Saturday, September 8, 2018

City Council meeting, Monday September 10, 2018

Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on local Pacific Coast television, PCT/Pacifica Channel 26PCT links to meeting videos: calendar, and recent coastside civic meeting videos.
City Council and Planning Commission meetings begin at 7 p.m., or shortly there following.  City meeting agendas (current and archived) are available on the City meetings calendar.  City websites:  City Council, and Planning Commission.

6.    Approve Construction Testing Services, Inc. for material testing and geotechnical services  (Wet Weather Equalization Basin Project):  amendment #1, report.  a) Agreement (signed), $100,820.23.
7.    Approve Erler & Kalinowski, Inc. (EKI) for additional project and construction management services (Collection system rehabilitation and replacement projects Pedro Point (CO31A): amendment #1, report.  a)  Agreement (signed), $45,000.
8.    Approve CSG Consultants, Inc. for building division staff augmentation and related services: amendment #2, report.  a) Second amendment (signed), rates and fees. b)  Original contract, 2015.
9.    Approve Raney Planning & Management Inc. for on-call planning and related services: amendment #3, report.  a) Third amendment (signed). b) Original contract, 2016.
10.  Resolutions:  direction to city council voting delegates: League of CA Cities annual conference, 2018, report.  a) League of California Cities Resolutions Packet, 2018, pdf pages 52. 
Communications (oral).  Public, City Council, City Staff.  Public hearings, none.

11.   Consider adopting Resolution of Necessity (The 310-330 Esplanade Infrastructure Preservation Project):  Eminent Domain for acquisition of 310 and 320 Esplanade (APNs 009-413-010 and 009-413-020), report/City Resolution. a)  Acquisition Resolution.  b) City offer to Millard W. Tong and Alicia W. Tong, Government code 7267.2, $76,500. c)  Notice Of Intention to acquire the property. 
12.   Continuation of reducing litter discussion: evaluate strategies, potential new ordinances, report.  a) Staff report, 8/13/18.  b) Draft Minutes excerpt, 8/13/18.  c) Recology of the Coast 2018 City service brochure, 2018.
Related, item 11. 310 Esplanade Avenue, Coastal erosion case study, March 2017.  320 Esplanade Avenue demolition, 3/12/16, video by Dave Kent, 3:40 minutes.  Note 320 Esplanade Avenue demolition photograph image by Paul Chinn from SF Gate/SF Chronicle/Rachel Swan, "Pacifica cliffside apartment building demolished, 3/12/16".

Posted by Kathy Meeh


Keep paying your Taxes, Pigeons! said...

Janet Sommer is a partner in the law firm of Burke, Williams & Sorensen. That is going to be a nice big windfall for the law firm. Billable Hours!!

Look at all the Unions asking for pay raises..and a city with no money!

Anonymous said...

Burke Williams Sorensen is the contracted legal service provider for the city and has been for several years. Congrats for finally figuring this out.

Anonymous said...


Are you a partner at Burke, Williams and Sorensen?

Anonymous said...

Why yes. Yes I am. And I’m billing the City of Pacifica $125 to make this post. Ciao!