Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Democrats Club holds a City Council Candidates Forum, Saturday, September 19, 2020

You are invited....
PROGRAM:  Pacifica City Council Candidates Forum:  Districts 1 and 4.
And candidates for the San Mateo County College District Board, and the Jefferson Elementary School Board have been invited to introduce themselves, and share their goals if elected.  
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City Council Candidates, General Election, 11/3/20.
DATE:  Saturday, September 19th
TIME:  9:30 a.m.
Join Zoom internet meeting by computer.  https://zoom.us/j/97873681500?pwd=blV1K3V2QVVna2xaOUFxZS9aNmlnZz09 
Meeting ID: 978 7368 1500.   Passcode: 081518
Other Zoom connections.  One tap mobile. +16699006833,,97873681500#,,,,,,0#,,081518# US (San Jose). Or, dial by your location.+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose). General connection reference:  https://zoom.us/u/abBNg3NOYg

Submitted by Suzan Getchell Wallace 


Reference, follow-up.  Video, full Democrats Candidates Forum (Schools, then City Council Candidates, Pacific Television, YouTube, 9/19/20, 2:00 hours.  City Council Candidates discussion and Forum begins at 23 minutes.  Candidate websites:  District 1, Sue Vaterlaus, https://www.facebook.com/PacificaSue/District 4Tygarjas Twyrls Bigstyck, https://tygarjas4pacifica139351677.wordpress.com/Mike Cohen, https://www.facebook.com/mike4pacifica/ .  Marj Davis, https://www.marjdistrict4pacifica.org/ .  

Reference, City of Pacifica Municipal General Election, 11/3/20.  Qualified candidates who submitted statements:  District 1:  Sue Vaterlaus.  District 4: Tygarjas Twyrls Bigstyck; Mike Cohen; Marj Davis.  Election information and candidate filings.   District Election Map, and voting sequence,  2020, Districts 1 and 4; 2022; Districts 2,3,5. City Council terms are 4 years. Change to District Elections from the Map link: "On December 17, 2018, the City of Pacifica adopted Ordinance No. 839-C.S. approving the transition from at-large to by-district elections for the election of Pacifica City Councilmembers beginning with the general municipal election in November 2020 and thereafter. ...:"    Related District 1 candidate website for Mayra Espinosa, to date without a candidate statement, and did not attend this Candidates Forum.

Note: graphic from a Rancho Palos Verdes, CA website archive, 10/5/17, "Long Point HOAs City Council Candidates Forum on October 11th." 
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Tygarjas Twyrls Bigstyck

This guy was out door knocking the other day. I think he is going to win big.

Anonymous said...

Tygarjas Bigstyck supports RV residential host sites and uses marijuana regularly. He was a member of 1st housing task force with rent control boards considered. Definitely a ? District fit.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica voters need to be careful. Progressive candidates like Tygaras Bigstyck, if elected, cand easily be influenced by outside radical progressives leading to Portland style political expression in peaceful Pacifica

Kathy (counter memo to 7:54) said...

7:54, Tygar is someone who is highly intelligent, who cares about the welfare of people and the City.
He has comprehensive management skills, and is trusted to fully study public City considerations and come up with best possible solutions.
He has done this during his current time on the Planning Commission, during public comment at City Council, in his management capacity at work, in our Community that he grew-up in, supports and loves.

And if he were in my District, I would be honored to support and vote for him without any hesitation whatsoever.

PS: Right, that housing rent control task force was City directed and sponsored.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Tygar, also supported one library only with bus feeders & a rejected costly library bond measure. Intelligent progressive thinkers usually base City considerations and best solutions on specific groups current thoughts: Progressive Alliance, Social Justice groups that do not reflect true public opinion, and in Pacifica led to city manager's failed rv host drafted ordinance. Public backlash eroded any council support, including candidate Bigstyck's.

Kathy (The need for City cash, and social justice) said...

4:16, and 10:39, at the Democrats meeting, Tygar mentioned he supports a sustainable City, including building a substantial seawall, and developing the Quarry for City economic benefit.
Tygar's concerns and interest seem to be "best solutions", not specific alignment with group factions... although surely public opinion does to some extent support some elements "social justice"... after all we are human, aren't you?

Also, so far Sue Vaterlaus (District 1), may have the best solution for RV parking as a City arrangement with the RV parking facility. (And if I lived in District 1, I'd support and vote for her intelligent, proven leadership.)

