Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bay Area cities decades—even centuries—behind on affordable housing, say analysts

Some cities wouldn’t meet current targets before 2525

California is not building enough housing. On that point most observers agree. The only question is how big the problem is.
In February, public policy group Next 10 and research firm Beacon Economics released an analysis of the housing crisis titled “Missing the Mark,” which excoriates the states Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) as an inadequate and almost vestigial means of spurring housing production.
According to Beacon’s assessment, Bay Area cities are building so slowly in the face of housing challenges that it would take decades—or, in some cases, centuries—for this pace to satisfy demand.
As the report explains, “Under the RHNA process, all jurisdictions throughout the state are responsible for creating housing development targets for different types of housing at different income categories, and the local government’s plans to address housing needs.”
The problem, as “Missing the Mark” reckons, is that no city is meeting its RHNA goals, while some jurisdictions are, in fact, building nothing at all.

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That's because the commies that run the state lie to you and really want you dead and gone. No Home for you. No car for you. No job for you. Get in that bread line. In 2030 all will be forced to live in stacked housing by railroad tracks. Almost there. AI , thank China, will be watching YOU. And the politicians, that you did not vote for (China did) do not represent you, they represent Corporations. Housing crisis? Manufactured. Real Americans lost and China came in and bought the lot. And the buyers are suckers. Most likely another false flag incident will shatter their dreams and home. Get out! Out! The state is due for another earthshake.