Friday, September 14, 2018

Managed Retreat meeting, tomorrow Saturday, September 15, 2018

Environmentally sensitive
Message from "Your Pacifica Neighbors" website: No Retreat for Pacifica.

CRITICAL:  join us Saturday, September 15 from 12 Noon until 3 p.m. at the Community Center for the Public Workshop on Draft Local Coastal Program ( LCP) Policies. This is a public meeting with public comment--please be there early! 


Reference. "Your Pacifica Neighbors" website home page:  No Retreat for Pacifica. "Before you make up you mind, check out... the other side of the story.... Yes, global warming is real. Nobody here is against preserving beaches. But there is another side to the story, a flip side to the coin. How well do you know the proposed 'Local Coastal Program' for Pacifica? Have you noticed that it describes managed retreat without using the actual words 'retreat'? How many studies have you seen about the effects of managed retreat? There's fewer than you might think."  Note the photograph of a "Keep Out" sign planted in local open space is by Mo Blaze.  

Signs are available. Email for one.

Submitted by Jim Wagner

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Sharp Park Sally said...

I printed my own 8 1/2 by 11 sign for tomorrow. Don't make decisions about my property! Do the right thing and protect us.

amy vegan said...

If you were at the meeting, you would have heard that the city has no intention of retreat at this time. Retreat will be considered in the mid to long range future if necessary as proven by erosion, flooding, etc.

wake up Pacifica said...

If you are one of the Kaufman/Deirdre/Battallio/Butler sycophants who actually believe that there is no plan afoot to rally for "managed retreat" then you must also belong to the same group of liars who illegally and immorally shoved Mary Ann Nihart out of the council and stole the majority vote needed to utterly destroy Pacifica.
Look around. Wake up. Pacifica looks like a third world dump and is rapidly declining even furthur. The only people that this advancing decay serves is the "I got mine's" who want nothing for anybody but themselves. They don't want outsiders discovering Pacifica. What better way to guarantee that outcome than to trash the city and making it an undesirable place to live. It is an insidious plot being fed by the enemies of Pcifica.

Anonymous said...

the saturday sea level mtg was a Keener head fake. Vote him off council Nov 6.
All the actions in the report and the language are totally managed retreat. City doesn't label it MR to confuse the rubes. Go to page 11: "Hazard Policy 43 (Flood Protection: 0-1 feet SLR)-- Allow private property owners to raise homes and other development structures above wave runup hazard, consistent with height limitations."

Ask yourself this: if my home needs stilts because of wave runup, that means no protective barriers are in place = managed retreat. Don't trust this Council. Your home value is being threatened.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists who say "You can't find the phrase 'managed retreat' in the LCP Policies," are being disingenuous and are trying to pull a fast one on you.

The LCP Policies say several times in various places throughout them that "the City shall implement the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan." And that plan is the one that implements managed retreat and mentions it all over the place.

So managed retreat is still very much alive and well in the LCP Policies, but now they've hidden them.

You have to ask yourself why the hell this group of people is this freaking motivated to get the city to not protect people. "We have to be able to give up protecting peoples' homes!" Who the hell thinks like this and wants to fight this hard to abandon people??!! It's the weirdest thing.

And yeah, Keener has to go. He's way in over his head and has been for a long time. Pacifica needs leadership, not a Mumbling Mayor who can't string two sentences together and refuses to answer questions.

Your chickens have come home to roost, John. Pack your bags and enjoy your forced retirement that begins on November 7.

Ed "Red-Legged Frog" Rollins said...

There's a very small minority in town who really really really want our leaders to give up on Pacifica and not lift a finger to protect the people in it. Frogs, yes! People? Eh...not so much.

This minority also happens to be backing the city council campaigns of Keener, Bier, and Adonica Fraud Porter.

Great sales pitch, guys! People are really gonna fall over themselves to cast a vote for you. "Vote for us so we can give up on you!" What a message. You do know it's the people with the most votes who win, right? RIGHT??

Anonymous said...

Deirdre/Keener - “It’s not managed retreat. It’s save the beach.” wink wink

Anonymous said...

As you might expect, I'm an environmentalist. I will fight to protect our parks and open spaces, beaches, wildlife, and creeks.

I favor protecting Pacifica's homes and businesses from the effects of bluff erosion and sea level rise.

--from John Keener's website

John will FIGHT to protect beaches and wildlife, but when it comes to homes and businesses? Gosh, he'd really like to maybe do something, but y'know how it is. Sorry!

The Local Libertarian said...

Years of development neglect has left the city lacking in the financial strength essential to help provide services and protect the citizens.
It is several decades of financial mismanagement, if not malfeasance. If citizens of Pacifica want protection of their properties, the choice is clear:
Vote for development.

That isn't to day that we should turn our city into a concrete jungle. But we can be judicious with incremental development and improving housing stock to better the economy and the finances of this town. It is already late. But better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the so called environmentalists in town said a word when 7.5 million gallons of raw sewage was dumped into the Ocean. Not Butler, Keener, Deidre Martin, Lynn Adams.

The Local Libertarian said...

@Anonymous - you must understand these people essentially don't have any ideals or principles. Their only motive is to collect a check, further their personal resume by way of political opportunities that present and lord over the innocent. To that end, they will usurp any stance that will facilitate their objective of being on the council.

Without a shred of doubt, I will tell you these people claim any moral or ethical grounding. They are opportunists at best and wilful manipulators at worst.

How can I tell? A sincere person doesn't need to mealy mouth their stance. It is possible to be principled without being abrasive.

Vote them Out!