Anonymous said...

At least we have a level headed Sue Beckmeyer & Sue Vaterlaus presently on council. My choice for Dist 4 is Mike Cohen: We need someone who gets it on rv problem, etc. and can work with both Sues in getting public vetted specific plans accomplished.

Tygar'seems to be an ideal candidate for Seattle, or Portland, not Pacifica, Dist 4. However,
Dist 4, might like social engineering in suburbia.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the" uses MJ regularly" ! 75% of Pacificans think "it's cool man".Beyond the fires, I don't smoke or advocate.If you want to talk about someone who knows his shit in town its him.He will not align with the regressive, sorry, Progressive PPA and wants nothing to do with SAMCAR.He was adamantly against rent control as proposed. This from someone his age and earning level, who is usually a "Hell yeah" free stuff, keep it comin'. The guy friggin listens and THEN forms an opinion.He would like to help a VERY limited RV prog , if possible.He wants a seawall and measured development in Sharp Park, and is on with potential Quarry development, smartly done.Yeah, OK his name is Tygar and I used to have hair that long. I suggest you look beyond first impression and listen. You may be surprised at what you see.

Kathy (progress and character) said...

8:34, whereas my impressions of listening to and viewing Mike Cohen at this City Council Candidates Forum included: intelligent, highly egocentric, inflexible, manipulative, cunning.
Think those are good qualities for working well with others?
It also occurs to me, Anonymous you may be Mike Cohen.

Tygar is a current Planning Commissioner. He is a problem solver, and integrity is embedded in his character, along with compassion.

Marj Davis has excellent communication skills, but it seems that her past volunteerism has been school district and environmental.
As has been the case forever, this City (always strapped for balance and cash) does need to focus more on progress and economic solutions.

Anonymous said...

8:34 I think you are spot on with your impressions. You definitely have two
different anonymous posters here. Look at who is Marj's camp man and who has
endorsed her. 'Nuff said. Time for PPA to be directed to the lane they need to
stay in once and for ALL (Pacificans).

Steve Sinai said...

I could live with either Tygar or Mike, although I live in a different district than they do.

Anonymous said...

Kathy & Steve

Are you not tired of having more Hippies on City Council?

This is the perfect City Council straight from the "Gang Of No."

Peter Loeb is Marg Davis's campaign manager

Anonymous said...

The "Gang of NO" has been screwing Pacifica for WAY too long.
Time to put the lube away. We don't need iron fists but we sure
as Hell need to put the PPA and the policy positions they push
back to the position of insignificance. That leaves the thinking
mans choice. I think the only one he's beholding to is Pacifica.
Walk softly and carry a Bigstyck.

Anonymous said...

Bigstyck wants the 50 million dollar library. He thinks its going to be a tourist draw? Can you eat or drink at a library? Had the foolish city not insisted on a library at the old waste water treatment plant a Hotel would be there by now.

In a town that needs a 100 million dollar sea wall in Sharp Park plus another 50 million for the sewer plant, does a library make sense?

Anonymous said...

It's $56M not $50M. Yeah he wants it and if someone gives the City $56M it will get built.
He and everyone else know it ain't gonna happen. Moot point. Wasn't it the environmental gang and PPA backers(Marj Davis' backers) looking to put it at the Beach Blvd spot? You can't eat or drink anywhere right now anyway. Another moot point. Funny how you seem to be conflating needs with wants. Not really convinced that someone(Cohen) who has only been in Pac less than 5 years with no Pac City experience feels they can hit the ground running and has also garnered Political heavy hitter endorsements with zero prior engagement. Tells me he has a puppet master. Should tell you the same.

Anonymous said...

I got a mailer from Mike Cohen on saturday. I am supporting him because he makes sense for Dist 4 voters (park pacifica and east linda mar) He is spot on with opposing homeless RVs in our neighborhoods, and implementing a business re-open committee. This town must help our small businesses avoid bankruptcy anyway we can. No other candidate is taking those positions.
check out his website https://www.mike4pacifica.org/--- very straight forward on the issues.

Anonymous said...

We lease our copiers at City Hall and we can't afford to fix the infrastructure and you clowns want a new library. The City is broke like a bad joke and you clowns want to further bankrupt it.

Kathy and Steve, How can you support the gang of no people?

Anonymous said...

Sen Jerry Hill & Assemblyman Mullin both support Mike Cohen for Dist 4. Mike Cohen impressed Hill & Mullin over other two candidates and that support bodes well for Pacifica.

