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Special City Council meeting: Budget, Thursday May 3, 2018

Special City Council Budget Study Session. Attend in person, 2212 Beach Boulevard, 2nd floor.  Or, view on Comcast television, channel 26; or, view live on Pacific Coast television (PCT) webite 26 (small screen to the right).  Note: to date this study session is not shown on the PCT guide here, see Thursday, 5/3/18. 
 PCT also archives City Council meetings on their website YouTube. City Council updates and archives are available on the City Council website.  

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No problem, budget done in only 2 months.
Interactive City Council budget meeting agenda, 5/3/18    City Council budget meeting agenda, 5/3/18, pdf pages 35.

Open Session, 6:00 p.m., call to order, roll call.

Budget Study Session 
1.  Proposed fiscal year 2018-19 General Fund (annual operating) balanced Budget, $34,567,800, report, pdf pages 4.  
a)  Summary, by consolidated revenue source and department, pdf pages 1. 
b) Master Fee and Charges Schedule (draft), pdf pages 28.

Public comment.
Reference, 2018-19 Budget timeline, from the City Council budget meeting agenda, pdf above (pages pages 1 and 2).
1.  Budget Study sessions: Discussion and strategies (past), 4/24/18; Draft Budget (high-level), 5/3/18; Department presentations, discussion of other Funds, 5/14/18; Department presentations, 5/28/18. 
2.  Final Budget:  Public Hearings, 6/11/18: Budget; CIP and Capital Budget, Fee and Charges Schedule; Final presentation to City Council; Resolution (appropriation limit),  6/11/18; Adoption of the 2018-19 Annual Operating Budget, 6/25/18.
Note graphic by McGuire from Akron Becon Journal/Ohio.com,"Catherine Rampell: Balanced budget?...4/14/18. 

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So. When will the money magically appear to save all the homes in Pacifica from sea level rise and erosion?