Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bedroom community waking up, Millbrae

The Daily Journal (San Mateo County), Angela Swartz, 7/24/14.  "Millbrae city manager gets salary bump:  officials say $43K raise is long-awaited, Marcia Raines is 'critical' to city's growth."

Good morning, Millbrae!
"Although one councilmember was against a nearly $43,000 raise and $20,000 bonus given to the Millbrae city manager, the supermajority of members believe the raise is well-deserved and is in line with what she was promised from the get-go. Councilman Reuben Holober was the one vote against the 22 percent boost in Marcia Raines’ pay from $192,996 to $235,800 following her performance review.

 ....  The City Council did show some concern when its 2014-15 budget was approved in June, with some worrying that the city is not bringing in enough profit. That’s with approximately $23 million in revenue and about $26 million in expenditures. Mayor Wayne Lee said this is the very reason why Raines needs to stay.....  The important thing right now is to invest in increasing our revenues and Marcia is critical to our investment strategy.”

 ....  “The City Council recognized the city manager’s leadership in: strengthening the city’s financial condition, effecting regional cost effective partnerships in the areas of law enforcement and fire services, driving and fostering economic development opportunities, expanding recreational programs and addressing infrastructure deficiencies of the city,” the report stated. “The city felt it was critical to continue the progress achieved to date under the successful leadership of the city manager and considered the difficulty and cost to replace her with a person of comparable experience and knowledge.”

....  The report also notes that she will become the president of the City Manager’s Department in the League of California Cities Association in September.  ....In other city news, the city has hired Chip Taylor as its new Public Works director and Deborah Nelson as the new Community Development director. Steve Toler, former assistant city manager in Foster City, is being added to Millbrae staff as an assistant city manager.    Read more.

Note photograph from California Watch.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


I am not a robot said...

Ms Raines has been commended for "driving and fostering economic development opportunities". I think that is great. Millbrae is really popping with action. New / remodeled hotels, restaurants, condo and apartment buildings, you can't miss it all on el camino.

How has our City Manager Ms. Tinfow, who just got a raise, done in the area of "driving and fostering economic development opportunities". This is not clear to me.

I suggest that Ms. Tinfow invite Ms. Raines up for lunch to get some pointers. It would be time well spent.

Anonymous said...

158 Good idea. And tell Ms. Raines to bring along their Community Development Director. Have Nihart join them for dessert. She's been driving the Pacifica clown car.

Anonymous said...

Naw, lets just build a library. That's the ticket. That's what Tinfow was hired to do. That's their priority. Not hiring an economic development director.

Anonymous said...

City Hall doesn't have a clue. If they had a clue they would have hung a for sale sign on the old waste water treatment plant long ago. They would have been searching for a developer for the quarry site. They would work with the Carlson's to develop their property.

They blow $200k on a city manager whose job is to get them a 35 million dollar library that brings in zero dollars to the city.

The past councils had no clue, as does this one.

Mary Ann has failed the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Ms Tinfow discovered $4,000,000 spent :where?She is only one that knows anything.City council needs to have public vote on library and Hwy 1 project before Pacifica really,really gets screwed up!

Anonymous said...

too late 1051, too late

Anonymous said...

So I hear John Keener was walking around campaigning with Dan Underhill.

His true colors have just been shown