Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mayor's State of the City address already happened. Were you there?

From the Pacifica Tribune, not electronically printed. "Mayor talks at Democrats meeting", Saturday, July 19, 2014, 9:30 am.   Yep, I missed posting this meeting in advance.

Mayor Mary Ann Nihart speaking at
Democrats meeting, then new Mayor, 1/15/11
Notification of the Mayor's State of the City address to the Democrats Club appeared in the Pacifica Tribune "Community Notepad" in the print only edition.  Mayor Nihart's "State of the City" address could be important all Pacificans.  If you attended this meeting, and recall significant issues Mayor Nihart addressed, please share them with us in the comments section of this article. 

"Pacifica Mayor Mary Ann Nihart will discuss the State of the City at the next monthly meeting (July 19, 2014) at the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats.

Mayor Nihart will also swear in the newly elected Executive Board of Judy Heldberg, President, Joan Putz, first vice president, Therese Dyer, second vice president, Connie Menefee and Patricia Kremer, co-treasurers and Sheila Hansen, secretary.  The meeting began at 9:30 a.m., in the rear banquet room of Sharp Park Restaurant."

Related 2011 meeting - Mary Ann Nihart, new Mayor 1/15/11, Speaking to the Democrats, 1/15/11, video 7:57 minutes; and continuation closing video (5), 7:20 minutes.  Introduction by Barbara Arietta President, video by Jack Waldbewohner, Board Member.  Note:  photograph and other continuing meeting videos, same location.

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Da Mayor said.

We broke.

We ain't got no money

Anonymous said...

She said "The state of the city is not good"

"We wasted $80K taxpayer dollars on a tax attempt we were duped into believing would pass by 60%"

"We have not hired an economic director"

"We have no real development on the horizon"

"And we misplaced 4 million dollars causing us to cease Palmetto main street plans and other projects"

"But one of our top priorities is still to build a 30M library that 90% of people are against."

Is this why council doesn't like Fix?

Anonymous said...

251 That and the general hooliganism
that pops up now and then. And we're all so unruly. And the lack of awe--that's a big one.

Anonymous said...

If you've heard one State of the City report in Pacifica, you've heard them all.

Anonymous said...

Council doesn't want to hear the truth. That's why they go to Riptide. At least Maybury will censor some of the comments so he can attract the politicians.

This city only wants transparency when it's serving there goal. Like all the secrecy around the new library.

Anonymous said...

Call it serendipity do, but isn't our new CM a library buildin' wizard? Knows how to creatively fund, build public demand, overcome opposition, bag cross-species endorsements and use magic words on the bond ballot measure. Oh, I love me some magic words. Most important of all, the CM knows how to present complex info to the public. And isn't she our hero? Who wouldn't listen?

Is there a surprise coming our way? Something so tantalizing it's hard to refuse. Yes, Pacifica, you, too, can have something new and shiny that will make you feel so good about yourself--and you deserve it! Just sign here.

IMHO the recent cut to library hours was less about saving a paltry $75K and all about building demand for one central library that would get all the hours that were spread over two. It'll make a nice selling point.

Anonymous said...

Sue Digre and Mike O'Neal both pulled papers for City Council.

So far we have

Anonymous said...

digre the budget deficit queen? She has a lot of nerve to even show up!

Anonymous said...

Oh she has nerve.