Friday, May 20, 2022

City Council Meeting, Monday May 23, 2022

Please note, this is an In-Person City Council meeting.
The City Council meeting location is at City Council Chambers, 2212 Beach Blvd., Pacifica.   As in past years, off-street parking is allowed in the neighborhood, with a parking permit obtained from a rack upon entering the downstairs Chambers lobby. Place the permit on the auto dashboard, visible to law enforcement personnel.   
Alternatively, the
City Council meeting may be viewed through the City website livestream , or  through local Pacific Coast Television PCT/Pacifica Channel 26 (And note, PCT also links their program calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos.)
For more information, including location parking (and permit), cell phone rules, written public comments, and
public comment call-in instructions (offered on a pilot basis) see pages 1 and 2 of the PDF Agenda.  

Interactive City Council Agenda, 5/23/22.       City Council Agenda, 5/23/22, PDF pages 255.

Building Photo 9
Consideration:  thoughtful
business items 8 - 12.

Closed Session, 4:30 p.m
Conference with legal council:  Anticipated litigation, one potential case, Government code, 54956.9, (d), (4), (one potential case). 

Study Session, 5:00 p.m.
Tree Ordinance:  Community Outreach and Benchmarking Study,

Open Session, 7:00 p.m.
Administrative: call to order, roll call,reading of Land Acknowledgement (ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush
Ohlone peoples). salute to the flag.  Closed Session Report.  Public Hearings, none.


A.    Proclamation:  Wildfire Awareness Month, May 2022.  

Consent Calendar

1.      Approval of financial disbursements (checks), FY 2021-2022:  a)
4/1/22 - 4/15/22.
2.     Approval of Minutes:  a)
3.     Adopt Resolution to continue to conduct telefconferenced meetings due to health and safety concerns, reqired by AB 361,
report/Resolution.   a)  Full text of AB 361.   b) Resolution ratifying Local Emergency due to COVID19.
    Approve agreement with Telecommunications Engineering  Associates (TEA) for information technology equipment and services, 
report.   a)  Agreement.
5.     Adopt Resolution to request Metropolitan Transportation Commission matching grant funds (allocation $37,240) for the Pedestrian/Bicycle Project:  Esplanade and Palmetto Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project,
6.     Adopt an Ordinance updating/increasing and amending sewer connections: 

1) rate payer service fees increase (4%);  2) new single-family connections an additional $8,566), report/Ordinance.
7.     Adopt an Ordinance extending the current Growth Management Ordinance, which terminates 6/30/22, (approval recommended by the Planning Commission, 4/18/22),
report. a) Extended Ordinance (proposed).   b) Summary Report, 5/9/22 (without attachments). Public oral communications (in person or telephone).
Council communications, Staff communications.

General Fund Base Budget Report, FY 2022-23,
report.   General Fund Baseline Budget Summaries:  a) Revenues.  b) Expenditures.  c) ARPA Allocation (updated).  d)  Capital Budget (includes Proposed Projects (draft).   e)  Master Fees and Charges Schedule (proposed).
   Vision 2025 and Beyond:  potential local revenue options, public opinion, research findings, council direction on potential ballot measures related to transactions and taxes,
report.   a) 10-Year Financial Forecast, 4/11/22.
10.  Resolution of intention to continue the Business Improvement District (BID) Program and levy the annual assessments for FY, 2022-23, report/Resolution.  a)  BID Annual Report (Final).
11.   Ad Hoc Committee recommendations for Council Chambers Renovations, report.
Commission and Committee Appointments,
report.   Applicants:  a)  Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission.   b) Beautification Advisory Committee.  c)  Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee.

Photograph from, "SeaPointe apartment rentals", 9 of 36.
Other City News, with weekly updates:  Facebook/Connect with Pacifica.   Pacifica Tribune, (news on line and newspaper).     
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