Friday, April 21, 2017

Digre-Gate Continues

Below is a copy of an email from the county district attorney's office regarding the allegation that Councilmember Digre didn't list the correct address on her voter registration and councilmember nomination papers.  It looks like the county DA will at least check it out. I don't know who the xxxxxxxxxx refers to.

From: Al Serrato []
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 1:33 PM
To:  xxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Steve Wagstaffe <>
Subject: Re: Council member should be removed from Council

Dear xxxxxxxxxx

Mr. Wagstaffe forwarded your email to me, as I am the Assistant District Attorney who handles allegations involving public integrity issues.

In the past week, we have received requests from a number of concerned citizens to take action with regard to Pacifica City Councilmember Sue Digre. It has been alleged that since 2012, she resided at an address other than the one listed on her voter registration and councilmember nomination documents. Since those documents were signed under penalty of perjury, we have been requested to review the matter to determine whether Councilmember Digre has violated the law in this regard.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Promoting honesty and integrity in government is an important societal interest, and we take these allegations, and your concerns, seriously. The issues raised by the allegations involve both factual and legal determinations, and consequently, cannot be made quickly.

Please be assured that we have received your email and are in the process of reviewing the matter to determine what, if any, action might be appropriate.

Best regards,

Albert A. Serrato
Assistant District Attorney
400 County Center, 3rd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 363-4823

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

But the NIMBY Rainbow Warriors said that Digre voting on pacific skies estate issues while living at pacific skies estates was no big deal?

Are you telling me that the Admirals of the NIMBY Navy are a bunch of idiots cuz that's impossible because they know everything!!!

Anonymous said...

digre is under a huge legal cloud, must step down monday night from voting at council. If she is smart. Word on the street is she resigns in 7 days due to family obligations. She is facing residency problems and ethics charges for voting on rent control issue while at mobile home park.

Anonymous said...

So what are the ramifications for all the votes that were 3-2 while she was violating residency law? Especially rent control.

Anonymous said...

You should print out the name of xxxxxxxxxx as well as a copy of the original complaint. This is supposedly about transparency right? Besides, its public record. I wonder if XXXXXXXXXXX is now just afraid of being sued for slander/liabel if accusations are proved false.

Anonymous said...

It's not even a question of residency (which is the basis for the initial perjury accusation), but whether or not Digre's name was on a Pacific Skies lease or if she was living there in any capacity.

If she had any personal interest, she wasn't allowed to be in the council chambers while Pacific Estates was being discussed. Full stop.

This is going to be a HUGE problem.

Anonymous said...

And as if on cue, here comes 9:11, the Admiral of the NIMBY Navy, to try to make this something...anything...other than Digre's self-made problems.

Don't worry, Admiral. The names aren't important; the issues, however, are.

Steve Sinai said...

"You should print out the name of xxxxxxxxxx as well as a copy of the original complaint."

If I had the name, I would. I got sent a copy of the email with the xxxxxxxxxx already there. But I also think turnabout is fair play, since those who managed to get Mary Ann Nihart removed from the council race did so by complaining to the Office of Special Counsel anonymously.

Personally, I don't think the complaint to the DA is going anywhere.

Larry said...

I wonder if she will recuse herself Monday night. Remember, Nihart had to recuse everytime the library issue came up and Stone sat out the discussion for the senior care facility because he was working in an office too close. Digre was supposedly living in the mobile home park while voting on the issue. She's still reporting a wrong address. There is so much out there. She intentionally mislead the public on her domicile. People have gone to jail for that. I beg to differ Sir Steve, but I think it has legs.

Anonymous said...

Get off your lazy assses and do a document request at the District Attorney's Office. Then post the letter.

Sir Steve said...

Digre voting on matters relating to Pacific Skies when she lived there always seemed weird to me. If she'd have taken the payout the landlord offered to get people to move out, that really would have caused problems, but I read that she didn't do that.

If the ultimate goal of all this is to get Digre off council, that's what I think isn't going to work. I won't be too upset if I'm wrong, though.

Anonymous said...

Sue D. won't recuse herself because she's done nothing wrong. This whole thing is bogus. That will eventually be made clear.

By the way, Sue Vaterlaus said she is a property manager. That means she has a conflict of interest when voting on rent control. She should recuse herself from voting on rent control.

Anonymous said...

Some, if not all, of the council own homes, so by your logic they should recuse themselves as well because they could gain financial gain from renting a room.
Yea, sure.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Single family homes are exempt from rent control. So are in-laws or 2nd units. But If any of the council members own or manage multi-unit apartment buildings, they have a conflict of interest if they're voting on rent control.

Larry said...

Just cause eviction is arguably worse than rent control and when that kicks in everyone who rents a room, home, couch, or anything else will be subject to Michael Keaton in "Pacifica Heights" terror in their own homes.

The Watcher said...

9:58, how is managing multi units a conflict? There is no financial interest in the units. Rent control or not, they still manage them. However, renting in a complex that is under council scrutiny and being vigorously discussed by council while a councilmember is a conflict in any book. That's just one of the items under scrutiny by the DA's office, isn't it Ms Digre?
9:58, maybe get better in your deflection ploy. Pretty transparent unlike Digre's residence history.

Anonymous said...

Managing apartment buildings is a conflict of interest if your property management income is in any way connected to the rental rates and you are voting on rent control.

Anonymous said...

back to digre possible violations. Let's mull over, you brainacs, if and when Digre found to be in violation of various election law issues, if Digre signed Deirdre Martin's nomination papers, does that take down martin?

Digre not knowing where she lives, the gift that keeps on giving!

Johnny Cocran said...

No matter what deflection tactics are used the fact of the matter is Digre violated election laws. Not just once, but serially and knowingly. She should not be voting on anything anymore and resign. It may prove less messy for her to just step away and claim ignorance.

Anonymous said...

send digre complaints to state enforcement--Fair Political Practices Commission. They handle ethics and conflicts of interest. They will accept anonymous complaints
(btw, for all the moaning about anon complaints, the Pacifica Police have had an anonymous hotline for crime reports for 40 years)