Thursday, July 3, 2014

Property rights lawsuit against regional planning is rejected

San Francisco Chronicle/Bob Egelko, 7/3/14.  "Judge rejects challenge to Bay Area land-use, transit plan.

"A judge has rejected a challenge by a property-rights group to Plan Bay Area, adopted by regional agencies to guide land use and transportation through 2040 by concentrating new housing and jobs in areas served by public transit.

The Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved the plan in July for the nine-county area, which is projected to grow in population from 7 million to nearly 9 million in 26 years. Authorized by a state law intended to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gases, the plan designates areas eligible for state funding to encourage compact development, reduce vehicle use and preserve open space.

Bay Area Citizens will appeal, said Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Jonathan Wood. He said the group doesn't agree that state law requires a regional plan encouraging compact development and mass transit, and argues that the Air Resources Board reinterpreted the law without public notice or comment."   Read more.

Related - Fix Pacifica reprint:  San Francisco Chronicle/Bob Egelko, 6/21/14. "Environmentalists sign off on Bay Area growth plan.".

Reference Association of Bay Area Governments, (ABAG), see One Bay Area (upper right), and Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Note: graphic from  Verge Magazine, UK.

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