Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our American flag life lessons

Message to Bridget: respect the sacrifice of others for your freedom.

Pacifica Tribune, Letters to the Editor, 7/8/14.  "Respect the flag" by Therese M. Dyer

"Editor:  Flag day was June 14, so I would like to send a message to the person named Bridget who has been accused of defacing our flag.

Sounds like you have a few issues with what our flag stands for, freedom. Don't we all? Every day I see our civil rights being violated in one way or another. But I chose to do something about it and so can you. Become an advocate for what you believe in as long as it does not tread on someone else's rights. In fact it is our duty to preserve what our forefathers meant it to be.

Change can only come when we take action for future generations and that's our duty, just as those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so you can deface the flag, but you do a disservice to those that have given you that right.

It isn't easy to become a whistle blower, they don't receive proclamations, or rewards for speaking out. All you have to do is remember within yourself that you did the right thing. That alone is reward enough, because you know you made a difference." 

Related, the American flag history and tribute.  Sagora Senior Living, Wellness,  "Raising the flag and its history, 6/2/14. "Americans have a deep love and respect for the American flag and they know the price that was paid for freedom as many of them or their loved ones served in the military. Paying tribute to our amazing country as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and closing a ceremony by singing the National Anthem bestows tender feelings and sincere appreciation of what that flag means to each one of us."

Related, the pledge.  Secretary of State, Washington, "The Pledge of Allegiance."  "I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

Related, 4th of July.  Fix Pacifica reprint - Bob Hutchinson, 7/1/14, Letter to the Editor,  "Happy birthday, America". 

Referenced article.  Pacifica Tribune/John Maybury Column, 6/26/14.  John Maybury:  "Wandering and Wondering", "Bridget on the Bridge" section.  "I know that sounds unpatriotic, but to me that flag does not represent the interests of the American people anymore. It is in fact a symbol of oppression all over the planet. It represents the profiteers of wars and weapons. And I for one DO NOT like it being shoved down my throat everywhere I go.  ...." 

Note photographs. American flags flying, Business & Heritage, Flag Day 2014.  Saluting the American flag, CVS Flags.  "Memorial Day" American flags, CVS Flags.  Older man remembering, from Sagora Senior Living, article above. 

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