Thursday, December 6, 2018

Who disrespects voters more? Wisconsin or Pacifica?

The Pacifica City Council still intends to vote on the Local Coastal Program on December 10, instead of swearing-in the new council - a blatant act of disrespect to Pacifica voters.

Yesterday the City Clerk was sent an email informing them that by allowing the “lame duck” council to vote on the Local Coastal Program and the council election districts, they are violating the law and ignoring the overwhelming decision of the voters in November’s election, when they voted Mayor John Keener out of office.

RIGHT NOW, your help is needed.  Please send a short email to the City Council telling them to honor the law and the will of the voters and INSTALL the new council at the December 10th council meeting.

Send your email to the City Clerk:
The letter from the Coalition attorney to the city appears below:

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

I heard a good one the other day. The Treasurer of one of local opposition groups didn't put any money into his own cause.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, this council has been illegitimate since Deirdre Martian and her cohorts Stegink and Kaufman stole the vote.

Melvin Belli from Heaven said...

That letter from the attorney is a doozey. Lays out how our illegal council will be passing major legislation that will impact every single person in Pacifica with absolutely no mandate. Keener got kicked out for his BS on managed retreat yet he finds it perfectly fine to flaunt California's election code one more time. And this is all fine with Martin who bent the rules to gain an ill-gotten seat on council to help Keener destroy this town.
Unbelievable! Or, at least it should be. I hope they get their asses handed to them by officials from the state.

The Watcher said...

One more time for clarity:

This bill instead requires the canvass of election returns
to be completed by the elections official and the governing
body to meet to declare the results and install the newly
elected officers no later than at the next regularly
scheduled city council meeting after the election or at a
special meeting called for that purpose.

but, no, instead of installing the new council they decide to go ahead and perform one more illegal act.

Peace Frog said...

i'm not an attorney so I dunno...maybe these attorney's who wrote the letter have got an injunction ginned up for Monday, to be served to Mayor Keener, City Manager and City Attorney to block these actions?

Anonymous said...

STAND UP!! Pacifica or these illegitimate and unethical scumbags will run roughshod over your weak spines. They're counting on your non-action.

Anonymous said...

City Clerk is a local official who can be recalled by public vote. Hopefully the situation doesn't come to this.

Anonymous said...

@4:48 - Good luck in trying to hold a recall election for someone who wasn't elected in the first place.
Some cities (general law cities, like Daly City) do have an elected City Clerk and an elected Treasurer, but most cities (like Pacifica) don't.
So it won't come to that either way!

Anonymous said...

The city attorney will tell the council what they can do. The election law says that the newly elected council members can be installed "at a special meeting called for this purpose" which is what is planned.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre, Keener and Digre. Liars, cheats and thiefs.
Trump University Graduates.

The Reaper said...

The "first scheduled regular council meeting" trumps special meeting especially when the special meeting is scheduled a week after this farce!

Anonymous said...

Nope. The special meeting is 2 days later. The election law says OR at a special meeting called for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

The special meeting is next Monday the 17th.

The Local Libertarian said...

@8:41 -- A non-elected City Clerk can be dismissed by City Council.

The following are at stake here:
1) People's livelihoods
2) Life Savings
3) Retirement Plans
4) 100's of millions of dollars worth property

In summary a LOT is at stake which can effectively devastate several families/lives and the local economy. I think these are grounds enough to dismiss the City Clerk should the City Council feel the actions are not in favor of the residents of the city.

The City Clerk should act in accordance with the welfare and desires of the city. There is no room for ideology in this regard.

Nero's Fiddle Maker said...

The city clerk has done nothing that could be construed as wrong or pursuing an ideology. Sarah is a sweet women doing a difficult job and is under the supervision of the city manager who directs her what he wants done. If anyone is doing something wrong it's the city manager and city attorney under the instruction of the attorney.

And the meeting was illegal no matter how many times you say that a special meeting after the first regularly scheduled meeting is OK. The FPPC and the First Amendment Coalition is going to have a field day with this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but that's not being recalled by a public vote, which is what I was refuting in the preceding comment.

Anonymous said...

Crooked Pacifica council members who disrespect the legal will of the majority and only serve themselves and their friends have struck again.
Going after the City Clerk for this insult is like blaming the bat boy for a lost baseball game.
Deirdre, Keener and Digre are disingenuous, lying cowards. Sue the bastards out of house and home just like they are taking away our homes and livelihoods.

wake up Pacifica said...

