Thursday, May 3, 2018

Message from Rick Wilson, candidate for San Mateo Superior Court

You may recall that incumbent San Mateo Superior Court Judge, Gerald Buchwald, in the Friends of Martins Beach case completely denied public access rights and sided with billionaire Vinod Khosla, even declaring his ownership included off-shore submerged tidelands. He was strongly reversed on appeal.  

Thank you for providing the upcoming June 5 ballot details in your April blog.  As a practicing attorney and wife of Richard (Rick) Wilson, the candidate opposing Judge Buchwald in the June 5 election, I would like to provide more information from Rick about this election.  

Please call or email if you would like to discuss or need more information. Thank you.

Best regards,

Marie Wilson

A contested election against an incumbent judge looking to serve another term is rare in San Mateo County. The basic tenet of my decision to run for this office is that there are times when change is appropriate and can be healthy for the court. I believe that stepping up -- as I am doing -- can help constructively accomplish that. Also, this election gives voters a choice, which is not often seen when it comes to judicial elections.
I am not looking for monetary contributions but support in terms of spreading the word.
Information is available at:
In addition, I am attaching a scan of one of the campaign cards we are deploying, which provides some basic information.
Thank you for your interest and support as mentioned above. Every vote counts, and we need to get the word out.  
Best regards,
Rick Wilson

Submitted by Marie Wilson

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