Thursday, December 13, 2018

City of Pacifica Council Election Certification and Precinct Results

Submitted by Mark Stechbart


Anonymous said...

A lot of those faces are well known.
A lot of of those people pro coastal plan work 20 hours a week and they do not own a house and they are not paying taxes. They are the minimal income for the city. This is absolutely bull shit and only owners who live at west side should decide on that. This is not about democracy but it is about people who dedicate more money to city. People own house in Pacifica also pay for jefferson school tax and bunch of other fees while they have no kid goes to school. This is our last gift from John keener who is luckily leaving. Thanks God.

Kant said...

It's fitting that Keener goes out breaking a California election law. Everything he touched is tainted. The sitting, illegal council, will continue to break the law Monday night when they vote on the district map. Unreal!