Friday, July 11, 2014

Letter to City regarding General Plan - Gypsy Hill, Highway 1, Sharp Park Golf Course

The following are additional comments from Gil Anda sent to Lee Diez, City of Pacifica Associate Planner, regarding the General Plan DEIR.  The General Plan comments period is now closed (7/10/14, 5 p.m.).  Gil's prior Pedro Point Calson property comments are also linked below. 

Hi Lee,
According to the Pacifica Tribune article about the General Plan, we are allowed until today to comment on the EIR for the General Plan. I saw some comments made about Gypsy Hill and the Highway that I wanted to provide my respones to specifically. 

Gypsy Hill:
The comments made go along the lines of; 1) "Rezoning to an even higher density than previously zoned without consulting the public, or publicly pointing out that the change in the plan is in contradiction with the voters' wishes, is not ethical" and  2) " would not serve one of Pacifica's key purposes, to create more tourism opportunities, such as a new bed and breakfast inn or a destination restaurant."
For too long the tail has wagged the dog in Pacifica. As you probably know, real estate properties have a highest and best use. Determining the highest and best use sometimes requires careful consideration and, often times, expert study. Commercial designations are especially tricky since the wrong location can make or break a business. The problem with determining highest and best use by a vote of those who have no expertise and no experience running a bed and breakfast or a restaurant, is that you wind up with an ill-informed opinion of a property's highest and best use. And the bottom line is, this discussion may not be about the highest and best use, this may be about keeping property as open space and avoiding development, period.
My opinion: A visitor serving business, such as a bed and breakfast or restaurant, needs to be within walking distance of our main attractions, the beaches, ocean and golf course. Gypsy Hill has great views but is so inaccessible to this city's main attractions that I doubt it would stand a chance as a bed and breakfast location. It would be especially challenging as a restaurant location. (The food better be good!) 

Highway 1:
Pacifica has participated in the EIR process for several years running now. The opponents to the Calera Widening Project have had ample opportunity to give their input, so much so that deadlines were extended to allow them the opportunity to give their input. At this point it is headed for the courthouse, and that's exactly where it should go to be resolved once and for all. (hopefully) The city should not allow itself to be talked into interfering with this process.
Although I no longer live in Pacifica, I do own property there; a house that I use as a rental and an interest in vacant land."

Sharp Park Golf Course:  (inserted follow-up comments to the above).
"The Sharp Park Golf Course needs to be designated as a historical resource. The clubhouse is already designated as a historical landmark and it amazes me how the city can make such an oversight. The Sharp Park Golf Course has literally provided the city with what it has purportedly been seeking for decades, and that is an asset that draws visitors to Pacifica. We can't let this asset slip under the radar."

Thank you for allowing me to comment.
Gil Anda

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Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Come back, Gil, come back. And run for council. Gil Anda is what we've needed on city council for the past decade. A balanced, practical viewpoint, says what he means and means what he says, respectful and respected, and neither a diva nor a dork. No wonder he left town.

Anonymous said...

Gil you must run for council seat. Please please. The only way to see changes in this town is to have knowledgeable and intelligent people. Politicians are looking for their own interests and not looking for future generations to come.

Anonymous said...

@320 You're right. Politicians are just like everyone else. Some noble, some crass, some psycho. Some blossom in the spotlight...Mmmmmm, spotlight, me me me. Some don't.