Monday, February 8, 2010

Rare video of the Japanese surrender

This is pretty cool stuff. History buffs will enjoy.
Jim Wagner

The way we were and likely will never be again!  This is remarkable it says, many have seen a few still shots of this event but not the newsreel.  This Newsreel in itself brings back lots of old was the way we "saw" much of the news in the 1940's.....  
Here is a You-Tube article that will thrill the hearts of "history buffs" as few articles have ever done before.  To view this newsreel is truly fantastic, and is almost like actually being there.
  MacArthur is at his eloquent best during that long ago ceremony of such profound significance.  MacArthur should have received that year's Oscar. He created and played his role to perfection. Enjoy!

This truly is historical.
 Japanese Surrender

8 minutes of history.  Right to the point!

Historical Footage: Japanese Surrender Signing Aboard Battleship Missouri Sunday Sept. 2, 1945.
An very important piece of history. Most people have seen still photos of the event but have not seen the newsreel of it.  
A film of the actual ceremony of the Japanese signing their surrender ending the second world war.  General Douglas MacArthur was the supreme commander of our armed forces in charge of the signing ceremony.


Anonymous said...

My Uncle, Peter Makinson, worked communications deep in China to direct planes against Japan in '44-45. Later I went on board the Missouri out in Port Orange, WA to see where this peace agreement was signed. Quite a treat to see the newsreel as it took place in the China Sea.

Thomas Clifford said...

As an old Navy man [Vietnam & North Korea] whose father was wounded in Burma I thank you for this posting.