Friday, April 21, 2017

Economic development manager transition

Pacifica Tribune/Letter Anne Stedler, 4/12/17. "Economic development manager resigns."

"I have submitted my resignation so I can pursue plans for my life and work. My last day in the office will be April 11. Regrettably, this means leaving many relationships in the community and at the office, and many terrific projects.

Image result for Anne Stedler, Economic Development Director Pacifica Picture
Anne Stedler, thank you for your
role in improving economic
conditions within our City!
Interim City Manager Keith Breskin and I have discussed plans to continue the key projects and initiatives while a new economic development manager is hired. Continuity for the work and service to this community remain a priority, of course. I have used my last weeks in Pacifica to arrange for that.

It has, as always, been a pleasure to work with so many Pacifica residents and businesses on projects, such as the Palmetto Streetscape that City Council recently approved for construction. Thanks to all of you, as individuals and organizations. My best to the City and community."  With regard and respect, Anne Stedler

Reference.  Anne H. Stedler/LinkedIn,"Professional background."  City of Pacifica/Economic Development, current link.  Example related activities. Economic Development Committee Agenda, 1/10/17. Fix Pacifica articles, Meet new Economic Development Director/Victor Spano, 5/22/15,  Ann Stedler to address Rotary Club/Victor Spano, 9/10/15.  

Related articles.  The Mercury News/Anne Stedler, 10/6/15, updated 8/12/16, "From the desk of Ann Stedler."  "I want to share a few thoughts, as resident and economic development practitioner, about big economic reasons for retail vacancies. Prompted by concerns about vacancies at Kimco centers, and formerly at Eureka Square, my comments are general because I can’t speak for retail property owners. However, retail issues and perspectives merit discussion, because the industry plays an important role in our city."  Redwood Times/Courtney Conlon, CEO, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce Pacifica Tribune, 7/21/15, "Supporting business and promoting community."  Pacifica Tribune/Jane Northrop, Staff Writer, 8/10/16, "Palmetto Avenue streetscape changes revealed."

Note photograph by Jane Northrop from Anne Stedler's related article, Mercury News, 10/6/15, updated 8/12/16, above. This is a thoughtful article, worth reading.

Posted by Kathy Meeh


RIP Pacifica said...

Thank you Ann for your hard work and significant efforts to develop Pacifica's economy. Unfortunately Pacifica's true colors have become even more apparent than ever as a town run by eco-bullies who really only want one thing for Pacifica.....NOTHING for anyone but themselves. You are one of many brave souls who have tried to stand up to these fascists only to fail because of their deceptive and thuggish tactics.
We had a majority pragmatic council for a nano-second and they were beginning to make progress. However it was blown up by an unethical candidate, Deirdre Martin and her puppet masters, taking us back to the failed policies that have been slowly killing our town for many decades. Now the sold out Pacifica Tribune is facilitating the spread of extremely deceptive propaganda by the likes of Cynthia Kaufman who is trying to create a new normal in our town.
There is nothing new or normal about her or her cohorts. They are the extreme edge of NIMBYism and are really only motivated by their sick mantra "I've got mine, screw everyone else."
Thanks for trying Ann. Hopefully you will find an honest town run by compassionate people who want things to improve for all of it's citizens instead of the selfish and self-appointed elite.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica's economic development is now based on marijuana:unlimited stores,testing facility,processing,etc.Pacifica can't wait and council gives a wink to unlicensed stores.Economic Director Stedler was left in dust as Beach Blvd languishes and library is on back burner.Little to look forward to as Economic Director.Do we really need an Economic Director?

Anonymous said...

No we don't need an economic developer. We need a good bankruptcy attorney to get us through what we will undoubtedly face in the very near future. When the county finally takes over the eco-fascists are done. The county is not going to waste it's time or resources on the silly special interest projects that NOBY's are always dreaming up.

The Ghost of Ann Ritzma said...

For those of you scoring at home, "Economic Development" in Pacifica is a lot like "Military Intelligence" in D.C.

wake up Pacifica said...

So Ritzma is your position, "oh well........ there's nothing we can do about it"?

Ghost of AR said...

What I am saying, 3:45, is show me one time in the past 50 years when there has been true "economic development" in Pacifica. Just one. I know, "Trump's fault". Got it.

RIP Pacifica said...

Apparently you haven't lived here for 50 years. How do you think this whole town got started?
There was a lot of economic development in the early days. Roads, schools, sewage treatment, fire, police, shopping malls, movie theatre, car dealership, all the usual stuff in spite of the fact that we were a bedroom community to SF.
The slow roll towards fiscal sustainability had begun and many people were very excited about the prospects of our little community growing up and becoming a safe and pleasant place to live including the prospects of our kids starting their own families and households as time advanced.
Suddenly the faux-enviros took root and embellished their superior intellect and compassion for the natural environment. Hard to argue with their early goals. Their movement quickly devolved into NO!!!!! on anything that might impinge on what they felt was "their" entitlement. Their unstated mantra became "i got mine, screw everybody else". John Curtis, who was their Grand Pubah, led the pack of anti everything hypocrites and spawned many wanna be's like Peter Loeb, Dinah Verby, Nancy Hall........ and the list goes on.
So at one time there was an appreciation of the importance of reasonable economic development to sustain and protect our beautiful coastal townd. That mind set has been completely stolen and villanized by this small, loud, well organized and highly hypocritical actors and now they are utterly destroying our economy and thus our town.

Ghost said...

O.K. 7:58, you win. 50 years ago there was some economic development at startup time. Big F'n deal! Back in the 1940's, there was actually some military intelligence in D.C. We wouldn't have defeated Hitler's Germany if there wasn't. The fact that so many commercial ventures have left our fine, prosperous town tells me everything I need to know about modern day economic development in Pathetica.

So if I were you, 7:58, I would try waking up (instead of insulting) some of the Repubs/conservatives and Libertarians in this town - you know, the same ones you try so hard to alienate with your obnoxious MSNBC talking points. It may surprise you but they would agree much more with your local economic philosophy than say your fellow liberal Democrats who voted for Hillary and kneel at the altar of Curtis.