Friday, August 21, 2020

Special City Council meeting, Tuesday August 25, 2020

This Special City Council meeting will be televised on local Pacific Coast Television PCT/Pacifica Channel 26 PCT also links their program calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos.   The City website will also livestream to this meeting.   Complying with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Notice (fully detailed on page 1 of the City Council PDF link below):  this civic meeting will not be physically open to the public, and will be held by through teleconferencing.   
Public comments, see pages 1 and 2 of the pdf agenda below.  1) Live access is available through Zoom and dial-in: during the public comment period, press 9 to raise your hand; when called upon, provide the last 4 digits of your phone number.   Or, 2) comments for the record only prior to 4 pm date of the meeting may be submitted to  1) In the subject line be sure to specify whether oral communications or an Agenda item and the number, 2) in the text include your full name, 3) limit your text to no more than 350 words.

Officer, I'm lost.. will you help?
Open Session, 6:00 p.m.  Administrative: call to order, roll call, flag salute.   

Full Agenda and Agenda Packet, pdf pages 56. 
1.  Policing in Pacifica, Staff report, pdf pages 9.  Proposed action:  Accept the report on Policing in Pacifica and provide further direction on the recommended short and long-term actions.
Information about Pacifica Police Department:  
a)  Staffing, Functions, Policies, Practices, pdf pages 7.
b)  Special Study Session, 6/17/20: Minutes, pages 1-23; Zoom attendee comments, pages 24-28, pdf pages 24-28. 
c)  Use of Force Policy, pdf pages 7. 
d)  Police Department Activity (graphics): Call responses, page 1; self-initiated, page 2, pdf pages 2.
Note Officer talking to turkey photograph from UC Santa Cruz Police Department/Parking Enforcement. 
Posted by Kathy Meeh


The_Local_Libertarian said...

54% of San Francisco storefronts have closed due to COVID-19 related GOVERNMENT MANDATED LOCKDOWN, chamber of commerce study says

San Francisco -- Once great city, now dead.

Thank you for the good work Governor Hair Product and the cacophonous Democrats!

Anonymous said...

All the Wineries were closed except Gavin Newsome's. How about that?

The_Local_Libertarian said...

It is impossible to survive without cash flow for > 3 months in any business while incurring expenses for the same period. At 3 months the loss in gross profit is 25%.

How many new wineries will the Plumpjack group pick up for pennies on dollar in the upcoming months?

Other states that have not had lockdowns are better or similar in terms of case load and deaths compared to California.

The_Local_Libertarian said...

Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco .. and the supervisor blames Republicans .. when the facts are much of San Francisco city government has been managed by Democrats for more than 50 years.

Progressiveness is not a bad thing. But it isn't also a panacea for all human foibles.

San Francisco is the center-of-gravity on which Pacifica's fate is hitched on. As goes San Francisco, so goes Pacifica.

Vote them out.

Anonymous said...

California Legislature Softens Sex Offender Registry Requirements for Sodomy With Minors. Democratic state Sen. Scott Weiner, a gay politician who represents San Francisco, decided today that having sodomy with MINORS should have a softer penalty on the sex offenders list. SB 145. Tell Gov Newsom to not sign this bill. Scott Wiener is the same guy that decriminalized spreading HIV. Also, Scott Weiner made it possible for illegals to vote.He has also made it possible for illegals to serve on juries. Any conviction with non citizens on the jury is not a jury of one's peers. Fight back. VOTE THESE ASSHOLES OUT.