Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tentative candidates for City Council, NCCWD, PSD, Fall, 2014

Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, 7/15/14. "Who's running for local office?"

Early list of candidates
"So far, the only local candidates listed on the official San Mateo County voter information website are the incumbents running for North Coast County Water District board. Also, a challenger seeks an open seat on the Pacifica School District board.

"Pacifica City Council has three seats open with Sue Digre, Mike O'Neill and Len Stone all up for reelection, but none have officially filed papers. Eric Ruchames, a member of the PSD board, and Victor Spano told the Tribune they intend to run for City Council, but they have not yet filed papers.

Anne De Jarnatt, Tom Piccolotti and Ron Ash have all filed papers to run again for the NCCWD board. Elizabeth Bredall filed for a seat on the PSD board, but she has not yet qualified. Joan Weideman, on the PSD board, told the Tribune she will not seek reelection. We'll keep you posted."   

Related - Pacifica Index, "2014 race for city council, 11/4/14, open seats 3, nomination period begins July 14, nomination period ends August 8, final day to register to vote October 20."   

Note:  Special thanks to Jane Northrop, and to Chris Fogel for early reporting of potential city council and other candidates.  Photograph from Jennifer Barnett's blog.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

I think I've been rather insensitive with my comments regarding PRC. Ultimately, all human progress is best measured by how many of us are able to progress and lead productive lives.

So, I suppose then it falls up on community to bear the responsibility for those left behind (whatever may be the cause). Of course, this responsibility shouldn't be "imposed" upon. Rather, its a negotiation one has with the community. The end goal being reasonable sustenance for all.

With that in mind, perhaps there is value for PRC and such related activities. But such a value should be earned and offered out of generosity but not expected and imposed.

I don't think it should be transactional -- in the sense "I'll do this for you, if you do that for me". But more along the lines of spirit of giving for the sake of unrequited generosity.

Buddha would agree with this. For Buddha says, one who gives shall always have.

Kathy Meeh said...

1042 Libertarian, "Perhaps there is value for Public Resource Center"??? Of course there is value in supporting human life. Abundance through giving is a core principal of most religions, (it's also a human principal).

Pacifica Resource Center (PRC) learn more: "Our mission is to help stabilize Pacifica families and individuals by providing a safety net of food, housing assistance, and other critical services along with advocacy, coaching, information, and referral. Our vision is to assure the basic needs of every Pacifican are met so that every member of our community has food, shelter, and the opportunity to thrive." Sometimes PRC board members speaks at city council (including around budget time). Tune in to city council meetings for civic insight into the city where you live.

There is also value and wisdom in supporting city council candidates who will work to improve the abundance of our city economy.

Anonymous said...

I am actually real conflicted about this. Because all life is sacred. Be it human, animal or plant.

So, I cannot in waking conscience support destruction of habitat of one species for the benefit of other. Especially, if such benefit in question is mostly subjective.

To be candid about this, I have a decent amount of property near the quarry area. And, should the quarry be developed, I would, in a material sense gain immensely. But, knowing what I know, I am fairly certain the lives of animals are more important than my perceived or real material gain.

In all honesty, I am more inclined towards supporting the ecology and beauty of Pacifica over budget health by way of increased tax revenues from new development.

I do however think there are areas of Pacifica that can be developed without having to compromise the social make up of the city.

I would support development of Palmetto area.

Anonymous said...

Libertarian you are not a Buddhist. You're cold indifferent attitude towards your fellow man proves that.

I am not a Buddhist but I do know a few who all believe in karma, helping the less fortunate and to not value worldly things too much.

Anonymous said...

Libertarian likes to pull your chain.

Anonymous said...


How do you know the first post was the Libertarian?

Kathy Meeh said...

954, never know, 204 (build nothing at the quarry, although its the current undeveloped property with the largest potential, and "he stands to gain") could be the split personality of Libertarian 1042. As 919 says "Libertarian likes to pull your chain." How do we know? NIMBY thought pattern trend of a devious nature, and our collective "can be fooled" IQs above 70.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Lib on anything he says. The only large tracts near the quarry are across the highway and he doesn't own that. Gil Anda owns that little tiny strip of land in front, but he isn't Gil.

Just someone pretending to be a wealthy buddhist libertarian, but is actually a broke atheist nimby.