Saturday, January 8, 2011

Assembly District 19 Caucus Elections

Many of you went down to San Mateo last year to vote for Jerry's slate. Once again, Jerry has introduced a slate of highly qualified individuals. Please take some time out of football playoff mania to support Jerry.

Jim Wagner


Please join me at San Mateo City Hall this coming Sunday, January 9th from 2 PM until 4 PM to vote for my choice for Assembly District Caucus Members.

The California Democratic Party is conducting “Assembly District Caucus Meetings” this weekend. A slate for candidates whom I've endorsed will be running and I ask that you join me Sunday to help elect them. Those elected as Assembly District Caucus members can participate in the State Democratic Party conventions.

The Caucus Meeting will be this Sunday, January 9th, beginning at 2 PM. You may come anytime beginning at 2 PM to register, vote and then leave. At 4PM, there will be an opportunity for those running to speak to those in attendance. But you do not need to stay for the meeting. Simply come, register and vote.

The Caucus meeting will be held at San Mateo City Hall (330 W. 20th Avenue, San Mateo).

The only requirement to vote is that you be a registered Democrat living in my Assembly District (the 19th Assembly District). There is a request for a $5 donation to defray costs. If the $5 cost is a hardship, you may request a hardship waiver. The important thing is to come and vote.

This won’t take very long. Simply register, vote and then you are free to leave.

Please feel free to bring friends, family – anyone who is a registered Democrat living in the District – to vote. If you have any questions, let me know or call Matt Cucuzza at my campaign office. Matt can be reached by calling 650-794-2100. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there on Sunday. Also, Happy New Year!

Below are the names of the people who are running as my slate of endorsed candidates (listed in alphabetical order). Please be sure to vote for all 12 of these people when you attend:

Jerry Hill's endorsed Slate of Candidates:

Rhonda Ceccato
Brittany Feitelberg *
Carole Groom
Rich Hedges
Rod Hsiao
Zoe Kersteen-Tucker
Christine Krolik
Mike Lagomarsino
David Lim
John Lynch
Claire Mack
Mark Nagales


Assemblyman Jerry Hill

*There will be a separate election for the Democratic Party Executive Board Rep (EBoard Rep). We ask that you vote for Brittany Feitelberg as our choice for EBoard Rep).

**Message and e-mail created with private funds, no public money spent delivering this message.

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