Thursday, July 2, 2020

COVID-19 Update July 2020, and 4th of July weekend

From the City of Pacifica, 7/2/20,  COVID-19 Update:  Mayor Deirdre Martin.

4th of July 2020 Deal Dash
Happy 4th of July 2020.. be good !
Pacifica Community Members, This time of year usually finds us outside, enjoying friends, family, and Pacifica’s beautiful scenery. However, this year with COVID-19 concerns continuing and increasing, we’re reminded that we cannot take our normal routines in Pacifica for granted during this pandemic.  The City of Pacifica, as well as Half Moon Bay, in alignment with recent Governor orders, made the difficult decision to close beaches and beach parking lots during the holiday weekend due to concerns with the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in our region. It is a loss we all can feel but a necessary step to protect the safety and health of our residents.
Now, more than ever, we must remain diligent in following public health guidelines. Prolonging the necessity of COVID-19 restrictions in our region will take a monumental toll on the physical and economic health of our region. Folks need to get back to work, back to school, back to health. For the sake of our community, please do your part to #SlowTheSpread of COVID-19. Easy to do and for the benefit of all: wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance.

Here are several important updates to keep in mind as we go into the holiday weekend and into summer: 
Beach and Beach Parking Lot Closure: ... all Pacifica beaches and beach parking lots will be closed for the long Fourth of July weekend, from sunrise Friday, July 3 to sunrise Monday, July 6. The Order Of The Director Of Emergency Services relating to temporary closure of beaches and beach parking facilities (Order No. 2020-03) can be viewed on the City’s website at 
  Moratorium on Fireworks on our Beaches/Lots:  Pacifica Police Department will be taking a zero tolerance stance on those found in possession of or discharging illegal fireworks. Also, those hosting gatherings will be fined if illegal fireworks are discharged from their property, regardless of who discharged the firework. The fine for possession or discharge of an illegal firework is $1,000. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the City has issued an emergency order prohibiting the discharge of Safe and Sane Fireworks from all City operated parking lots. The Order (Order No. 2020-01) can be viewed at 
.   Stay Local:  Data from San Mateo County Health Office show that occurrences of COVID-19 continue to rise in our County. Please continue to recreate and conduct essential business close to home. 
  Reusable Bags: The State has lifted the ban on using personal reusable bags at stores. Cal/OSHA “COVID-19 Infection Prevention in Grocery Stores” states that when customers bring their own bags the safety protocols are the following:  1) Bags make no contact with employees. 2) Customers are to leave their own bags in the shopping cart. 3) Bags are not placed on conveyor belts or other area outside shopping cart.  4) Customers do not bag groceries in the checkout area.  5) Groceries can be placed in a cart and bagged elsewhere by the customers.
If you haven’t yet, sign up for the City’s e-newsletter "Connect with Pacifica" to receive weekly updates here:, and sign up for San Mateo County Alert system here: Also consider printing this letter to distribute to neighbors whom you think may not be on-line very often.
Please remember the 3 W’s: Wear a mask, Wash your hands, Watch your distance. Stay 6’ apart. The Pacifica Community is doing a great job; together (in spirit) we will get through this trying time. We are #PacificaStrong.  Sincerely,  Deirdre Martin, Mayor 
Note photograph from SLR Lounge/David J. Crewe,"4th of July 2020 Deal Dash".
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Anonymous said...

Our Mayor did a very hard job cutting and pasting that article from the San Mateo County Health Departments website, Epic fail.

Kathy Meeh (sorry you're unhappy "original" Anonymous) said...

8:53 am, I think our Mayor is doing her job keeping our City, as well as the media informed, thankfully so.

Meantime, how many ways are there are for government to say beach parking lots will be closed this weekend, no fireworks on or near the beach, stay in or near the City.
And using your own grocery bags is now allowed with inconvenient conditions: you bag your own items somewhere else.. away from check-out.
BTW sign-up for the City newsletter, and meantime don't forget the basic COVID protection reminder, 3w's: wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance from others (at least 6').

Anonymous said...

Some people even endorsed Laurie Tinfow who was a complete disaster as City Manager.

Kathy Meeh (what's-a-matter you?) said...

10:08 am, yep, then City Manager Laurie Tinfow brought-in better structural order and accounting to our City government-- including a CPA Assistant City Manager, better balanced representation on City Council.. and in the County.
Disaster to you.. praise and appreciation from me and others!!!

Anonymous said...

You went to the Sinai School of Math and Accounting!!