Thursday, March 7, 2019

Democrats meeting, Saturday March 16, 2019: Housing

The Pacifica-Daly City Democrats Club prides itself in presenting programs that illuminate pressing issues affecting Pacifica, the Bay Area and beyond. Affordable housing creation is a top concern and priority.

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Housing: balance and fairness for all.
Our Community and this County are one.
Representatives from the Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County, Home for All and Mid-Pen Housing, including Ken Cole, Director of the San Mateo County Department of Housing, have agreed to participate on a Housing Panel at the Club’s March 16th meeting. The Club has also invited City officials and housing advocates from Pacifica Housing 4 All to take part in this valuable discussion and brainstorm regarding possible solutions to the Bay Area’s housing crisis.  

The Club’s Saturday morning March 16th meeting will begin at 9:30am in the rear banquet room at the Sharp Park Golf Course Restaurant.  A full breakfast is available at $12, a continental breakfast at $6 or just coffee for $3, although no purchase is necessary. Meetings of the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats Club are free and open to the general public. Please note that it’s never too late to join or renew your 2019 membership!

Submitted by Connie Menefee, President of the Pacifica-Daly City Democrats Club
Reference.  San Mateo County organizations panel represented: Department of Housing, Housing Leadership Council, Home for All/The Challenge, Midpen Housing. Invited to take part in discussion: Pacifica Progressive Alliance/Pacifica Housing 4 ALL, (facebook).   Related articles, Kenneth Cole, Director, Department of Housing: San Mateo County Manager's Office/Christa Bigue, 9/21/15, "New San Mateo County Department of Housing Director named. A recognized expert on homelessness." City of Pacifica, Affordable Housing Information.       Note graphic that appears to be freeing a Pigeon:  lead photograph to Supportive Care Coalition, "Advocating for spiritual care in palliative care."
Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Build the Wall. #MAGA

Anonymous said...

Build a wall around Pacifica. We don't want these evil outsiders stopping in town and spending money.

Anonymous said...

They're not doing that anyway, so there's no need for a wall

Anonymous said...

Are you guys joking ?
Who with a right mind would like to invest on mass cheap development for everybody ?
Beside that, let's say some one build 10,000 homes for low income people, do you think people with low income can afford the tax, interest, high utility bill or is this just a dream.

Thanks to Trump, he messed up all right-offs to a $ 10,000 cap. So later people with very low income can not afford to pay mortgage, so we will be stuck with 10,000 foreclosed homes.( This is to own a property )

On the other hand, if you guys think some one is going to build cheap homes with very low rent,what is in it for that investor ?
I tell you what. He would like to pocket money ( Nimby's favorite word ) and use our city as a solution for his right-offs at another location.

So some other locations get promoted and we get demoted.

PLUS, All the NIMBYS who are against traffic and widening Highway 1, now have to deal with 10,000 extra homes and about 15,000 extra cars.
I rather see we build less of a home and giant size property's with obviously less cars.
Some people can not get over the rent control and other non sense ideas and always try to hurt this beautiful town.

Who said we should take every body in ?
Whay qualification our city has in terms of financial or capital that makes us to think we need to solve every one's problem. Why don't you guys ask rich cities and town like Hillsborough. Atherton, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Belmont, an Carlos , ... etc which are way more richer than out cities to build super cheap houses.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mr. Director, take your business and build all those homes in your own Town San Mateo, Hillsborough, Belomont, San Carlos.

How come these low end level construction always come to us ?

Anonymous said...

@ 4:14
1. You could always go to the meeting and tell him yourself.
2. What low-end level construction comes to us? What construction at all?

Anonymous said...

useless talk about housing in Pacifica. Enviros, Housing 4 All have defeated all housing projects, therefore there is no market rate housing available to pay any affordable fees = no funds to build affordable. Additionally, where is the land to build affordable? Gimme an address. Neighbors will oppose. Most affordable is 2 or 3 story, which no one supports. Housing 4 All propose a tax increase to pay for affordable? Fat chance. Soo, ferget about affordable in Pacifica. We talk the good game and that's it.

Anonymous said...

So tired of those complaining that Trump screwed us on our write offs regarding our state and local taxes. other states which have lower or no state taxes are sick of subsidizing California's outrageous tax system. The outrage should be on our local and state government to stop taxing us to death.
again, it's all Trumps fault.