Friday, February 24, 2012

Boosting our San Mateo County economy in Burlingame

The California Republican Party Spring 2012 convention is being held today and this weekend.   May Republicans spend a whole lot of money in Burlingame, and visit Pacifica as well. 

Silicon Valley Mercury News/Steven Harmon, 2/24/12.  "California Republicans meet in Burlingame to ponder their relevance."
Welcome to Burlingame, visit Pacifica!

"SACRAMENTO-- Less than two months into the new year, California Republicans are already reeling from a series of setbacks that reflects their sagging prospects. As activists descend on the Bay Area this weekend for the state GOP's spring convention, the California Republican Party has been struck with a few hard realities: The Republicans' registration numbers are down to an all-time low: 30.4 percent. They're almost broke. And Gov. Jerry Brown began the year announcing he would pursue a tax-hike initiative and dismissed Republicans as politically irrelevant, after pursuing them like a desperate suitor in 2010.

"Since they're out of power, the sole purpose of the Republican Party is to fight power," said Bill Whalen, a fellow at Stanford University's conservative Hoover Institution. "Their only rally cry has been to fight tax increases. But they can't just be the party that exists merely to fight the other side."  Whalen and other political analysts say that the state's GOP activists who will gather at a Burlingame hotel face hard choices, most of which revolve around one question: Should Republicans in an overwhelmingly blue state stick to their rigid principles or seek compromises with Democrats to make themselves relevant?" Read more.

CA Republican Party,  information.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Past Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was not invited to this important Republican convention.

Anonymous said...

Faux-Republican with domestic issues.

Anonymous said...

Sure, we invite key note speaker Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain (also expected to attend). So much for "faux-domestic issues" related to 8 year past Governor of the State of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, a distinguished honor for any Republican leader.

But, we Republicans are the party of moral authority and conservative financial issues. Remember our congressional cooperation to fix the USA on both social and economic issues. ABC News 4/7/11, several video articles.

Vote for us, we are still working to shutdown education, stop family planning, disband regulations that protect us all, start another middle-east war, and gift additional tax breaks to the 10% who now own 90% of the country's wealth.

Anonymous said...

I think the schools don't need help from republicans , drop outs , low enrollment , and too many alcoholic parties. Yep, I would not classify some of these schools as "Schools". More like Raves.

Anonymous said...

Newt and Hermie are party animals!