Saturday, March 8, 2014

Some parcel taxes may never go away, why waste our money

The agency (city, school district, etc.) cannot function, they say, without the revenue (money), and we're 69% sure neither can their partner, the market research company.  Why not save those of us citizens who pay for this voting circus (city staff, "research", marketing, ballot) time and money, and make the tax permanent?

Yeah, and how often do we become the bacon?
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(City, County, Districts)
Half Moon Bay Review/Julia Reis, 3/6/14. "Parcel tax renewal heads for June ballot.  School board set to address issue."

Half Moon Bay - "Cabrillo Unified School District’s governing board will likely adopt a resolution to place Measure E, the five-year parcel tax set to expire in June 2015, on the upcoming June ballot.

A resolution to establish the amount and term of a parcel tax measure for this June’s election is on the agenda for this Thursday’s governing board meeting. Staff recommends that the board approve the renewal. The district has indicated that it hopes to renew the tax at the same level as a five-year, $150-per-parcel tax. The parcel tax generates $1.7 million per year for Cabrillo, which uses the money to maintain academic programs, retain smaller class sizes and more. A second interim budget report, which will also be discussed at Thursday’s meeting, indicates that the district would have to make $1.2 million in budget cuts if the parcel tax renewal fails. 

In September, a phone survey conducted by EMC Research revealed that 69 percent of likely voters would vote in favor of renewing the parcel tax. The measure would need support from a two-thirds majority."  The governing board meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the district office boardroom at 498 Kelly Ave. in Half Moon Bay."

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