Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bill to Create New $50 Million Park in the Virgin Islands=More Folly from our representatives


For example, it would be nice to know what process the National Park Service went through to consult with all private property owners who may be harmed or impacted by this designation. The National Park Service testified that the cost to acquire the private property to establish this park could be as much as $50 million, in addition to nearly $1 million a year to operate the park.

Congress does not know how to be fiscally responsible.

Lois Rogan


Kathleen Rogan said...

Good video, Lois, thanks.

Yes, families loading up their mini vans, suv, to get to this park is unrealistic. First, mini vans and suv are under attack and unaffordable right now to American families. We can't all fit into prius's , which have turned out to be death traps for the greenies. Second, American's are skeptical and do not believe the stimulus package is or will be creating jobs, now we know why. Some jobs are being created out of America. Only people like Plater Pod will be traveling in first class to St Croix, so he will have first hand knowledge of the large cockroaches safety bridge confirmation getting built. Like the good congressman said, we know where the democratic congress's priorities lay, NOT WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They just want to rape us and our grandchildren.

Richard Saunders said...

Death traps? OK, time to put up, Kathleen. That's a claim that needs substantiation.

Kathleen Rogan said...

Reveal yourself, Dick.

Kathy Meeh said...

Lois, great source reference the the Library of Congress documents. From that reference above, and referring to the National Park Service: "(2) U.S. VIRGIN ISLAND LANDS.--The Secretary is authorized to acquire lands and interests in lands owned by the U.S. Virgin Islands or any political subdivision thereof only by donation or exchange."

Therefore, transfer of this property to the National Parks system would only occur by donation or exchange, and even so this is a bill not a done deal. Some of us, however, do think Park Services has gone to far: exhibit Park City Pacifica, 60% of our land gone.

Also interesting is the California Republican in legislature blog videos, concerning the serious water shortage in the San Joaquin Valley between Fresno and Bakersfield affecting agriculture. I seem to be fan of Rep Tom McClintock (even though he is ultra-conservative).

Rep Devin Nunes supports the same, but he is concerned with the import of those Chinese "communist carrots". Just checked the Safeway Organics bag of carrots in my refrigerator, they're 100% American from California probably Democrat then.

Richard Saunders said...

"our land"

Interesting word choice.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

Ahh Richard you amuse me. Apparently you're not paying attention to the massive recall going on with all Toyota vehicles.

Richard Saunders said...

About those death traps, how many people have died in those because of the issues leading to the recall?

More to the point, what purpose did the mention of it serve? If I read it correctly, the idea was to demean the notion of trying to have businesses produce more environmentally friendly products.

It doesn't make that point well because it's mixed right in there with the concern that China is getting ahead of California in making solar panels and "green boxes" (I keep meaning to ask what that means).

Either it's a good thing to make more efficient things (of course it is), or it's not. But pointing out a problem with floor mats and accelerator pedals really doesn't make the point (whichever one of those was the main point).

Bark Nuggets said...


I looked at the text of the Act (H.R. 3726) and I confess that I didn't see any mention of the desire to rape me or my future grandchildren you claim is the impetus behind this bill.

Kathleen Rogan said...

I will go on record as saying I am for business's building environmentally friendly cars. I think choice is very important.

What scares me is the fact that these cars are almost like a computer. Every new and up and coming ideas will have it's bugs to work out. Unfortunately, people have died in these cars. Something about a computer chip in the eccelerator. I would not buy one for anyone in my family. As I am sitting here posting , breaking news, a new lexus drove a man over a cliff.

I also recommend families, if they can afford it, to keep a mechanical car around. Seems like those are easier to figure out and costs to repair are cheap.

Jeffrey W Simons said...

About those death traps, how many people have died in those because of the issues leading to the recall?

Toyota recall years in the making

"Sean Kane, a safety researcher who works with attorneys pursuing cases against Toyota, said Friday that he had found 19 deaths and 341 injuries stemming from 815 separate crashes involving Toyotas and sudden acceleration."

Anonymous said...

Since the goal of extreme greenies like Earth First!, Tricky Dick Saunders, Dicky's new partner in crime Ian "Funny Guy" Butler, Nancy Hall and Brent and the Pods is a significant reduction in the human race in order to conserve resources and "save the planet", the Toyota line presents as the perfect delivery system.