Wednesday, July 9, 2014

San Pedro bridge replacement, slight inconvenience for "our ecology"

Remember the good 'ol days, last month
Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff, 7/8/14.  "Fast and confused detoured drivers cause traffic problems."

"Pacificans and visitors to the city are settling in to a long-term detour of the highway at Linda Mar.  Caltrans is replacing the San Pedro Creek Bridge at the south end of the highway, hence the detour is required. Detours will be in place until at least October 2015, or when the project is finished.

People who work and own businesses in the Pedro Point Shopping Center said last week they were already fed up with the detour. Yes, more people are forced into the shopping center to see their businesses, but that weighs less favorably against confused drivers taking more time to get to their businesses and dealing with faster traffic and aggressive drivers."    Read article.

Related -  Pacifica Tribune, 6/24/14,  "Long highway detour for bridge replacement."   

Note photograph from Scuba San Mateo.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Impossible. CalTrans never screw up.

Anonymous said...

The signs should be back in Vallemar and Rockaway warning drivers about the detour.

This bridge fix should have been done and finished before the tunnel opened.

Another Pacifica failure.

Anonymous said...

724 You think any Pacifica official has any influence on CalTrans? You so silly.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me this was being done because of the frogs and snakes. I have played in that creek almost my whole life and I have never seen a frog or snake. Last year, or so, I saw government workers looking for frogs and snakes and they told me they did not find any, I told them that's cause there isn't any unless someone throws a dead one in there.

Anonymous said...

Here are the reasons Caltrans cites for this project: provide a Class 1 multi-purpose path on east side of highway and widen San Pedro Creek to provide 100-year storm event capacity. The project will also provide connection of disconnected trail system and be constructed to current seismic and structural codes.

943 The RL Frog and Steelhead Trout don't seem to be the reason for the work but they do come into play in the scheduling of some of the work because that area may be part of their habitat. Certain work will not be done in their habitat during the time the species may be present. That's mid-October to mid-April. This extends the projected project schedule through 2 seasons, equal to 2 calendar years.

Anonymous said...

9:43 "Someone told me this was being done because of the frogs and snakes." Someone told you wrong. Info about this project is readily available if you want to look for it. Stop listening to misinformed "someone."

Anonymous said...

1141 It's all in his head.

Anonymous said...

This is a project Pacifica needs. We need that highway open in the event of a major earthquake and LM has had bad flooding in the past. And while they're at it, improving the path and trails makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good enough to me. Proceed!