Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Horace Hinshaw quitting as editor of Pacifica Tribune

At least that's what one of my Deep State sources tells me.

I vaguely remember Horace taking over as editor on an interim basis, so maybe the interim is over. Or maybe he doesn't like the publisher.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

The beginning of the end of the Trib

Anonymous said...

Now Jane Northrop can take over. Finally she can turn it into the commie rag that her puppet masters will insist on. EVIL REALTORS.....pull your ads!
Give the NOBY's the bankruptcy they so dearly love.

Anonymous said...

This guy who purchased the Tribune promised us a great paper. It's turned to shit.

CWR said...

I'm wondering if Horace is trying tell us something. The Tribune is much smaller, cost more,subscription numbers have fallen by a significant number over the past couple years. On the brighter side it's mailed to subscribers now so no more fetching in the street for your ten pages of news in the morning with piles of ads from Walgreens/CVS, Safeway, O'Reilly Auto Parts,Rite Aid, Wrong Aid, etc..etc..etc..blah-blah-blah. People don't want to wait until next Wednesday to read the local news that is nearly a week old inside of it let alone about a Cabrillo School Second Grader that won the Spelling Bee Contest in his/her class.Well most of that can be retrieved on Fix-Pacifica,The Pacifica Patch, etc..etc..etc...blah-blah-blah!!!

Anonymous said...

Jane Northrop has been overtly pushing the editorial position of the Tribune towards her NOBY puppet masters for quite a while now. I say all the "evil realtors" should pull their ads from this commie rag and let the frog loving, dope smoking, rent controlling, faux-enviros keep it afloat with their bake sales.