Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pretty ballsy/Ocean Discovery Center Proposal 2018

DATE: March 14, 2018

TO: Pacifica City Council Members

RE: RFP/RFQ process for development of 3.1 acres of City owned oceanfront property at 2212 Beach Blvd.: The City Council Chambers building and the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant and the proposed Pacifica Ocean Discovery Center.

Response to City Council decision at City Council Meeting March 12th, 2018.

On behalf of the Pacifica Ocean Discovery Center (PODC) we would like to thank the City Council, City Manager, and staff for the decision to delay the RFP/RFQ process in order to give the PODC a chance to acquire necessary funding to purchase 20% or roughly 15,000 square feet of the northern section of the 2212 Beach Blvd. property on Montecito St..

We greatly appreciate this decision, however there are three problems:

[1] Six months does not provide reasonable time to acquire funding. We had previously requested a year due to the fact that most philanthropy organizations and foundations meet every three months, and it usually takes six to nine months to reach a decision regarding funding organizations/projects. 

[2] There is nothing in writing that states that this property would potentially be available to the PODC if we are able to raise funding for such a venture. Without this it would be impossible to apply for funding.

[3] There is no current or updated appraisal of the property. We would need an updated price to approach donors with. Also there is the matter of existing buildings, and the fact that the Pump House Building must remain on the site.

We would like to offer possible solutions to these three problems:

[1] Amend the decision to increase the time frame of six months to one year.
With a first six months review status report with the option to renew or revoke the second six months.

[2] Provide a letter from the Mayor that would roughly state that PODC does not have an option on the property however, the City is delaying the RFP/RFQ process one year in order and support for the PODC to raise necessary funding to purchase the 20% section of the property.

[3] Request that City get an updated appraisal of the property, and clarify if the price
is set with only the Pump House Building remaining on the site. 

Also, we believe we could find someone to provide the necessary architectural services
To detail the 20% / 15,000 square feet section of the property.

If the above mentioned is out of the realm of possibility, we would suggest revisiting the RFQ/RFP process and consider the motion that the Mayor offered: that the Developer could submit a proposal for a Hotel and Retail, or could submit a proposal for a Hotel and Retail and the PODC as an option, but it would not be required.

Thank you for consideration of these matters.

-Mitch Reid
Pacifica Ocean Discovery Center
PO Box 269, Pacifica, CA 94044

Submitted by Jim Wagner


Myopic Mike said...

Great, they're in such a superior negotiating position. Get a grip. Throwing money into that hole for another 20 years waiting for, as Ms Digre so ably put it, a visionary project, makes as much sense as her "Our Ecology is Our Economy". Tell these moneyless "visionaries" to take their vision somewhere lese.

Anonymous said...

Gee, it almost sounds as if the PODC proposal is "just throwing sh-- at the wall" to see what sticks and that these acid casualties don't have the first clue about getting a project off the ground!

The No-Nothings are all airy-fairy "idea people" who are good at drawing a pretty picture, but when it comes to putting down the bong, rolling up their sleeves, and actually putting their money where their mouths are by doing some hard work...welp, they just can't seem to get themselves off their friend's couch to do it. Maybe next week, maaaaaan.

O'Neill called their kumbaya bluff and gave them six months to get their sh-- together. Is it really any wonder that they're only good at saying "no" to things and when it comes to actually DOING something, they're abject failures?

Anonymous said...


Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. You're the dog that caught the car and now you're way in over your head on this one. You had over fifteen years to get this together and now you want an extension? C'mon, man.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a letter dictated by our brilliant (duh) council person Deirdre Martin.
PODC has had over 20 years to develop a plan, find funding and securing architectural and engineering plans. Pulling it all together into a viable proposal should be just a matter of assembling their results into a comprehensive proposal.
This is nothing more than a stall by the usual characters in Pacifica who don't want anything built in Pacifica. If PODC was serious about this project they would have a lot more than a slick rendering to show for their work. SIX MONTHS BABY!!! Shit or get off the pot!

Anonymous said...

This is what precisely what happens when you put artists in charge of something. Nothing!

The Local Libertarian said...

Put a fork in it.
I would suggest that you begin your letter writing AFTER you secure the required funds.
Please don't waste our time.

Anonymous said...

I would think that since they countered the offer the city is under no obligation to now give them their six months. Sort of like any contract.

