Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tight water restrictions in Santa Clara County

There's some water usage tests and hints in this advertising link found in local media these days.  Thankfully this is not Pacifica yet.

Save 20  "We are the Santa Clara Valley Water District. We manage water resources and provide stewardship for Santa Clara County's five watersheds, including 10 reservoirs, hundreds of miles of streams, and groundwater basins.

As the county's water wholesaler, we make sure there is enough clean, safe water for homes and businesses. We are also responsible for local flood protection and we work diligently to protect Santa Clara Valley residents and businesses from the devastating effects of flooding. We believe using our water responsibly makes for a better world."

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Want to feel a little depressed?  Take the test.

RelatedSan Jose Mercury News/Peninsula/Daily News/Rhea Mahubani, Staff, 9/17/14. "Mountain View adopts measures that aim to cut water use by 25 percent." 

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Anonymous said...

Luckily Pacifica gets water from SF's system and Hetch Hetchy is still 75% full (at the end of summer) and the reservoirs along 280 are full. We have no water shortage. Use all the water you want. We aren't going to give it to people who "need" it out in the valley anyway, so might as well keep your plants alive.