Tuesday, February 9, 2010

City Council Meeting 2/8/10 - Coastside transfer to Recology, and Lakeside Drive

Recology Franchised Agreement http://www.cityofpacifica.org/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=3696
Recology - an employee owned corporation http://www.recology.com/

The main 2/8/10 City Council item was #9, the Coastside transfer to Recology. The transfer happened almost without a hitch, and city involvement was more "educational" to the public. The annual contingency fee from the city is $10,000, not $100,000 (a typo). Lionel Emde sent-in a letter comment which was entered into the record, but not read in public. Councilmember Lancelle argued others have shown-up to speak and absentee citizen comments read allowed into the record should not be allowed. The attorney substituting for Cecilia Quick said either way there is no Brown Act violation.

Councilmembers Nihart and Vreeland each said they would have preferred and RFP but this way the city gets its $842,630.90 Coastside debt repayment. Councilmember Nihart commented further she was glad the collection would now be at the industry standard. Vote 4-0 to accept, Councilmember DeJarnatt was absent.

According to H&H Consulting garbage pick-up cost in Pacifica is among the highest in the Bay Area for a variety of reasons: isolated city, lacking commercial, some pick-up cannot be automated, Senior rate (which will become a 20 gallon option for all), coastal and city pick-up included, the $75,000 Frontierland has now been called a methane gas remediation concern. The recycling center will remain.

The garbage rate increase will be effective 5% (8/1/10) with the 1 month change-over to new trash can and equipment set-up. Annual cost increases will occur within the range of 4-8% from 4/1/11. The Coastside contract take-over 2 years, then Recology 6 year contract, option 5 years additional. Weekly pick-up for regular trash, green and food waste. recycle pick-up every 2 weeks. Mark, the Recology Manager said our current recycling rate is 62% under Coastside (very good).

Citizen comments of interest other than Lionel Emde's write-in: (Shirley Rider) lack of notification, should have been in the Tribune prior.Bernie Sifry said something about the carbon footprint and recycling diversion program (which will be covered). Don Eagleston was there and called the transfer a "sweet deal", Anthony Boglonia (sp) from San Bruno, representing Ox Mountain concerns said Coastside owes them $400,000, later Chris Porter clarified there had been a late afternoon meeting and this will be repaid in full.

The other agenda item of interest was #10, closing Lakeside Drive. Closing Lakeside Drive was an information request from Councilmember Vreeland. This isn't going to happen, some improvements have been made there, and Police Chief Saunders advised since that time there have been no further accidents or problems. The tenants who live there were not consulted or advised for this meeting. Councilmember Nihart said this agenda item includes the solution, but what is the traffic problem?

She also mentioned the Planning Commission considered closing Lakeside Drive drive 14 years ago only under prospect of building a Habitat for Humanity housing development with a different project layout which didn't happen. Councilmember Lancelle thought if considered a trail should be included there, but stated in any event the "the city doesn't have the money".

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Jeffrey W Simons said...

Councilmembers Nihart and Vreeland each said they would have preferred and RFP but this way the city gets its $842,630.90 Coastside debt repayment

and the citizens get stuck with the bill. LOL

Bark Nugget said...

Thank you for this write-up of the meeting, Kathy. Much appreciated!

Jeffrey W Simons said...

I'm curious as to why Julie Lancelle refused to read Lionel Emde's letter. They have read emails and letters submitted to City Council in the past. Perhaps it didn't have the requisite "all hail the mighty council!" opening, and then peppered with nothing but flattering words.

Kathy Meeh said...

Councilmember Lancelle went after this letter like it was "red meat". As you've mentioned with regard to reading such a letter out-loud last night in absentia, the entire city council had abnessia or dementia.

I tend to agree it is better to be there but some times it's not possible, these comments have been read out-loud in past city council meeting venues, and there has been no discussion about setting a precedent. However, not reading these letters out-loud will be a precedent going forward until the advantageous next time.

PS: the last paragraph of this article got split in two some how in sending, "she" refers to Councilmember Nihart.

Flip Saunders said...

now now now y'all just castin' aspersions on city council with ya whammy jammy mind games! Miss Julie had a berry berry good reasun for not readin de letters of de Colonel Emde and y'all ain't convincin' me of nuthin impropah nor scandalous about this here city council! Now this here being on city council, its a complex twisted enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a tortilla shell and slowly cooked over some fine fine fine malt liquor. Y'all need to prove what ya saying is what ya sayin and not something else ya sayin when ya not sayin it. Unnerstan' what I'mma sayin?

Kernel Saunders said...

Even though I never have lived in the City of Pacifica, I love to tell ya all how to run your City and how to live your lives. I'll bet ya a nurdle covered bucket of my finest finger lickin unidentifiables that you'll never figure out my posting pattern on this blog, i.e., always ask, and keep asking, those I disagree with to provide me more credible documentation to back up their opinions. Of course, I will back my assertions with anything, and I mean anything, that Google leads me to that supports me. You see, only in my grease filled southern fried world is Wikipedia considered a fully vetted source. Of course, that only applies to my postings. Don't ya dare try to pull that one on da Kernel.

I also love how none of you yanks ever call me on my ever repeating pattern of telling you to do the leg work, e.g., phone calls, document production requests, FOIAs, California Public Records Act, etc., to prove or disprove my assertions. You yanks are real suckas!

Richard Saunders said...

One way I've seen work when someone can't attend -- Lionel could have asked someone to be present and read it for him.

Kathy, good writeup on the contract assignment. It sounds largely consistent with what was in the staff report.

Kathleen Rogan said...

LOLOLOL!!!!!! Oh lord. Anyway, good work, Kathy. Thanks for attending and reporting.

Kathy Meeh said...

The initial report gave an annual contingency fee of $100,000 which was a typo. The annual contingency fee is only $10,000, otherwise the contract information was consistent with with the Staff Report, no change.

Lionel Emde said...

Thank you very much for the reporting on the meeting. Two people have told me that my letter was read by a councilperson in spite of, and separate from Julie Lancelle's tantrum.
Was it Mary Ann or Sue to your recollection?