Thursday, June 4, 2020

Police Chief Steidle's statement re: George Floyd

Pacifica Tribune local news, 6/1/20.  "Pacifica police chief's statement on George Floyd."  

Pacifica Names Newest Police Chief | Pacifica, CA Patch
Police Chief Daniel Steidle
"Daniel Steidle, Pacifica’s Chief of Police, issued the following statement last week on the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd was killed during his arrest. A video showed an officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes. ....
....   'As your Police Chief and on behalf of the fine members of the Pacifica Police Department, I wish to express our outrage at the reprehensible act that led to the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis. As a department and as a profession, we join our fellow law enforcement professionals across America as we unite to speak out against the criminal actions of this officer.

....  At the Pacifica Police Department, our training and policies are in adherence with modern police practices designed to assure enforcement of the law in a fair and equitable manner, while placing life and safety at the forefront of our mission. ....' ” Read more.

Reference. Pacifica Police Department.      Note photograph of Police Chief Daniel Steidle by Alexander Nguyen/Staff from Pacifica Patch, "Pacifica names newest Police Chief," 10/2/15.

Note article: The Pacifica Tribune is now online to the public as well as through their weekly print edition-- this is again welcome, and is a recent new benefit.
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

nothing to see here, pls move on. Nothing to see. We have no comment.

Anonymous said...

Local Pacifica police dept is wanted more than San Mateo county police.Defunding will weaken a small Pacifica PD and lead to outside criminals visiting Pacifica neighborhoods. Study session personal "alarms" did not show anything to warrant defunding and putting Pacifica at disadvantage against no holds barred criminals.People better remember what happens in mass shootings and who protects them.

The_Local_Libertarian said...

We need to train our Police in sensitivity, de-escalation, improving emotional intelligence, defensive posturing and avoiding punitive outcomes.

At lot of this can be achieved by simply enabling easier communication between communities and local police.

There is no need to defund or fund anything additional. May be encourage bi-weekly Police-Citizen councils where parties can air their general grievances and exchange ideas and suggestions.

Asking to "defund" the police is the most bone-headed bs. Remember our entire way of life rests on the implied security of the system that is enabled by our policy/law enforcement.

Take away security -- we'll be rushing headlong in to a place worse than the worst third world.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica cops wear cameras and have car video? Anyone know?

Unknown said...

Yes, I can confirm PPD has had "dash cams" for 20 years and has had "body cams" for over 2 years. I assumed they did but was able to absolutely confirm that as fact.