Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Stop Asian Hate March April 3



The Local Libertarian said...

Its mostly young and able bodied African American males attacking elderly and weak Asian Americans who by culture are largely non-confrontational and averse to violence.

Its not a hate crime. But a crime of opportunity.

Kathy (Who are we going to scapegoat today?) said...

11:34, Local Lib.. got statistics or greater clarification to support that claim?

CNN/Opinion/Van Jones,3/20/21, "Black-Asian solidarity has a long and storied history in America."
".... As the new Democratic administration acts, it fortunately will have the strong support of the Democratic Party's base -- especially a growing number of African American leaders who are forcefully stepping up in solidarity with the AAPI community.
Black talk show hosts, civil rights icons, faith leaders, recording artists, athletes, directors, writers, entertainers, producers, fashion designers, academics and even a Black former President are taking a stand against anti-Asian hate.
This massive display of solidarity is no surprise to those who know the long history of America's struggle for racial equality. Today's actions build on a centuries-long tradition of Black and Asian American solidarity when it has mattered the most. ..."

The Local Libertarain said...


Bureau of Justice Statistics, US Dept. of Justice
Look for Table 14
Black Offender on Asian Victim crime surpasses Offender of any other ethnicity vs Asian Victims.

Here is another statistic:
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, US Dept. of Justice
Arrests by offense, age, and race

These are no doubt difficult (and inconvenient) statistics.
Either the US Dept of Justice is lying OR Black community has a serious crime problem within. Either way we have a problem in this country.

The Local Libertarain said...

@Kathy -- I would also suggest looking up offenders in the spate of crimes against Asians in our very own San Francisco in the last few years. I will leave it up to you to discern if a particular pattern emerges from your research.

And here is another one: Violent Crimes Against Asian Americans in San Leandro Jump 283% in 2020: Report

In San Leandro, almost certainly, its not White (European) people perpetrating crimes on Asian people.

The Local Libertarian said...

From 'Double mutant' coronavirus variant surfaces in Bay Area. Here's what we know (SF Chronicle)

One of the mutations, E484Q, is similar to the E484K mutation found on both of the variants first detected in Brazil and South Africa. The other mutation, L452R, is also found in a variant first detected in California. Pinsky said both mutations could possibly reduce neutralization by antibodies, therefore making vaccinations less effective against the strain.

“This Indian variant contains two mutations in the same virus for the first time, previously seen on separate variants,” Chin-Hong said. “Since we know that the domain affected is the part that the virus uses to enter the body, and that the California variant is already potentially more resistant to some vaccine antibodies, it seems to reason that there is a chance that the Indian variant may do that too.”

We can name variants after nationalities but cannot name the source virus in the same manner. And then ignore opportunistic crime on Asians but lets hold rallies against racism.

Somewhere in there is a script for Monty Python for the contemporary times.