Tuesday, April 18, 2017

City infrastructure wisdom: bonehead economics 1

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Think City, which includes humans.
This time the City infrastructure conversation is on Nextdoor.  In this City, recently, Realtors are  being given a "bad rap" from local "do nothing to Fix Pacifica" NIMBIES. 
Realtors and Realtor Associations contribute to their communities; and they also support City Council candidates who promote City progress. And who helped you find your home, or rental unit-- who made that process much easier for YOU?  Time's up: Realtors, of course, duh. 

Comments from Nextdoor/General, Sam Casillas, 4/7/17, 339 comments, "Realtor Assoc against rent control...go figure."

"Economics - more housing supply means lower housing costs.
NIMBYnomics - more housing has no effect on housing costs.

Economic - more lanes on a highway reduces congestion.
NIMBYnomics - more lanes
on a highway increases congestion.

Economics - more high-paying jobs is good.
NIMBYnomics - more high-paying jobs is bad.

Economics - infrastructure expands to meet needs.

NIMBYnomics - infrastructure can never be expanded to meet needs." (Steve Sinai) 

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NIMBY solutions, got that yet?
Related comments, (only a few, there about 340 as of 4/18/17).  Affordable housing.  "If we are really sincere about providing low income housing for our low income people then we must start approving low income housing projects in Pacifica and the Midcoast. You just can't force small time neighborhood landlords like me to bear all the costs of low income housing." (Mike Hicks, 4/14/17). Rent control economics. "So.....the small time neighborhood landlords are expected to bear all of the costs of low income housing because we have a crappy sewer system that can't handle the current population??? OMG! LMBO!!!" (Helen Reisinger, 4/14/17).   Rent control management cost. "Pacifica staffers estimate the START UP COST to establish and run the rent commission that would rule on renter and landlord petitions are estimated to be $697,300.00, estimated election cost is $85,000. and could be higher. Under the ballot proposal there would be a $19 MONTHLY fee charged to landlords for each unit, which could be passed on to tenants that would pay to KEEP the city’s rent program running. The initial per-unit fee DOES NOT include one-time program startup costs. these costs will be amortized and included into fee in future years by city council action. (paid by who) Other cities that have adopted rent stabilization have been sued. There is a high potential that the City of Pacifica will be involved in litigation, which estimated costs could be 150,000-$250,000. And then there is the upcoming sewer tax raise . . . can you still afford to live in Pacifica on a fixed income? (information copied from the agenda from city council meeting on May 10)." (Dorothy Bouly Bolton. 4/15/17).  Traffic, Highway 1 widening, 4/18/17.  "Widening Highway 1 in the Vallemar/Rockaway area (1.3 miles) allows vehicles to access and especially EXIT into respective neighborhoods a whole lot more efficiently. That's at the core of the scientific CalTrans studies and research.  Meantime, we sit in traffic longer, and the blockage is not only a time waster, it's also a SAFETY issue." (Kathy Meeh, 4/18/17).  
Notes: the above article has been posted without Steve Sinai's permission, (oh well, that's the price of "perfect"). Our citizens need to figure this out, our broad community and the infrastructure integrity of our City are affected (and have been for more than three decades). Photographs. Thinker from Mike Stopforth,"The Essence Of Wisdom, 6/5/13." Other primates from The Atlantic/Michael Godsey, 1/22/15, "The Wisdom Deficit in Schools."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

This is why we are seeing so many "out of town" real estate offices in Pacifica.4

Between Samcar and the ineffectiveness of the local realtors, you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Care to elaborate? Speaking in code and/or with so much tongue in your cheek does not a comprehensible statement make.

Kathy Meeh (957 skipped bonehead econ.?) said...

957 Anonymous.0, according to you, Realtor corporations are the result of no growth, dead-end NIMBYland, making Samcar and local realtors ineffective? How does that work? Oh it doesn't, you just said it.

Anonymous said...

Really Rent Control ? What fund are they going to use to pay for all the costs of start and monitor this program? The fees collected will be a drop in the bucket..Far short to cover the 3 position and Legal fees= $800,000 plus? Maybe we can use the Marijuana tax to pay, if it passes?

Anonymous said...

This is just one more bone-headed initiative to come out of our illegitimately elected NOBY council majority. Soon the People's Republic of Pacifica will utterly fail because of these stupid anti-city rulings and then these rats will abandon ship at record speed.

Anonymous said...

Council member Keeners comment on rent stabilization in this weeks tribune was interesting. Coasts can be offset by per unit fee.Not at $19.00 dollars,and " This will be revenue neutral".
What are you going to cut to pay for this? Just asking ?

Mike Hicks said...

Two of my posts on NextDoor commenting on Elaine Kaufman's thread of demonizing landlords and realtors just got called out as being hurtful and not adhering to the NextDoor policies. Were any of my posts hurtful? Or is it an attempt to gag me?

wake up Pacifica said...

"Revenue Neutral"???? What bullshit. Reminds me of when deJarnutt told everyone that the city had an excess rainy day fund with $7,000,000 in it during his campaign and then said "oops I guess I was wrong" right after he won re-election.
These lying, NIMBY, commies do not deserve our trust. They have been lying and manipulating Pacificans for decades in order to get their way. They have no conscience and they have no shame. They don't care who they hurt or what it costs as long as they get their way.
Keener, Deirdre and Digre need to show us the numbers and sign the document.
Don't trust these lying pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

If you're not in the cult you don't count. Everything for these Pacifica hating freaks and nothing for the rest of us sucker tax payers. Don't you get it?

Kathy Meeh (It seems Nextdoor is going to the frogs) said...

Mike 105, I suspect the attempt is to "gag" your commentary. Recently there have been complaints from others that I'm hearing about.
And my more recent counter comments to Nextdoor articles have been removed/censured as well.
The latest for me is I have been suspended/terminated from posting on Nextdoor due to this article (comment privacy violations they say). The response letter to Nextdoor (in blog draft) will be posted here later tomorrow or Tuesday.
I suspect if Nextdoor can't do better, the next step is to complain to the City, who supports and initially sponsored Nextdoor.

Steve Sinai said...

I can post, "I like apple pie" on Nextdoor and someone will flag it. It seems to happen to everyone over there.

Anonymous said...

9:57 Post. I meant to say, damned voice to type, So many houses listed with out of town real estate companies.

How many realtors show up at City Council meetings? 3-5 at the most when their commission checks are threatened.

Kathy you and Sinai don't even go to City Council meetings.

P.S. You know nothing about the real estate business.

Anonymous said...

10:20AM You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Well its started....Economic budget is going to be cut $130,000 dollars to cover the cost of the special elections. What next maybe, Pacifica Resource Center, Library,
Beach Coalition,Senior Services, PB&R, Police and Fire,Public Works. Waste water is the only fund that increase its revenue base easily.The money has got to come from some where! Thanks to the 3 in the long every one gets screwed. Don't have to name them we know you they are...