Monday, February 1, 2016

Blog social commentary perfection!

As viewed in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, 1/31/16, from FoxTrot/Bill Amend, "The Asocial Network."


Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I love Karen Ervin, but we need to vote out Mary Ann Nihart at the next election.

She has lost all interest in the job and skipped three of four rent control meetings.

Keener is a communist. Mike O'Neill is a realtor.

Only Karen Ervin is middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

It's when you say Keener is a communist that the rest of your comment loses all credibility.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." – Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride.

Kathy Meeh said...

1000, well majority Councilmembers Ervin, O'Neill and Nihart tend to vote together on significant City issues. So rather than split that vote (as you have advocated), those of us who understand the need for saving this City (and hopefully moving it forward) will continue to vote for these candidates.

Besides, Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart advocated for the middle-path, a tenant-landlord advisory committee (at City Council where votes count). That vote passed, 4-1, (Councilmember John Keener of course voted "no"-- that's probably your guy, or who knows you may be him).

At the last City Council meeting, Councilmember Mary Ann Nihart was also the only City Councilmember to again bring-up the need this City has for affordable housing.
Anonymous you, are you an advocate for affordable and low cost housing? (Oh, probably not, why did I bother to ask.)

Anonymous said...


Karen's husband owns a loan office and does real estate financing for Realtors.

The realtors butter Mike and Karen's toast in the am.

Kathy Meeh said...

128. great. Karen's husband, and Councilmember Mike O'Neill, and Realtors understand small business and the need for this City to have viable housing stock and a balanced economy.

Your comment apparently distinguishes them from you.
Gang of NO/NIMBIES have wreaked havoc on the economic, social and civic structural integrity of this City.
Needless to say, you would support rent control-- without also advocating for affordable/low cost housing. As a friend once said of the NIMBY ethic, "free lunch at then end of the trail". What else is new?

Anonymous said...

KMeeh, What does this even mean?

"free lunch at then end of the trail".

Of course Karen Ervin and Mike O'Neill vote together because they are funded by realtors, they even had all their mailings sent together. O'Neill's coming out party was at realtor Mike Bell's home for Pete's sake.

Mary Ann Nihart stands alone. She doesn't listen to Karen, she makes her own decisions, and is always the first one to say when she doesn't agree with the realtor clan.

She openly stated she didn't like what was happening to the people at the trailer park but was powerless to stop it.

O'Neill and Ervin voted in favor of evicting the trailer park people.

Steve Sinai said...

Local Realtors® and mortgage brokers contribute to Pacifica's economy. The local "We are at one with the earth" NIMBYS do nothing but damage Pacifica's economy.

Anonymous said...

The Nimby's run the city, always have, always will.

You will never get Mary Ann out of office.

Anonymous said...

How do they damage the economy, buying their McDonalds in Daly City or Whole Foods instead of Safeway?

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Ervin and O'Neil (not O'Neill) are realtors?
How does that affect how they vote, if they were lawyers or unemployed would you not vote for them because of that?

I fail to see how someone's profession affects their votes.

Unless the realtors Karen & Mike have some sort of secret organization I don't know about where they plan every vote of the city in advance it is irrelevant.

Tom Clifford said...

Mike does in fact spell his last name with two L's Mike O'Neill

Kathy Meeh said...

^^^ 228 last sentence should read, ... "free lunch at the end of the trail".
325, unfortunately occasionally typos happen-- including the one you made (possibly by intention) in your first sentence.

325, you suggest there are City Councilmember who do not make their own decisions. Really??? Breaking absurd news with no evidence City Council members are controlled robots, right?
As for the general trend of votes, Mayor Sue Digre acknowledged during City Council deliberations, 1/11/16, Item 11, "this is a 3-2 City Council". Except that Item 11 vote was 4-1 to approve the updated employment contract for City Manager Lorie Tinfow, (Again, Councilmember John Keener voted "no").

