Sunday, January 2, 2011

San Francisco hosting America's (34th sailing) Cup, 2013

Build the infrastructure, earn the opportunity: "they (commerce and the tourists) will come". 

Congratulations to San Francisco, again!

Existing infrastructure advantage,
SF Gate "chosen to host", 1/1/11.  It's a new year and a new dawn for the sport of sailing in San Francisco. The city was chosen Friday to host the next America's Cup in 2013, heralding a potential renaissance in competitive sailing and a boon of more than $1 billion to the local economy..... San Francisco had been the early front-runner to host the 34th Cup after billionaire Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's team captured the trophy in February off the coast of Valencia, Spain. The team, Oracle Racing, is sponsored by San Francisco's Golden Gate Yacht Club, and the winning syndicate selects where it will defend the Cup.Part of the attraction for race organizers is San Francisco's unique position to grow the sport of sailing. Rather than holding the races miles offshore, which was the case in Valencia, San Francisco Bay offers a natural amphitheater. Spectators in high-rises, along Crissy Field, on Angel Island and in the Marin Headlands will be able to view the action.

A boost to the economy, Telegraph/Sports UK 1/1/11. 
It is the first time San Francisco will have hosted the America's Cup, which is estimated to add $1.4 billion of tourist revenues to local economies, and the first time in 15 years it has been held in the US. Rival hosting bids from authorities in Newport Rhode Island and an Italian city are believed to have missed the deadline set by America’s Cup event management.  A race village will be built on Piers 19 and 29 while team bases will be developed around Pier 30/32 with racing visible from Golden Gate Bridge and the city's waterfront. Work will commence shortly on redeveloping the piers, which have been in decline for many years and on building an AC infrastructure to support racing.

The investment deal, SF Gate "development details", 1/1/11. The deal gives race organizers long-term development rights to up to three piers and another waterfront parcel in exchange for paying at least $55 million to shore up aging piers to house race facilities. With a $55 million infrastructure investment, the team will receive development rights and a 66-year lease on piers 30-32, a single conjoined pier, and it commits the city to obtaining state approval to transfer title to Seawall Lot 330 across the Embarcadero. The team will also have the option of paying at least $25 million more to shore up nearby piers 26 and 28 in exchange for 66-year leases on them. It will pay rent on the properties but be given credit for infrastructure work done. Major steps remain, including getting state environmental approvals and securing $270 million from corporate donors. The city will incur more than $31 million in direct costs from hosting the event, a figure that could be substantially lowered by fundraising efforts. Projections also show the event will be a net long-term moneymaker for city coffers when taxes and other revenue are factored in.
Moving forward, SocketSite (real estate) 12/31/10.  "It's official, San Francisco has been selected to host the America's Cup in 2013. Let the lawsuits waterfront rebuilding begin!" 

Pacifica commentary.  The "America's cup" sailing races will improve both the harbor infrastructure and the economy of San Francisco.  What might that do for Pacifica?  There will be the "trickle-down" effect of course: 1) Some Pacificans will gain jobs in San Francisco, 2) some tourists (who are not just passing-through) will stay in our motels, eat at our restaurants, and make a few retail and gasoline purchases.  Good enough for Pacifica?  While San Francisco and San Mateo peninsula cities show civic progress through focused efforts, Pacifica continues to accept the passive, default economic "booby prize" by limiting appropriate development, and asking our citizens to make-up the accountable difference through volunteerism, city infrastructure decline, and high city fees and taxes.  This Spring and Fall, you'll see more unproductive city taxes on the Spring and Fall ballots. 

Posted by Kathy Meeh


todd bray said...

We need to organize a AC committee to promote Pacifica's Sate Beach. We need a cup participant to anchor off Linda Mar for some promotional opportunities.

This is so great. AC is an amazing spectacle but an even better sport. And to have it so near several viewing perches around the bay. This is great.

todd bray committe said...

Todd instead of grumbling why don't you do this. The Todd Bray Committe for America's Cup. I think it is a great idea. Have America Cup week in Pacifica. Get the council and chamber involved.

Don't sit around and grumble Todd, do it make this happen

Kathy Meeh said...

"Committee" look-up the word "grumble". Think you're using a word with a different intent. How is Todd complaining? He is making a suggestion for the city.

And he's right, if this is something the city can promote: great. And that hardly requires Todd to be the point man, or you to be the committee chairman (for that matter).

todd bray said...

Given the enormous amount of computer folks who live here someone MUST know Elision. If I had access I'd pitch him the idea today. And I would sell it.

America's cup is the ultimate rich sport on the planet, way beyond auto or horse racing. This is a really big deal for SF, hosting this spectacle. Surely we have SF city employees who live here that are going to be working this thing.

Skipper said...

This is HUGE! Congrats to San Francisco. Very exciting. Clean your porches. Patch up all pot holes. Put a clean dress and shirt on, the World is coming to see us.

Will the tunnel be open?