Friday, November 8, 2019

City Council meeting, Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local Pacific Coast television, PCT/Pacifica Channel 26PCT links to meeting videos: calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos. City Council and Planning Commission meetings usually begin at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City meeting agendas (current and archived) are available on the City meetings calendar.  City websites:  City Council, and Planning Commission

Interactive City Council meeting agenda, 11/12/19.   City Council meeting agenda, 11/12/19, pdf pages 332.

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Open Session: Salute to flag by our Veterans.
And thank you to all who served in our military!
Closed Session, 6:30 p.m.  Government code 54957, Public employee performance evaluation: City Manager.

Open Session, 7:00 p.m. Call to order, roll call.  Salute to flag led by Local Veterans from American Legion Post 238/Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).  Closed session report.
Special Presentations

A.   Proclamation - Greg Cochran for service on Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission.
B.   Proclamation - August Murphy for service on Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission.
C.   Proclamation - United Against Hate week.
D.  Presentation - SAMTRANS Micro Transit/On demand pilot program update.  

Consent Calendar
1.    Approval of financial disbursements (checks), FY 2019-2020:  a) 10/1/19 - 10/15/19.
2.    Approval o
f City Council Minutes:  a) 10/18/19.
3.    Proclamation confirming existence of a local emergency: Pacifica coastline from Westline Drive to the end of Beach Boulevard, report.
4.    Resolution termination of a local emergency (sanitary sewer overflow) at Hickey Boulevard, report/Resolution. a) Proclamation, 10/3/19. 
5.    Cancellation of City Council meeting, 12/23/19, report.
6.    Authorization to provide cannabis business inspection/audit services with Hinderliter, de Llamas and Associates (HdL), report.  a) HdL Agreement.
7.     Issue one (1) residential development allocation under the City's Growth Management Ordinance for construction of a single-family residence at 21 Ohlone Court (formerly 4096 Fassler Avenue), within the Harmony at One Subdivision (APN 022-150-030), report.  a) Planning Commission Resolution, 2018-005.
8.    Approve Raney Planning & Management, Inc. agreement 4th amendment, for on-call planning and related services, increasing the contract by $100,000, extending the completion date to 12/30/20, (total contract from 11/15/16 not to exceed $500,000), report.  a) Fourth amendment.  b) Original 2016 Agreement.  c) Rameu billing rates 2019.
9.    Resolution approving the County of San Mateo Building Department Mutual Aid Agreement, authorizing the City Manager to sign, report.  a) Agreement.
10.  Resolution authorizing of SB2 Planning Grants housing supply program funds, amount $160,000. "Prioritize in-fill development, allowing mixed-use development at higher densities along the Palmetto Avenue and Francisco Boulevard corridors", pages 1 and 2,  report/Resolution.  a) A-Grant application.  b) Initiative 3 Work Plan.
11.    Resolution accepting completion/Notice of Completion for the Cattle Hill Parking Lot and Trailhead Improvement project, and release the retention funds to the contractor, report/Resolution.
a)  Notice of Completion.
12.   Resolution revising the job description and title for the Director of Public Works/City Engineer and Deputy Director of Public Works - Field Services and Engineering classification, report/Resolution.  1) Director of Public Works: a) Redline changes.  b) Proposed job description. 2) Deputy Director of Public Works/City Engineer (Field Services & Engineering). c) Redline changes.  d) Proposed Job Description.
13.   Adopt an Article 51 ordinance, amending Article 38,"Administration", Chapter 4, Title 9 of the Pacifica Municipal Code: "Reasonable Accommodation", a procedure for consideration of certain discriminating land use and zoning regulations and procedures, report, Odinance.  a) Summary Report, 10/28/19.
Communications (Oral):  Public, City Council, City Staff.  

Public hearings

14.   Introducing a City ordinance to adopt 2019 edition of CA Building Standards code and fire code with local amendments, including amendments that exceed minimum energy efficiency standards, exempt from CEQA. (These CA "Reach Codes" apply to new construction, and not additions or remodels).  The second reading will occur 11/25/19, report.  Proposed Ordinance:  a) City Ordinance (proposed),11/12/19.  CA Energy Codes & Standards, 2019:  b) Low-rise residential new construction, cost effectiveness study. c) Nonresidential new construction, Reach Code cost effectiveness study.  d) Consultant analysis affecting our City.  e) Planning study session,7/8/19.  f) Findings supporting local amendments. 
15.  Pacifica Libraries Project Citizen Outreach Program update and tracking survey results, report.
16.   Motorhomes and the unhoused update, report.  a) City parking ordinances report: Recreational vehicles and safe parking programs.
17.   Hotel development at 2212 Beach Blvd update, report.  a) City development schedule (chart):  2 /19 - 1st quarter 2025; 2) alternative 11/19 - 3rd quarter 2024.  b) Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and Hotel Business Improvement District (BID) revenue summary (potential estimate) 11/04/19.  c) Required Entitlements and approval actions needed. 
18.   New City of Pacifica logo design, report.  a) Current logo, 3/2014.  b) New logo (proposed).  c)  Letter of support from the Economic Development Committee (EDC).

Reference, Item 14, Reach code clarification. CA Public Utilities Commission Energy Efficiency Coordinator. The California Codes and Standards (C&S) Reach Codes program provides technical support to local governments considering adopting a local ordinance (reach code) intended to support meeting local and/or statewide energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. The program facilitates adoption and implementation of the code, by providing resources such as cost-effectiveness studies, model language, sample findings."  Related.  BAYREN, Local Governments Empowering our Communities. And, Sustainable Silicon Valley.
Note: Open Session Flag salute from Pacifica American Legion Post, 238. Flag salute photograph from Tetra Images/Getty Images on Pin it, Thought Co.,"Veteran Day Quotes".
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The Local Libertarian said...

Caltrans grapples with spread of homeless camps along highways

Equitable and affordable housing for everyone!
More housing is the morally right thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Pacifica Commie/Noby morality stops at self interest.

Anonymous said...

Who is Deirdre Martin that is making all these wrong decisions about our city.
People like her are the ones had made sf to turn into swamp and now they are doing the same in Pacifica.

Let's put it in voting an see what popular vote says ?

If she feels so sad, she needs to open her door to all home less and RV personal and feed them and take care of them.
OUR MONEY IS not trash to dump into unnecessary charges cleaning up after RV people. We Pacifican's all work hard to make a living. Please stop talking about Leslie and jeopardizing the life of almost 53,000 people here because of one story. We are not responsible for issue that her dad had. She obviously is an achieved person and it is a great thing but here story should not be effecting the life of all the people who live here. I noticed a lot of RV people are Young between 35 -45 and staying the whole day and probably smoking pot and shooting drugs. A lot of people like me work 7 days a weed 10-11 hours a day to be able to enjoy this neighborhood. Take a walk around neighboring cities and see how many places have a sign that says "HELP WANTED".
You can not be irresponsible and expect other hard working people to take care of you.
GO GET A JOB AND PAY TO RENT A PLACE. So your kids would not go through the same experience that Leslie Had.

Please open your eyes. This beautiful city is going to trash.


Anonymous said...

Deirdre is a landlord.
If this bleeding heart is sincere, she should provide her rentals free of charge to the homeless while she works to approve affordable housing before she tries to take our money.