Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We're doing better at water conservation, past two months

 Muppets don't need water,
but thumbs up to you, good effort!
The Daily Journal (San Mateo), Staff, 7/29/14.  "Report:  Water conservation doubles in last month alone."

After conservation rates started disappointingly slow, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission was pleased to announce Monday that in the last month alone, consumers more than doubled the amount of water saved since February.

.... Between Feb. 1 and June 23, consumers only managed to save 1.4 billion gallons. However, as of July 23, that number swelled to 3.1 billion gallons, SFPUC spokesman Charles Sheehan said.

“Over the past two months, our customers have successfully accelerated their conservation efforts and more than doubled the total water savings,” SFPUC General Manager Harlan Kelly Jr. said in a press release. “We’re hoping the surge of aggressive conservation by our customers continues for the rest of the year.” Read article.

Note photograph:  "Pepe" from Muppet Wikia.

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