Monday, April 3, 2017

Chamber of Commerce, CEO steps down

Image result for Vickie Flores, Pacifica, CA picture
Vickie Flores and Courtney Conlon,
now both recent past Chamber CEOs.
Pacifica Tribune/Vickie Flores, Chamber of Commerce CEO, 3/29/17.  "Chamber CEO sadly says goodbye."

"...  I have been working at the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce for just about a year and a half. While I have enjoyed working with all the businesses and organizations in the community, it is now time for me to say good-bye. My last day with the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce was Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

.... ...   I have no doubt that our city will remain strong despite all the recent and ongoing changes. I hope that our community leaders will stay focused on what is best for this community so it can become more self-supportive in the future.
I urge the community to continue to stand up for what you believe in but remember that compromise is key to anything worth supporting. Talking less and listening more gives everyone a chance to be heard. We all need to remember that our children are watching us and they are the future of this community. If we do not keep what they need in the forefront, we will be setting them up and our city for failure.

I will spend some much-needed time focusing on my family and taking a little bit of a break for myself."  Read more.

Reference, organization. Pacifica Chamber of Commerce.     Note photograph from Pacifica Chamber of commerce, "Hello new CEO Vickie & a warm goodbye to Courtney."

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Anonymous said...

Pacifica has lost three great leaders in just a few months.
Vickie Flores, Lorie Tinfow, Mary Ann Nihart
Can't help but feel there is a connection to the election stolen by Deirdre Martin and her puppet masters with the loss of these three forward thinking, progressive powerhouses.
At some point good people cut their losses when faced with an impenetrable barrier of stupid.

Anonymous said...

We've got a city council with a majority that won't vote for a single thing and a majority of residents who won't vote for a single thing.

So what do you expect? What leader with a brain in their head would want to be captain of this ship where the crew-members are busy drilling holes in the hull?

I give this town ten years, tops. Get ready for some real pain at the five year mark. We already don't have any money for maintenance and things will only get more expensive to repair as things further deteriorate.

Our city is literally crumbling about us and the NO-Nothings are closing their eyes, putting their fingers their ears, and yelling NO NO NO NO NO!

Nice try, but none of this is going away. You own this wreck, NOBIES.

Anonymous said...

There's no connection, except in your head. If there is, the parties are welcome to say so.
The voters spoke and Martin won. Get over it.

Further, the greatness of these departed "leaders" is debatable.

Anonymous said...

"the greatness of these departed "leaders" is debatable" .....
predictable propaganda from the party of NO. When the whole thing crumbles they will be jumping ship like the vermin that they are.

julie has opinions said...

What does the Chamber have to do with housing? Shouldn't she be focused on business? Why didn't the Chamber ever open a tourism bureau? It's wonderful how this blog lets people hide behind "anonymous" while they accuse others of crimes, name call, etc.

Nice place you have here for the alternative facts.


Julie Re

Steve Sinai said...

"Can't help but feel there is a connection to the election stolen by Deirdre Martin and her puppet masters with the loss of these three forward thinking, progressive powerhouses."

Let the hippies use the term "progressive." A more accurate term for the people leaving is "pragmatic".

"The voters spoke and Martin won. Get over it."

Martin is on council precisely because she didn't let the voters speak. Martin and her minions were able to turn the council election from non-partisan to partisan, which then allowed them to force Nihart out of the race due to an obscure provision of the Hatch Act that says government employees can't run for office in partisan elections. If Nihart had been allowed to stay in the race, she, rather than Martin, would be on council.

Anonymous said...

For the umpteenth time, Nihart was allowed to stay in the race. By her own statement, she could have stayed in. She said it would cost her about $20,000 so she decided to officially bow out. However, her supporters kept campaigning for her, putting up a web site and telling people that if she won the election, she could be appointed by the council.

Kathy Meeh (reality sunshine) said...

339 seriously, "For the umpteenth time", the word was Nihart was ineligible, and must withdraw. That was the constant drum beat (or dumb beat) "alternative facts" campaign.

Trump and far right friends aren't the only liars, in Pacifica we have the alternative: far left NIMBIES.

Kathy Meeh (a response to Julie) said...

Julie 12:15 pm, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. If there is no tourism center now, it may be because the City cut that expense out of their general budget.
But tourism alone in this City (as is) will not pay the overhead cost. A balanced City (business, industrial and residential) economy would.
And with so much functional land transitioned over decades to Government "empty space", such City sustainability may not be possible (except through additional taxation).

