Saturday, December 4, 2021

Homeless RVs moving into Pacifica. Lawsuit settlement

Attached settlement 23 pages filed with Court Monday Nov. 29.  Plaintiffs signed on Nov1, so deal finished last week in October. Only people in dark were Pacifica homeowners. City manager formally signed Nov 23.  

RV Settlement Agreement Document

Minimum of 2 miles RV parking= 250 rigs from anywhere in US, no requirements, no background checks. Just show up.  Move every 72 hours if city can get around to tagging rigs. The 2 miles of streets not disclosed to public but if your street on prior "allowed" list, chances real high your street will be selected by Council to be on Court allowed list. Current allowed streets: 


13 additional spaces for homeless who sign a good behavior “contract” and take some sort of Resource Center services. Don’t want to sign or abide, take a space in the above 2 miles. No requirements. Location of 13 spaces may change to new streets not currently disclosed.  


No bid contract to Resource Center to manage all this. Sweet deal for Resource Center. No costs or funding disclosed, so homeowners hang onto your wallets. Remember the Resource Center selected Unhoused Committee that did all their homeless planning behind closed doors and no public information? Welcome back!   


A sewer dump station and garbage dumpster will be located somewhere and available to Resource Center voucher holders. No voucher? Dump as usual after dark.  

Narrow streets under 40 feet wide, banned earlier for parking, are now allowed.  


Submitted by Mark Stechbart

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