Friday, September 28, 2018

March in Saturday's Fog Fest Parade - Opposing Managed Retreat and John Keener

Please join us at the Fog Fest Parade on Saturday, September 29, to show your opposition to Managed Retreat and Managed Retreat supporter and council member John Keener. 

The parade starts at 9:30 AM. If you can, please show up 30 minutes ahead of time. Look for the people with the yellow "No Managed Retreat" signs, or the signs saying "Keener" covered by a red circle and slash through it.  Our group should be #46 in the lineup.

Posted by Steve Sinai


Anonymous said...

What is Mary Bier's written/stated position on "managed retreat"?
Is she supported by the "Nothing for Pacifica" PPA cult?

Steve Sinai said...

At the Chamber of Commerce candidates forum, she said she was in favor of managed retreat.

Anonymous said...

How many marchers have you lined up Steve?

Sharon said...

At the intersection of Westport and Bradford in Fairway Park, there are two homes prominently displaying political signs. I get a kick out of them as one with a NO MANAGED RETREAT sign is a homeowner who always supports all of the "Nothing for Pacifica" issues and I am sure would be supporting KEENER if his home wasn't in the cross hairs. While the next door neighbor, who apparently hasn't a clue as to what is about to happen to their home's value and insurance costs if KEENER's folks get their way, is prominently displaying BIER and KEENER signs.

Markus said...

I do believe Keener is trying to confuse the voters. What a snake.

Anonymous said...

Mary Bier and Adonica Porter flat out say they support managed retreat.

Keener is sneaky and in public says he "prefers" to protect homes from erosion and sea level rise, but in letters to the California Coastal Commission, he says he totally supports whatever they want to do.

Flores, Beckmeyer, and O'Neill are on record as being against managed retreat.

Duffy is too busy preparing for her upcoming trial on assault and battery charges to be clear on the matter.

Anonymous said...

1. come up with a compelling argument against managed retreat
2. have them printed on an A4 sized paper, double sided
3. bold points and summary on the front and an essay on the back
4. make 40,000 copies at 1c a piece its $400
5. distribute - get the word out

Anonymous said...

Mary Bier, Adonica Porter, Bob Batallio, John Keener, Cynthia Kaufman and Deirdre Martian all need to be outed as prominently and as often as possible. These faux do-gooder/enviros are after our home and property values and hate free capatalism.
They are pushing the agendas of their wacky PPA cult and are not really committed to making Pacifica a better place for ALL of us to live and work. They are the "I got mine's" who only care about their fellow cult members and expect everyone else to pay for their shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

PPA... wolves in sheep's clothing.

Steve Sinai said...

The response to our marchers was fantastic. Lots of thumbs-ups and "Thank you"s. No middle fingers or food thrown our way.

Anonymous said...

i think there is a real opportunity to convert the opposition to managed retreat into supporters who can help unglue Pacifica from NIMBYism.
Pacifica suffers the problem of finances precisely because of decade of financial neglect. The choices are stark ..
1) Continue the way it is and walk down the path of certain financial doom for the city and property owners
2) Reform.

Reforming doesn't mean rampant evolution into a concrete jungle. But more about really playing catch up with the rest of the bay area.

Anonymous said...

Your comment was going good until you said, "catching up with the rest of the Bay Area".
That is precisely the notion that these mental midgets and social manipulators, vilify. They want this whole place to themselves (as long as you pay for it) and they think they are the smartest people on the planet. Just ask Deirdre and Kaufman, if you can get them to stop looking down their noses at you long enough to hear your question.
These are evil selfish people. These are the enemies of Pacifica.

100% Proof Police said...

6:26 Pictures or it never happened!

Mushmouse said...

@ 8:31. Here is video of anti-managed retreat marchers
scroll to: 35:45

P-Town! said...

Mary Bier should probably not (yet) be placed in the same category as Keener and Martin who are both self serving, dishonest and don't deserve to be on Council. Yes she does lean left like those 2, but she also seems open minded and a decent person. Porter's claim to be a commissioner when she apparently is not, seems quite dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Adonica Fraud Porter says she’s a commissioner when she’s not one.

She claims to fight for the homeless on the healthcare board she sits on, but she never bothers to show up for meetings. She’s missed every single meeting but one.

Claims to have founded and run the nomprofit S.H.A.W. Foundation, but there’s no record of any such foundation existing, no non-profit or charitable entity filing with the state, none of the required docs on file with the IRS. Almost as if the whole thing were made up out of whole cloth.

She claims to have the endorsement of Kevin Mullin who has never endorsed her

She claims to be a member of the Pacifica Lions Club when she hasn’t even applied to it.

She got a speeding ticket in 2017 but didn’t show up to court so a bench warrant was issued and her license was suspended.

While driving in 2017 on that suspended license, crashed her car into another and ran from the scene, was later arrested on a hit and run charge.

While awaiting for her criminal jury trial, got pulled over AGAIN in 2018 for driving on a suspended license.

Avoided a jury trial by accepting a plea bargain...was sentenced to 18 months probation, 5 days in jail to begin on November 17, 2018 and was fined $1500.

In 2016 she and her husband brought a $32K car. Crashed it in 2017 causing $12K in damage to car.