Climate change is real. It's been going on for billions of years. Man made? Nature made?
A little of both? Who knows. Of course we have a duty to take care of our planet. We've been modifying our living environment to make it more comfortable and safe ever since we crawled out of the ocean and started using our brains.
We make shelters, roads, dams, electricity and all sorts of modifications to suit our lifestyles. Some are good. Some not so good. Some just the best we know of at the time.
Given that nearly all of humankind around the entire globe is located near water it is incumbent on us to try and solve the problem of adjusting to differing sea levels as they rise and fall.
If everybody on earth had the mindset of our stupid, selfish and self serving council and their puppet masters we would still be scurrying about full of fear and angst. We would be gatherers of nuts and berries, walking hundreds of miles and seeking shelter in caves.
We would flee wind, hide from lightning, run to the mountains if water rose, run to the water if the forests caught fire and panic when the earth quaked. Disease and death would be a welcome relief from the toil of living.
The dishonest and cowardly people on council want us to believe that human time has equivalency to earth time. They want us to believe that we are fundamentally anathema to the forces of nature. They have no imagination or creativity. Their clarion call is "Grab your stuff and run!" If they want to retreat, let them. We'll be better off without them.
Humans have always negotiated with nature to secure safe and nurturing living environments.
Shorelines of every sort are successfully modified all over the world.

Roll back the councils' latest illegal theft of our property and rights and start thinking clearly and imaginatively about options to their managed retreat propaganda. There are plenty of scientifically sound alternatives out there. Use your brains! Get involved!

The Local Libertarian said...

Managed Retreat is basically Managed Robbery of your property, livelihoods & life savings!
If you don't speak up, you've endorsed this Managed Robbery.

What is to say a new study out tomorrow won't be used to evacuate all of Pacifica?

The Local Libertarian said...

Think about it .. Where does your property go once you've "retreated"? Back into the control of Coastal Commission!
What happens if the land/property you've evacuated hasn't flooded because of global warming? It will be a designated as for use public property and a protection habitat for purple-buttocked new species ..

Here is the thing, we really don't know what is going happen tomorrow. Let alone in 10, 20 or 100 yrs. There are multiple variables that affect global warming that make it impossible to predict with any certainty as to what will happen. A speculation based on statistical probability is not a fact.

As of yesterday:
A team of scientists from NASA and British Antarctic Survey (BAS), describes how analysis of 53 ice cores collected from across Antarctica reveals snowfall increased during the 20th century and mitigated sea-level rise by 10 mm. However, Antarctica's additional ice mass gained from snowfall only makes up for about a third of its overall ice loss. The study is published in the journal Nature Climate Change this week.

Read More at: Increased snowfall in Antarctica buffers sea-level rise

Anonymous said...

O'neill got nothing done monday nite at council. He put a bunch of words around all the problems with this report and got nothing changed in the actual language. At least digre got "final" taken off report.. more than oneill did.

Anonymous said...

Local Liberal ..... you're being way too practical and balanced with your observations.
The evil lying cult which has stolen the mind of many in our town responds only to exceedingly biased and fantastical scenarios of doom and gloom. If it tramples the rights and property of others it elevates to an even more powerful tale, as long as they've got theirs.

Anonymous said...

oh, "Stinky" Dan 5:00pm posting, Oniel did not need to do anything at this point. The vote was going to be 3 to 2 and this will circle back to council. Wow, Digree gets final taken off, wasn't that HUGE?

The Local Libertarian said...

The City council can also dismiss the City Manager. Also need to re-vamp the planning dept so we can address the shortage of housing. We really need to take a hard look at the no-growth ordinance. At this point, we probably need a reset.

Growth doesn't have to mean concrete jungle in Pacifica. But we can change zoning and permitting process to improve our housing stock and local economy.

Steve Sinai said...

It would be nice if it didn't take restaurants a year or more to get permits to begin operation.

Chris Fogel said...

Pacifica in a nutshell:

November 2016 - CA Voters pass Proposition 64 to allow sale and use of marijuana for recreational use

July 2017 - Pacifica city council passes public sales ordinance

November 2017 - Pacifica residents pass Measure G to allow sales tax to be collected

January 2018 - Statewide recreational sales may officially begin

December 2018 - Pacifica still does not have a single operating storefront

The City of Pacifica projected marijuana sales tax to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Recreational marijuana was legalized MORE THAN TWO YEARS AGO and yet Pacifica's total net tax revenue from marijuana sales to date is $0.

Anonymous said...

Are other cities in California collecting sales tax revenue from marijuana sales?

Anonymous said...

Fogel You got us Keener

The Local Libertarian said...

@Fogel -- Marijuana is a highly subjective and personal choice. A kilo of marijuana fits in a hand sized cube/brick and lasts for a year. Whereas alcohol of the same volume may last for a month or less. Therefore, purchasers of MJ are highly selective of their vendors and efforts. Just because MJ was declared legal doesn't mean people are going to hop on over to their nearest and get some!

The MJ distribution network was already established prior to the legal declaration. The legal declaration was intended to decrease the expense load on prison system and also make it available for those who really need it. The recreational users were already breaking the law and it was pointless to have such a law on books.

Anonymous said...

"A kilo of marijuana fits in a hand sized cube/brick"

this is where i stopped reading