Personally, I'm no fan of anonymous comments either, especially the ones that lie. On the other hand, at the other extreme, some anonymous comments are good, excellent, even brilliant-- and those are the ones to appreciate, even savor.

An alternative blog which requires name recognition example is Nextdoor. Nextdoor has become a good place for finding lost dogs and cats, free stuff, fix it inquiries, club/event notices, and various City and County information and announcements.
However it seems more recently, Nextdoor is censuring and resisting true comments, including those which counter slightly twisted, divided City political articles and comments. That bias stinks too.

On this Blog, those who post lucid comments and articles using their real names are generally welcome, and gain name recognition respect. (Even without context for agreement, that individual is not a rat hiding under anonymous cover-- there's something good to be said about that.)

Steve Sinai said...

"For the umpteenth time, Nihart was allowed to stay in the race. By her own statement, she could have stayed in."

Here was the choice given to Nihart from the Office of Special Council -

"At this time, we are providing you with an opportunity to come into compliance with the law. As we discussed, you may withdraw your candidacy or resign from your employment with the federal government."

Why I must withdraw from council race

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the umpteen times that Nihart supporters accused Nihart of "breaking the law" during the election.

(she didn't)

Anonymous said...

Anne Stedler resigns as Pacifica's Economic Development Manager. That makes four very competent women so far (Tinfow, Nihart, Flores, Stedler) who have been lost since Deirdre and her puppet masters stole the election. Pacifica has once again devolved into a meaningless bumper sticker... "Rent Control Is Our Number One Priority" while the NOBY puppet masters are high-fiveing and congratulating themselves on how smart they all are. Who's next to go?
Deirdre wanted her inexperienced EPA attorney puppet, Rich Campbell, to be the new City manager. Perhaps we should let her have her way, to insure that the shit flows in the right direction when Pacifica finally goes down the toilet.

Pacifica is Daly City's Manifest Destiny said...

8:59: A City Manager who owns a home here, has had a fruitful government career, is an attorney, served on the Planning Commission, has kids in school here....knows the city and it's issues.....What is not to like?. I would not discourage him from applying.... If this anecdote about Deirdre is true, I hope that Rich Campbell does apply for the City Manager job and presents his credentials. We need to think outside of the box here in Pacifica and give different management styles and approaches a chance. Someone who has a vested interest is going to work out differently than a commuting in general manager.

Anonymous said...

Thinking like 2:23's has been what's put Pacifica into the toilet bowl; the NO-Nothings think they're smarter than anyone else -- experts be damned. And because they know that they're right, their decisions are the best. Just the best. They can do anything!

Being an EPA attorney sitting on the Planning Commission in no way prepares you for the job of City Manager and I'm embarrassed for people that actually believe this kind of stuff, because they reveal their complete lack of understanding as to what the day-to-day responsibilities of a city manager are and the years of on-the-job training it requires to learn those things.

Holy cow.

Anonymous said...

Campbell for City Manager. Deirdre for Council. Trump for President.
It's all just a big race to the bottom by people who think they are smarter than everyone and the stupid public that just goes along.

Anonymous said...

campbell for day care operator, maybe. Lives in town, kids, on a commission, check. Knows issues, negative, cause he got beat running for council.. needs a lot of work there.
Has ever supervised 180+ employees, $50M budget, multiple issues requiring county, state and federal electeds to help? zero.

Rookies need not apply for city manager.

Anonymous said...

Not according to Deirdre. She (I mean her puppet masters) wants him in that slot. That's how they control Pacifica and keep it broke, underdeveloped and hostile to outsiders. It is the cult of "I got mine, screw every one else".
So far it has worked. Why would Deirdre lobby for a completely inexperienced, environmental prick with an attitude and give him + $200,000.00 tax dollars to learn on the job and do her bidding, cuz that's what the faux-enviro, "i got mines" did for her.

Anonymous said...

Pacifica has lost three great leaders in just a few months.
Vickie Flores, Lorie Tinfow, Mary Ann Nihart

3 great leaders. <>

Shouldn't great leaders be reserved for George Washington, John F Kennedy, and Dwight D Eisenhower?

These 3 Pacifica "quitters" all bailed out when the going got tough. Not great leaders in by book!!

Anonymous said...

So some people were lightweights and blew away in the sand/snowstorm, it happens all the time. I am confident that MIGHTY and NEW leaders will take their place. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Pacifica will rise again. I love Pacifica!

Anonymous said...


They call that giggity