Naturally was driving without insurance, so took the car to Tom’s Autobody and dumped it there and walked away from it. Stopped payments on car.

Tom’s auctions off the car and the bank sues the Porters because they stopped making payments.

The IRS puts a lien on them to the tune of $22K.

Has only lived in Pacifica for 18 months.


Anonymous said...

Porter is a perfect fit for council. She can lie and distort without conscience just like Keener and Deirdre.

Anonymous said...

Ian Butler went on Nextdoor to tell everyone he spoke to Adonica and she told him that this is all a big misunderstanding!

That's some serious Kool Aid drinking.

Melvin Belli from Heaven said...

8:37, did you blow that one right out of your clenched sphincter! Makes no sense. If you're trying to misdirect be a little coy about it!

Anonymous said...

Shaw Porter is a board member on the Healthcare for the Homeless and Farmworkers board - this can be verified.
Is/was founder of - now defunct foundation - this can be verified.
Is not endorsed by Kevin Mullin - but he has donated to her campaign.
Has never claimed to be in the Lions club.
Had a car accident - case was dismissed.
Was sued by bank - bank withdrew lawsuit.

There's a ton of bullshit on this website thats unsubstantiated with clear info as of today. Clearly the only reason you are giving her all of this free PR is because she's a threat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Shaw Porter is a Board Member, NOT a "Commissioner" as she claims to be. You cannot show us one reference to her being a commissioner because she's not.

Shaw Porter has only attended ONE of those board meetings and has not shown up for the rest. You can see that here:

When Shaw Porter applied to the this board she stated she was a Pacifica Rotary member on her application (she is not and has never applied to the Pacifica Rotary). You can find that here:

Please provide proof that the S.H.A.W. Foundation existed. Defunct or not, it will have had to have been registered with the State of California and the IRS and those filings will be available.

Shaw Porter told the San Mateo Democrats that she had been endorsed by Kevin Mullin. Not that she had received a contribution, but that she had been endorsed by him. (He didn't endorse her).

On May 31, 2017 Shaw Porter got a speeding ticket and didn't show up to court as directed. She had 4 prior violations. Her license was suspended and she was fined $250. You can see this by going here:
and put in this case #: 17-TRS-036417

On November 8, 2017 Shaw Porter struck another vehicle while driving with that suspended license and ran from the scene. She was charged in criminal court and no, the case was NOT DISMISSED. Porter took a plea deal (see next criminal case for details). You can see all this by going here:
and put in this case #: 17-NM-013711-A

On April 10, 2018 while awaiting trial on her November 8, 2017 charges of hit-and-run and driving with a suspended license, Shaw Porter was pulled over AGAIN for driving with a suspended license. She didn't contest the charges and both these and her ongoing matter of November 8, 2017 were merged into one matter.

Shaw Porter was sentenced to 5 days in jail (she reports on November 17, 2018 to begin serving), 18 months probation, and a $1,480 fine.

You can find this info by going here:
and put in this case #: 18-NM-003874-A

While all these matters were active and ongoing, when asked by the San Mateo County Democrats, "Have you ever been charged with, convicted of, or pled guilty or nolo contendre to a crime, or are you currently the subject of any type of government or law enforcement investigation? Yes or no?"

Shaw Porter responded "no."

In a totally separate incident, the Porters were driving without insurance when they crashed their car, took it to Tom's Autobody, and walked away from it, not making payments to the body shop and no longer making payments to the bank for the balance of the loan they still owed. The bank sued and the matter was settled out of court. The Porters were awarded attorney's fees but the IRS placed a lien on them for $22,000 for the remainder of the payments they owed the bank.

You can find this info by going here:
and put in case #:

Twilight Zone said...




Anonymous said...

*drives without a license*

*crashes car and runs away*

*is arrested for hit-and-run*

*is sentenced to five days in jail*

"This is a nothingburger, you're just scared of Adonica!!!!!!"


Steve Sinai said...

On her application to the Healthcare for the Homeless and Farmworkers board, Adonica said she was founder of the San Francisco Association for Scholarship and the Performing Arts. I'm unable to find anything about that organization.

What's the point of trying to take credit for founding charitable organizations if those organizations didn't do anything? To make yourself look like a uber-generous humanitarian when you're not?

Dazed and Confused said...

Time to move along, again, Ms Misunderstood. You're obviously being treated unfairly for
"mis-remembering" your life over the last few years. It happens. Happy trials to come. Or is that "trails". Oh, well, not important now.

Anonymous said...

During the Pacifica Democrats forum two weeks ago, Adonica said she was for managed retreat.

Last night at the AAUW forum, Adonica said she wasn't for managed retreat and "wanted to wait."

Tomorrow she'll advocate for managed attack (draining the ocean).

Anonymous said...

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, grift to grift.

Anonymous said...

...and the self serving "I got mine, screw everyone else" cult now calls her a victim of the evil rich white people in Pacifica. The Deirdre, Keener, Kaufman cult continues to call audibles out of lying Trump's playbook.

Fix Pacifica Commissioner said...

Most of you will have your voter information ballot arriving today or tomorrow. Have a nice, long look at Adonica Shaw Porter's listed occupation: "San Mateo County Commissioner."

That's not true. She is not a commissioner in any way, shape, or form.

Why the hell is she lying about something that's so easy for anyone to check?