Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No one applied for any city commissions this year

City Council meeting 2/8/10, city agenda item 14, summary pages 57,58

At the last city council meeting no one applied for city commissions, including Open Space, Planning, Parks, Beaches and Recreation, Emergency Preparedness and Safety. Councilmember Vreeland seem shocked, hurt and dumbfounded that no one applied for the Planning Commission, after all he said "the position was advertised in the Tribune 3 times".

Will someone please tell him why no one applies for these positions, particularly Planning?

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Steve Sinai said...

I'd imagine that people figure the only ones with a chance of getting onto a commission are council disciples.

The Tribune (and Riptide and Fix Pacifica, I suppose) probably ought to be informed of the openings and publicize them better next time.

Kathleen Rogan said...

You want me to, Kathy? I will apply to be on all.

Kathleen Rogan said...

Is there a Global Change Commission??????? I would love to be on that. Someone recommended it.

Kathy Meeh said...

Kathleen, the only problem with interviewing for city commissions is there was no openings anyhow, and with the Planning Commission the last 3 chosen 2 years ago were "council disciples" as Steve said.

The Planning Commission appointments 2 years ago included 2 EPA attorneys, 1 attorney married to an EPA attorney, I think. Best candidates? I didn't think so from viewing the interviews, but what the heck they work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that ought to qualify them for the kind of economic development planning this city council desires.

Since the process in choosing candidates doesn't seem balanced or fair (as expected according to city code), one can only assume that Councilmember Vreeland might know them from the EPA where he works.

mike bell said...

I've been a PBR Commissioner for 6 years. Study sessioned and voted several times for paid parking at Linda Mar Beach. Study sessioned and voted many times for an off leash dog park. I chaired WESPAC. Study sessioned and recommended many times sensible commercial development of the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant and Palmetto Avenue. What came out of all this volunteerism?.....NOTHING!

If Vreeland really wants to know why people are not stepping forward anymore, all he has to do is look in the mirror.

New Council in 2010. Can't wait to start contributing to the city again in a meaningful way.

Kathleen Rogan said...

Does this mean I shouldn't apply to be on the global climate change commission?

Zombie Rockaway Sue said...

Kathleen, it means you need to get out there with pitchforks and torches and head to Pedro Pt.

I know you have it in you.