Saturday, July 26, 2014

City Council meeting, Monday, July 28, 2014

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local television or live feed Pacificcoast.TV, (formerly  If you miss civic meetings, view on  PCT 26 You Tube! 
The city council meeting begins at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City council updates and archives are available on the City website. 

City Council Agenda, 7/28/14.       Full Agenda packet, pdf 160 pages.

Closed session, 5:30 p.m. 
Item 10.  Sewer system improvement
CA government Code 54956.8.  Conference with real property negotiator:  Lorie Tinfow.  Price and terms of payment, 1220 Linda Mar Boulevard, Sanchez Art Center location, Stephen Johnson, photographer.
CA government code 54957.6.  Conference with labor negotiator. Agency Negotiator: Glen Berkheimer.  Firefighters Local 2400, Battalion Chiefs Local 856, Department Directors Local 350. Wastewater Treatment Plant Employees Local 856. Miscellaneous Local 856.  Managers Local 350.  Police Officers Association, Supervisors, Management Local 350. 
Open Session, 7:00 p.m.  Consent Calendar 
1.    Approval of Disbursements, FY 2013/14, 6/17/14-7/10/14-FY13/14.  Approval of Disbursements, FY 2014/15, 7/01/14-7/11/14.
2.    Approval of  City Council Minutes, 7/14/14.
3.    Cancellation of the 8/25/14 City Council Meeting (This meeting is cancelled annually.)
4.    Notice of completion for the Pacifica Fishing Pier Repair project,  Summary/Resolution.
5.    Advertise for Sealed Bids the 2010 Cal EMA 380 Esplanade Lateral Drain Construction Project. Summary.
6.    Approval of the final parcel map and subdivision improvement agreement, 2-lot subdivision 251-261 San Pedro Avenue, Benaiah Ventures. Planning Commission approval 3/7/14, map Sub 223-14. No fiscal impact.  Summary,  map,  agreement.
7.    Approval to purchase five (5) police interceptor utility vehicles from Town Ford, $131,743.00. Summary.
8.    Grant permit extensions of  a  9-unit unit, 3 story condominium building with a subterranean garage at 1567 Beach Boulevard.  Summary, in reference to "Growth Management Ordinance:  Issuance of New Allocations". 

Special presentations -  Commendation:  Officer Smith and RN Pineda.

Public hearings  
10.   Consider resolution to adopt Sewer Service charges, FY 2014/15 and 2016/17. There is an annual 2.9% rate increase sewer service charge until 2017, which is part of the operations and capital improvements 20 year master plan.  FY budget 2014/15 impact:  Sewer Fund 18 revenue will increase, $13,658,700. Summary/resolution.  Sewer fees, FY 2014/15-2016/17.
11.   Designate City Council voting delegate (and up to two alternatives) to attend the annual League of California Cities business meeting (September 3-5, 2014, Los Angeles).  Summary.

Note:  photograph from HDR wastewater system management, Honolulu, HI.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Sue has been going to these meetings for years now. She hasn't brought in one idea to make the city badly needed revenue.

$195.40 06/27/14 00001 48 DIGRE, SUE OUTSTANDING
195.40 01.100110.51700.0000.000 LEAGUE OF CA CITIES CONFERENCE 1-28-14A

Anonymous said...

The problem is that applies to all of them. For one reason or another.

Hutch said...

7. Approval to purchase five (5) police interceptor utility vehicles from Town Ford, $131,743.00.

Do we really need this right now? Can it wait a year? Or just buy 2 or 3?

Also Serramonte Ford was a big supporter of the Fog Fest up until 2 years ago. They pulled all support when they sold the dealership last year. Can we "ask" Town Ford if they would like to be a sponsor? Or ask Serra Ford if they would change their minds?

Anonymous said...

This is how we roll in Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

At least if they spend it on these cars we'll know where $131,743.00 went.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica complied with Prop 218 in 2012 approval 5yr plan.You can protest at hearing,but council overules all protests.Hearing notice is certainly minimal,though.The council needs to account for and verify where prevous $4,000,000 fund money went.Council can be investigated on interfund transfer accounting practices.

Anonymous said...

800 To find out what? That they're incompetent? This we already know. Not wanting to step in the mess herself, Tinfow already announced she'd retain a municipal finance expert to examine the remains prior to burial and put the official stamp of approval on her actions going forward. Smart. Wonder where we'd be if Ritzma had the job?

Anonymous said...

Towne Ford is in Redwood City why would they sponser the fog fest?

There is a Ford Dealer in Half Moon Bay why not go there?

I know the city just puts the purchase out to bid?

Anonymous said...

Read the summary. Town Ford had a lower bid than Serramonte Ford.