Truth 2 Power said...

I'm shocked that the anti-capitalist PODC rah-rah squad doesn't know what the F it's doing. SHOCKED!

Anonymous said...

Here are the reasons why I'm confident the PODC will be successful:

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me. We're not even two weeks out from granting their RFP extension to accommodate the Ocean Discovery Center and the project is already collapsing around them?! What the hell? Great job, guys!

Anonymous said...

Two words come to mind.

Please, everyone, repeat after me:



Anonymous said...

Mitch is asking for some extra time to finish his homework assignment. It was the final project for class and he had the whole year to do it. The teacher was super nice and gave him an week's extension when he asked. Now Mitch is asking for another week. I don't think so, Mitch.

Anonymous said...

They countered, now we can say no now, not 6 months from now.

They have no money, no llc set up, no real plan, Nothing.

Lets please move on to a realistic hotel development.

Anonymous said...

There’s no money coming in because there’s nothing but dreams backing this proposal. There’s no corprate entity, no governing board, no funding sources, no pitch...just...hopes and dreams.

These guys can’t even put on a proper clown show. Total amateur hour. Thanks for wasting six months of everyone’s time. God, I can’t wait for November. Please tell me these same idiots are backing a Stegink run. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to visiting the Beach Blvd Hole ten years from now. The finest of holes in the ground. We will be international eco-ambassadors with our LEED compliant open pit and people will travel from all corners of the world to see the ditch with their own eyes. To place their hands upon it. To learn our ways.

A multi-million dollar, ocean-side property in the heart of the city. To have done nothing with it for decades. Impressive. Awe inspiring. Truly a testament to the visionaries and the temporarily embarassed bodhisatvas who walk among us.

All hail the pit. Our pit is our economy.

Anonymous said...

sooooooooo if i read this letter correctly, everything is going about as well as most people expected

Anonymous said...


Hold on to your butts everyone, they managed to put this up for reconsideration on Monday’s city council agenda.

Anonymous said...

This is malpractice at this point.


Anonymous said...

The PODC proposal is a poison pill for hotel development.Any success examples of hybrid hotel,discovery center?

Anonymous said...

will oneill fumble a third time and get rolled again by ocean discovery? Even Keener knows this is a loser...

Markus said...

I don't think Oneill fumbled at all. He just wanted to bring out the facts to the open concerning PODC's not having anything concrete to submit for the RFP. No design, no organization and no financing. He figured they would not be able to put a feasible package together within the 6 month deadline. Now they will vote again in the next council meeting where they can put a final stop to the PODC 20 year drawing and same old talking points presentation. I am sure they will get a yes vote from Digre and Martin only. So unless Keener votes for the extension, which will definitely mess with his reelection bid, PODC'S plan will be finally done. Now council can go forward with finding a suitable developer for the hotel. Just hope it's not too late. This city doesn't have a stellar record in dealing with developers over the past 3 decades. Changing council majority is crucial for Pacifica, come November.

The Local Libertarian said...

@9:19 - I think you are onto something. This does seem like a poison pill.

The counter to this (IMO) is to propose up-zoning of the entire block west of Hwy-1 and between Paloma and Clarendon for mixed Commerical + Residential that allows for increased building heights.

Actually, I would support up-zoning all the coast-side of Pacifica between Monterey Rd and Clarendon on the west of Hwy-1.

This will un-hinge the dependency on the City Hall to do something and let the market players take over.

Anonymous said...

PODC facts in open, they got zero. Oneill said so in his tribune guest column. Then oneill voted to give them 6 months with no terms, no reports, no option money. Fail. Oneill has been the third vote to approve PODC. Keener has voted no. Oneill is clueless one voting yes.

Anonymous said...

Keener has never wavered from his "no money for anything west of Hiway One ideology".
Don't kid yourselves, this is his playbook. As for Digre, hopelessly addled brain.
Now there's Dierdre. She is truly the most dangerous person on council. She is owned out-right by the fringe leftist's running Pacifica. She's evil, mean, manipulative and a liar. Cynthia Kaufman is pulling her strings and she's the useful idiot for all of the faux-enviro lunatics who only want sand dunes and marshland along our coast. To them, people, property and infrastructure are just casualties of war.

Anonymous said...

Where is that jackball who was embarrassing himself and flapping his gums about this thing being totally funded with private money?

