Wednesday, July 9, 2014

San Mateo supervisors write a letter to GGNRA whining about dog rules

San Mateo Times/Aaron Kinney, 7/8/14.  "San Mateo County supervisors ask GGNRA to rethink dog plan."  

OMG, our County park rules might
have to be more dog inclusive too
Board of Supervisors more like Dog #3 on right
...." The dog management plan would cut down on areas where dogs are allowed, whether on a leash or off, in San Francisco and Marin County. But off-leash dog-walking would be barred altogether at the GGNRA's four coastal properties in San Mateo County: Rancho Corral de Tierra, Mori Point, Milagra Ridge and Sweeney Ridge. 

....  The GGNRA maintains that it must accommodate various types of visitors, not just dog owners, as well as protect threatened and endangered species, sensitive habitat and historical structures. The agency notes it is the only unit of the National Park Service that allows dogs to roam off-leash.

"We're trying to find the best way to allow for different experiences," said GGNRA spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet, "and help people find ways that they can have the experience they're looking for without interfering with other activities."  .... The San Mateo County board originally planned Tuesday to pass a resolution opposing the GGNRA's proposal, but decided to take the less formal stance of issuing a letter...."   Read article.

Note photographs:  purple beast from Pug of my heart,  three dogs from Daisy Fae/trailer park refugee.

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Anonymous said...

When we hike we need our canine friends to protect us. I almost got eaten by a cougar. Plus, I have no cell reception. Common Sense: Bring protection wherever you go. Never know when you will be attacked.