Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just because he's from Pacifica

Rob Schneider anti-vaccine stance gets his commercial dumped by State Farm
State Farm dumped Rob Schneider from its commercials, after health groups attacked him for being anti-vaccine, according to TMZ.

That's right. The Denyinater ... the Noscientificevidencemeister, the ...

The insurance company began running ads last month with the former "Saturday Night Live" comedian resurrecting his classic "Richmeister" routine.

But because Schneider has made public statements condemning vaccinations as having serious side effects, several health groups went after Schneider and the company, pointing out that Schneider's views run counter to what they say are sound health insurance policies.

Hey, this is America, where our forefathers fought and died so celebrities can say incredibly stupid things in public. C'mon ...


 Rob Schneider video on vaccine corruption

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Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

He will have an appointment in bankruptcy court soon.

You heard it here first

Hutch said...

This is an example of how wacky some some of these "natural living" folks are. They tell you you can't ignore science when it comes to climate change, but they will keep their kids from getting perfectly safe, scientifically proven vaccines that save their lives. As a result whooping cough (once almost eradicated) has returned to places like Marin County where the hippies believe it's a big government plot.

Hutch said...

"In California's wealthy Marin County, public health official Fred Schwartz reports that parents are "signing waivers to opt out of immunizing kindergarten-bound children." About 7 percent of all children entering kindergarten in Marin County are unvaccinated, the seventh-highest percentage among California's 58 counties."

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Anonymous said...

I have a problem with big government telling us what to do. Pretty soon they will tell us when we can poop.

I'm not a fan of big pharmaceutical companies cause they bought off our government long time ago.

Anonymous said...

It's another example of how fear leads people to behave irrationally.