You owe me an apology, numbnuts. This is precisely why floating a public bond was the plan all along. The private money isn't there. It never was and never will be and the supporters know it!

I kept telling you, yet you insisted on dunking on yourself!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing funnier than council having to make a snap decision on the fly and seeing Dierdre desperately looking out into the audience for guidance on what to do.

Dierdre's enjoys wagging her finger and lecturing people for disagreeing with her, though. That she's good at!

Keepin' It Real said...

Cynthia, what should I do? I can't see you! should I vote on the ocean Discovery Center?! Is there any way we can find a way to disqualify the other bidders so no one is able to vote for them? Is Dan Stegink free to make a thousand complaints to the Coastal Commission between now and Monday? I don't know what to do. Tell me what to do, Cynthia!

Anonymous said...

1:35 jackball numbnuts. You're the one who owes everybody an apology. You make this stuff up. There's no funding for the PODC but that doesn't mean there was a plan for a public bond.

Anonymous said...

If you can't figure out why Pacifica is so fucked up, just watch Deirdre, Digre and Keener deliberate. It tells the whole sickening story in a matter of minutes. Get rid of these freaks.

Anonymous said...

There's no funding for the PODC...

Wow, the Gum Flapper actually posted something accurate for once!

And as you said, since there's no private funding for the PODC, funding for the project will come from the...?


Yeah, you got it: The Public via a bond measure

You've been dunked on again! I hope this makes it through your cannabis befuddlement.

Anonymous said...

making it up again 8:40. fake news. also known as lying.

Steve Sinai said...

If there's no private funding for the PODC, then there won't be a PODC. Nobody is going to vote for public funding of the project.

Boy Wonder said...

Riddle me this, Mensa members, the pier is decrepit, the pipe underneath (an integral part of PODC plan) hasn't been inspected in 20+ years. I would wager that the CC will not look kindly on a project to rebuild the pier and lay new pipe to suck ocean water in. Plus, what would the cost be? Boggles the mind and the calculator.

Anonymous said...

You’d be surprised at how much support they think is out there for this dumb project. Pushing for a public bond jas always been the plan. I’ve been 100% right so far. We’ll see who’s been lying; me or Captain Cannabis here.

Steve Sinai said...

"I’ve been 100% right so far."

What have you been right about?

Anonymous said...

I’ve been right that the plan all along has been to push for putting a PODC bond measure on the ballot. Anyone who claims they know otherwise is BSing you and aren’t in the know.

I don’t know why everyone is all upset about this revelation. It should be fairly obvious to anyone paying the least bit attention: over the 15 years this project has been on the radar, no funding has been secured and no funding is currently being secured. Hmmmm...I wonder why that is? It’s almost like they’ve got some alternate plan to obtain the funding and there always has been. And it’s almost like the additional time is needed to coordinate a ballot initiative.

The dunking continues!

Anonymous said...

7:07 "Pushing for a public bond jas always been the plan." Flat out lie.

Anonymous said...

Liar Liar pants on fire.
Deirdre will next be pushing for the city to donate this swatch of municipal land to PODC.
She will claim that the "majority" of Pacificans are in favor of this welfare hand out to PODC just like she claimed that the "majority" of Pacificans did not want the $10,000,000 in taxes that we paid, go to fixing highway one before she rejected our Measure A funds.
Watch her, she's a slippery little devil.

Anonymous said...

10:49 "the plan all along has been to push for putting a PODC bond measure on the ballot." Anyone who claims this is BSing you.

Steve Sinai said...

Saying something is "obvious" doesn't make it true. It only means you don't have any actual evidence to show it's true.

Steve Sinai said...

"Deirdre will next be pushing for the city to donate this swatch of municipal land to PODC."

Now that I can believe!

Anonymous said...

lolling at the wanna-be’s here. so naive.

1 - “stack the house” at the city council meeting to show the “enormous public support” for the podc

2 - council donates land to podc to allow them time to “fundraise” on a 3-2 vote

3 - organize efforts for ballot measure for public bond to cover the 99% outstanding costs

4 - bond measure on ballot

Steve Sinai said...

T'aint gonna' happen, 1:33.

Anonymous said...

I agree it ain’t gonna happen, but that’s the roadmap.

Anonymous said...

You're looking at the wrong map. These idiots couldn't give a rip about a PODC. Their goal is to derail any development on that site. Period.