Anonymous said...

Isn't San Mateo association of Realtors that secret organization?

550 is right on spelling, his website shows two letter l.

Karen Ervin isn't anywhere on that website htough

Anonymous said...


Not Karen, her husband Mike.

Anonymous said...

7:29 you are right there Mike Ervin is.

So we have two realtors O'Neill and Ervin on City Council that always vote together.
Keener and Digre don't vote together as seen above and Nihart doesn't vote with them, right?

So realtors only ever need one other vote to win.
I was not aware they were both realtors. Makes one think, and puts all the recent development into perspective.

Steve Sinai said...

^^^ Karen Ervin is not a realtor. Her husband is a mortgage broker.

Anonymous said...

10% of the realtors sell 90% of the houses. In the 1970's and 1980's every divorce attorney told housewifes with little to no job skills to go get a real estate license.

When you think realtors are independent contractors they don't get a pay check, they sell and then get paid. Most are responsible for most to all of their advertising.

Mike O'Neill always had a primary job with the school district. He never really was a full time realtor.

Inspector Gadgette said...


I don't know what to think about Mike O'Neill now. That Samcar website has a press release from the day after the last election in 2014 calling O'Neill

'Incumbent Councilman Mike O'Neill (a REALTOR® Champion and SAMCAR member) was re-elected in Pacifica...'

His own organization calls Mike O'Neill a REALTOR Champion.

To me that means he champions the interests of realtors.

He's not the People's Champion, the Senior's Champion', he's the Realtor's Champion.

They don't call Karen Ervin the Realtor's Champion.

I had no idea Realtors were such a powerful force in Pacifica politics.
This is more than a little disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Gee, and to think O'Neill has taken heat from time to time for not being the Realtors' Champion. For being too independent and not even much of a realtor. And Ervin? Not so much the Realtors' Champion as Nihart's Champion. Of course some would say that's the same thing.

Anonymous said...

12:19, what vote did Mike O'Neill stray from the Realtor's choice on?
I don't remember that ever happening.

Or Karen Ervin?

The both vote in lock step with the Realtor's lobby.

Always have, always will.

Anonymous said...

Good point, 12:19. When O'Neill was pushing a vacancy ordinance for empty storefronts a few months ago, the realtors were up in arms against him.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such paranoid idiots.
If you think Realtors run this town it only shows how ignorant you really are.
The people who run this town are the faux-enviros and the "I got mine's".
They have destroyed Pacifica's ability to generate revenue and thus the whole town is a run-down, crumbling, rust-bucket. We don't even have money to take care of what we have let alone improve life quality.
Your hero Keener is trying to drive the final nail into the coffin with this goofy rent control idea. It will solve nothing and only moves us further away from any hope of a healthy economy that can actually care for the environment and the citizens of Pacifica.
Please grow up or move away. You've done enough damage.

Anonymous said...

5:27 said "I fail to see how someone's profession affects their votes."

This may be the single dumbest statement ever made in the Blogosphere, ever.

Anonymous said...

@432 Agreed. And we're talking real dumb, none of the faux stuff.

Anonymous said...

1252 so what happened?

O'Neill dropped that issue like a hot potato when his Realtor Overlords ordered him to?

He never mentioned it again. Good realtor! Sit! Vote! (pat pat)

Anonymous said...

Realtor Overlords? More like City Manager and Attorney. And he got no love on the issue from the big boss on Council.

Anonymous said...

@7:52. No. If you'd been paying attention (or just checking before making incorrect assertions?) you'd have known that he was never able to persuade a majority of council to go for it. They opted for writing a letter to Kimco instead.

Anonymous said...

The realtors have not as a group been involved in Pacifica Politics in a long time. San Bruno and South San Francisco have had realtors and brokers on city council and as mayor for the last 20 years.

The realtors in Pacifica have been too worried about pissing off the nimbys, noobees, and hippies. There excuse is, we may miss out on a listing.