Anonymous said...

Exactly who are you calling the "gang of no" ? I want improvements on Hwy1, I want great roads, I want a state of the art library, I want a 100 year seawall, I want our local bus to reopen, I want SP to be a destination, I want NO one getting away living on our streets. That "gang" is backing Marj Davis. Get your facts straight. Wants and needs are two different things entirely. Cohen seems to be a puppet. If that's what you want, fine. I laugh at the portrait attempting to be painted of Bigstyck. Davis is socialist 2.o. Cohen is a heavy handed puppet. Look beyond your nose, and think about the next 4 years. We have intelligent people in Dist. 4(and to be PC, throughout Pacifica) don't look at today, look forward to tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hill & Mullen supported Cohen ! He just showed up 6 weeks ago, They have no idea who he is !!! Ask yourself who pulled the strings to get those endorsements for someone they never heard of. No involvement whatsoever prior to RUNNING FOR COUNCIL.

Anonymous said...


It is puff puff pass

Anonymous said...

BINGO ! See I told you there are intelligent people in Pacifica. Marj Davis attracted Dierdre Martin and Sue Digre to endorse her. Radicals to a fault, politically, nice people to chat with though. If Pacifican's want an inflexible, iron fisted puppet in that spot, so be it. Cohen is your guy. If you want somebody who listens first then actually makes an informed decision,Tygar's your guy. If you want free for all RV's, no intelligent development (economic or otherwise)and the overall stagnation pushed by the PPA, vote for Davis.BTW, I wonder what Hill & Mullen are smoking to back somebody they never heard of.

Anonymous said...

Interesting: Dist 1 candidate Mayra Espinosa endorsed by Pacifica Progressive Alliance &

Deirdre Martin, Pacifica Mayor. Dist 4 candidate Marj Davis endorsed by Dierdre Martin and Pacifica Progressive Alliance. Progressive Alliance: Mission to unite the left in socialist goals.

Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that Espinosa finally showed up ! PPA is/was absolutely DESPERATE to come up with somebody in Dist 1. The resulting candidate didn't file a statement in her filing, didn't have time (too busy)to debate at the Dem Forum and is backed by the PPA ! Don't quit your day job Mayra, I don't think standup comedy is for you. More desperation in Dist 4 with Davis backed by PPA (Martin and Digre). If stagnation, zero growth, dissention, no plans that include sustainable businesses, zero Hwy1 IMPROVEMENT, the RV homeless/issue attempting to be sold to Pacificans as "the new norm", the laughable stance that the PPA(and their associated socialists) will advocate for a Seawall or Sharp Park/ Bus. Dist. Marj and Mayra are your picks. If you want inflexible Pacifica (Dist 4) governance for the next 4 years vote Cohen. If you want reasonable, thoughtful governance vote Bigstyck.

Anonymous said...

Espinosa is a realtor, she's to the left of Vaterlaus but hardly a PPA hard liner. Whatever, the popular incumbent Vaterlaus will win.

District 4 however looks competitive. Cohen would be in the vein of Beckmeyer, Davis would be Martin 2.0, and Tygar a Karen Ervin centrist. Tygar is the only one I trust to work in the interests of his district, rather than an ideology, and the only one with any idea of the actual issues. He's been to most City Council meetings for years, Cohen has been to 1 or 2 and Davis has never set foot in the Council Chambers.

Here's a question, I haven't seen any discussion of the election on nextdoor, is that because I'm not in district 4, or is there a policy against politics there now? The previous elections had a lot of discussions there.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a conservative balance on Pacifica council. Mike O'Neil seemed to shift positions on homeless ideas and perplexed Mayor Martin too. 'Inflexible' Mike Cohen could be counted as conservative offset to O'Neil.

Anonymous said...

Lorenzo Hines, Jr., Pacifica’s assistant city manager since 2014, accepted an offer from the California city of Galt, to become the city manager there.

The Galt Herald reported the city underwent a nationwide search for city manager and made an offer to Hines, cleared by City Council Aug. 4, which he accepted. Hines will begin work in Galt on August 3

Anonymous said...

The campaign contribution numbers are in. Cohen is under $2,000, Bigstyck is $2,000 and change, and Davis is over $7,000. This one appears to be over and the pro rent control, managed retreat and homeless in RVs candidate has it in the bag, barring a late surge.