48am, Officers from the Pacifica Police
Department were dispatched to the 700 block of Arleen Way for a possible in progress home
invasion involving a firearm. The suspect, later identified as Trevor Jodsaas, a 29 year-old local
transient, kicked down the front door and entered the residence. The male home owner
confronted Jodsaas and a struggle occurred just inside the residence. The homeowner was able
to physically force Jodsaas out of the residence and onto the front porch area where he
detained him until Pacifica Police Department officers arrived and place Jodsaas under arrest.
The homeowner was injured during the altercation and later transported to a local hospital to
receive medical treatment for his injuries. The homeowner’s injuries are not life threatening.
Jodsaas sustained minor injuries and was later booked into the San Mateo county jail for:
460(a) PC, Burglary; 243(d) PC, Battery with serious injury; 594(b) (1) PC, Vandalism; 11550(a)
H&S, Under the influence of a controlled substance; and 11364 H&S, Possession of drug
paraphernalia. Investigation revealed that a firearm was not used in this incident.
Refer to case number 16-1648

Anonymous said...

There's no crime and no meth problem in Pacifica, said no one ever.

Anonymous said...

Crime in Pacifica is getting more and more violent. Our police force is younger and younger and poorly paid. Thanks NOBIES, for wrecking our economy and putting everyone at increased risk.

Anonymous said...

Well, last year we did make the list of California's safest cities, with a crime rate that is half the national average:

Anonymous said...

Of course when the crimes are hushed up!

Lots going on that the pubic never hears about.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us, oh great anon 8:58

Anonymous said...

8:58 is correct as everything is not posted on the police bulletin. Especially suicide attempts, child molestation arrests and other sensitive crimes.

10:50 Our police force is poorly paid? You think 100 to 200 thousand and more is underpaid to work in a city with such low crime rates? Our guys are great. And they have faced and handled very bad situations well. They deserve credit. But that's enough compensation.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica Police are under paid if you compare them to similar cities in the Bay Area. Or if you compare them to cities in the Bay Area.

We have 2 cops out any given Weeknight patrolling the whole city. 4 on Weekends sometimes 6.

That's why malcontents are starting to come over here from the East Bay and commit crimes, easy to get away.

How many of you time wasters have a dangerous job like our PD and FD.