Realtors, the nimbys, noobees, and hippies will only be removed from their houses by the County Coroner.

Anonymous said...

759, The Realtors had Pacifica Mayor Karen Ervin just a month ago.

She voted against rent control all four times this issue came up.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anything about Mike O'Neil's vacancy ordinance, when did it come up for a vote?

There's nothing on Google about it, did it just get dropped because the Realtors didn't like it?

Shame. Every five years or so that guy has a good idea.

Anonymous said...

759 Cute. No one has claimed group involvement, but we all know there are realtors who are actively involved in Pacifica politics. They have recruited, backed, helped fund and counseled pro-development candidates for Council. They write opinion pieces in the Trib. Post here. BACPAC led and dominated by a very vocal realtor. The mantra? Pacifica can build its way out of poverty. Maybe so, maybe not, but safe to say they'd like to be kingmakers. Ervin came to office the same way Nihart and O'Neill did, ie, strong support and name recognition from the school crowd. Once in office, other influences surface. Ervin's husband is in the biz. Pillow talk is pretty powerful. O'Neill took campaign donations from out-of-state RE group. Didn't SAMCAR endorse Nihart and O'Neill at some point? Realtors are very involved in Pacifica politics.

Kathy Meeh said...

1226 and we all know nimbies have ruined this city. They are and have been "actively involved in Pacifica politics" for decades, creating City confusion, and genning up mob mentality. They generally post under anonymous cover on this blog with really twisted comments, such as your comment.

Nimbies campaign, taking money and support from their local, regional, and national connections, such as the Sierra Club, Committee for Green Foothills, Greenbelt Alliance, SMC League for Coastside Protection (LCP), Green Party of SM, Surfrider Foundation,etc. See the nimby anti-quarry development campaign, 2006.

When local nimbies have nothing else to do, they created progress delays, appeals-- they even sue the City, County, State, and National Government.
With the recent housing crisis and shortage, nimby "kingmakers" with their capos or captains brought-in the unsuspecting, injured mob to support rent control, without further consideration of building more affordable and low cost housing.

Yes, some of us have had enough of "save the frogs, managed retreat, nothing for Pacifica" trash talk. Time to fix the City, and for that we stand a much better chance with the "school crowd" and the Realtors-- you know, the rational people, rather than the nimbies, by description losers. (The loser link goes to Colbert's review of the Iowa caucuses results, YouTube, 8:28 minutes.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't managed retreat a State of California thing?

Anonymous said...

Everyone on City Council except Mike O'Neill and Karen Ervin has been endorsed by the Sierra Club at one time or another.

Mary Ann Nihart actually ran on an environmental platform when she first started, but she lost the Sierra Club endorsement after her first term.

Anonymous said...

Sierra Club has been hijacked by uber extreme environmentalists. I mean, the type that make the Riptiders look like the Chernobyl Booster Club. I can think of no better endorsement for a candidate than a non endorsement from Sierra Club. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, surprise! IMHO what you said at 243 and what I said earlier are both true. Nothing twisted in the truth. Realtors are very involved in Pacifica politics and the dominance of enviro ideology in Pacifica politics for 4 decades has been economic poison.

Anonymous said...

Was it that Nihart lost that endorsement or didn't seek it? And the most recent hijacking of the Sierra Club has been folks with very weak, if any, enviro DNA. Don't know if they succeeded. As with the CA Coastal Commission, there seems to be a swing towards the ideological center.

Kathy (sometimes right) Meeh said...

1107, okay, different view of the same issue: depersonalize first paragraph by removing,"such as your comment".

655, agreed, NO Sierra Club endorsement is a winner!
454, only 5 members on City Council; currently the Sierra Club would endorse 2, hardly "everyone".

Anonymous said...

Kathy You are starting to sound a bit like Bernie Saunders. Sort of like a west coast version of Seinfeld.